Satrangi Sasural 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Viohaan is tensed along with others, that what happened wsnt good, but he is sure that the red dupatta clad woman shall try once again, to spoil this marriage, and he shall unravel the truth. they comply. later, kyra’s friends come, and she is surprised pleasantly to see them. she shys at the mention of vihaan, and they make fun of her for that. geeta comes and joins them in taunting too. Later, vihaan comes and kyra introduces them to him, and they make fun of her too, while she is flutered and embarassed too. He asks them to be there for all functions, and enjoy. They comply. They also inform him about kyra’s wonderful dancing skills, and he is surprised. they press her and she agrees and goes to change. she finds a juice on

the way, and drinks it and then moves from there. harpreet and narmada watch this and ask if they did the right thing, and harpreet asks her not to worry.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Dolly meanwhile is getting tensed about pinky’s absence while she doesnt even pick the phone. she then asks sunny, who says that he doesnt know. she slaps and reprimands him to find out. he immdeiately complies and then leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes out and gyrates seductively and shamelessly, under the inebriated state of alcohol. She tries to get the mothers to dance with her too. harpreet shoves her aside, and then asks whats this nonsense, as she has definitely taken alcohol. Kyra eyes her tensedly. Harpreet says that she is insulting herself and them too. kyra eyes her hurt and distraught. She then asks if this isnt exactly what they wanted, and if she is the one creating drama. She says that actually they tried to embarass her. They all are shocked. narmada asks her to clarify, and treat them with respect in front of people. kyra asks if she should tell. nilima comes and asks what shall she tell, and how is she talking. Kyra asks when she doesnt know her, then why is she being blamed. granny asks her to speak up clearly. Kyra then blurts out that they both tried to lace her and her friend’s drinks with alcohol, and had she not see at the last minute, sever trouble would have been caused. this shocks everyone present, while narmada and harpreet are tensed. She asks if this is what they wanted, and hence she turned up an alcoholi and a lowlife in front of people, and asks if they shall now accept her, as if this is what they wanted, then she did that too. She breaks down saying that she is tired and fed up of proving herself. Vihaan is frustrated and tensed. Granny is apalled and overwhelmed, as she continues to rant about how she is modern, but not alcoholic and characterless, and she is highly traditional at heart. she asks them to stop visualising modern women like this, and asks them how they feel having embarassed her, and asks if they should have done it. she says that she is an orphan, but when she came here, she is overjoyed to have gotten seven mothers. But she was wrong, and she would wait till the end of time for them to accept her, as she knows she isnt liked by them, but requests them to discard their opinion of a modern woman. but he comes and tells them that she neednt prove anything to anyone, and that he proclaims today in front of everyone, that these mothers are fortunate to have her, and this home became happy, with her presence and that he is lucky to have her in his life, and that children are lucky to have her as their mother. granny, geeta and mini are happy. Kyra is overwhelmed, and hugs her, and he too responds back, caressing her, as he thanks her for everything. they all clap for the both of them, while narmada, nilima and harpreet stand tensed. Just then, dolly and sunny come in asking if they saw pinky anywhere. they are all tensed. Kyra deduces that maybe she saw the red dupatta clad girl, who is responsible for having her abducted. they are surprised. Dolly agrees.

Meanwhile, aru find the missing SD card, under a potted plant, and shows it to her brother, and they both are happy.

Scene 4:
Location: Isolated building and Vihaan’s residence
Pinky asks if she thinks that she shall be able to continue this for long, as she shouldnt try to stop the new bahu entering the house of seven mothers, and begs her not to do this, and starts screaming for help, and is gagged and tied up, while the mysterious lady disappears.She is distraught. Somehow, after much struggle she is able to free herself from the ropes, and then finds the door, and walks out stealthily, to find a man sleeping beside a PCO booth, and she decides to place a call to kyra, telling her about the red dupatta clad lady, so that she can know who is behind all this. she dials the number, oblivious that the dupatta girl is right behind her, and the minute kyra picks up the call, and she merely begins talking, she is gagged from behind by the lady, and kyra is boggled as to who called her from this unknown number. vihaan comes and asks why is she tsned, and who called so late. she explains everything and says that she thinks that it must be pinky, who got free enough to be able to make a call for help. kyra thinks that due to them, pinky is in danger. they decide to call the police so that they can track the number, and then find out if its the red dupatta clad lady’s hideout. They are determined to find out about her.

Scene 5:
Location: Temple
Vihaan and kyra come with the priest, and arrive at the old banyan tree, wherein the priest asks him to take reverse circles signiying his breaking off all ties with her, so that arushi’s spirit can be released to be free, and she can be freed from this worldly earth. he complies, while kyra watches tensedly. he says while performing the ritual, that he has always loved her, and she shall always be his first love, and apologises for having held her so long, and then says that today he is freeing her from this world, so that she can reside wherever she is peacefully. he gets teary eyed remembering her. tears splotch his face, as he wipes them. She is distraught to see him like this. he comes to her. Then the priest asks them to approach the highest place, wherein the lord’s idol is there, and they have to go there along, to perform the puja, and he has to take her in his arms, and asks them to proceed. They eye each other tensedly. then he lifts her up in his arms, and a awkward eyelock follows, as she eyes him lovingly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The next week, is Vihaan and Kyra’s marriage, which shall encompass all the rituals. When its mehendi, kyra gets the mehendi done, and asks geeta, where is he. She informs her that he has gone for his bachelor party with her friends. She is shocked. Geeta asks her not to worry, as he would be back. meanwhile, vihaan enjoys with kyra’s friends, fully drunk and dancing in the pub.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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