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Satrangi Sasural 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
All pray to the lord, and says that vihaan even when he is there isnt there with them, and then they all alight a diya, thats going to stay lit till vihaan doesnt come back to them. Arushi looks at them smilingly, and hopefully, and asks them not to cry. She says that her family is her mothers, and nothing can go wrong in front of their power. geeta and others hope that her faith wins. Arushi says that she has full belief. vibha comes from behind taunting them, saying that if vihaan gets to know that the maid is doing the puja, he would be boggled, and asks what would they respond, as the arti should be done by the bahu. She extends her hand, but priyanka says that it shall be done by arushi, the bahu. vibha is enraged. all eye her angrily.

Mini tells her that this is a pious place, and they dont want her to soil this place. before they can speak, vihaan comes behind, referring to Mini as his mother. he says that he knows he has forgotten everything, but by god’s grace, he has his wife, and she is the reason he is here with them, and hence wouldnt tolerate his wife’s insult. they are apalled, while vibha smiles. Vihaan comes with vibha, and with folded hands, faces them all, asking as a request to accept her as their bahu, as she has revived him back to life. he says that if they cant accept and respect it, then there’s no use staying here. they are tensed. priyanka says that they cant do that, and she is free to do what she wishes to do. all are surprised. He then asks vibha to come along, as they can go to Mumbai then. he feels dejected and walks off. All the mothers and arushi is concerned. Vibha thinks that this shall spoil her plan and wonders what to do. but harpreet stops them, much to vibha’s amusement, saying that they shall accept vibha. Nilima asks him to never speak about leaving the house again. Vihaan says that mere saying wont do, and if they truly accept her by heart, they would have to do something that he says. they are boggled, and surprised.

All work in the kitchen, while the mothers grumble that they wont play to vibha’s tunes, but arushi says that they are merely listening to what vihaan wants. Geeta asks if she even realises what is she preparing for. arushi says that she knows its vibha’s grihapravesh. geeta asks if she understands its implications. arushi casually says that vibha shall remember this for a lfietime, and then to their shock, she adds prickly white powder to the alta, meant for mixing with water. harpreet is shocked that she is adding this special prickly powder in all this. Arushi proudly glaots that she was the prank queen. All the mothers are amused. Granny comes and observes this, and all are tensed of her reaction. But contrary to their expectations, she turns a blind eye to their prank, and they are overjoyed with amusment. they apologise to the lord, saying that they are doing this for vihaan and arushi says that they are doing this to teach the woman a lesson, who spoiled and ruined their family.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
While the baby cries, kasturi finds girish coming down irritably, and asks where is he going. he says that he is going out for some work. She says that she knows, whats the matter, and asks him to pick the child. He hesitates, while she keeps asking him to do it. dadaji and jhanvi come in tensedly. he finally blurts out saying that she isnt his child. All are shocked and hurt. kasturi comes in a rage and slaps him, shocking them. She reminds him that he was the one who wanted to marry jhanvi, and be with her, when he knew the truth, and that he came to reality, when some people started taunting, and tells that this is the reason she was against this marriage, as she knew this would hurt his manhood, and she knew that all men are same and respect their male ego too much, and think selfishly of themselves. She says that he said he loves jhanvi, and asks him to think of her sentiments atleast. dadaji asks whats he so angry at, as if he has taken the responsibility, then he has to handle it. He smirks. Girish looks at kasturi and jhanvi and dadaji, and walks out in a rush. they are all tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As vibha dressed as a new bride, stands along with vihaan, she thanks him for doing this for her, and says that he is next to god for her. granny says that they realise that they were mean to her, as when vihaan stays out of sight, they lose their control, and thats what caused the mistreatment. She says that handling seven mothers isnt going to be easy. harpreet and mini get the adulterated solution, of alta, for vibha to enter. they are much amused, as all gear up for the ritual. granny asks them to begin. vibha is super happy, oblivious of their plan, as harpreet does the arti, while vibha revengefully and victoriously eyes arushi. After the puja, granny asks her to drop the kalash with her feet, and spill rice inside, and then enter with the alta smeared feet. as she drops the kalash, all get emotional as they remember arushi’s grihapravesh. they maintain a calm and straight face, barely able to hide their excitement, at vibha’s foot stepping in the alta water, mixed with prickly powder. harpreet is almost about to give away, as they all watch in anticipation, as vibha tries to leave her imprints, after having put her feet in the red solution. All heave in relief, as she falls in their trap, and wait for the reaction to start any minute. Vihaan enters along with Vibha, and then she takes granny’s blessings, who complies. When she geos to mini, she intentionally, stomps on her hand, and vibha is barely able to control her scream. she is about to turn and tell vihaan, when mini hugs her, and then warns her that she has messed with the wrong seven mothers, who shall teach her a lesson for life, and it would be nice for her not to report this to vihaan. She then sarcastically asks her to go and take others’ blessings. they all invite her with open arms, and vibha is scared as she eys everyone and then finally at arushi. She says that there can be no better blessing than them having accepted her. She then turns to vihaan and says that since she isnt feeling well, she wants to rest for sometime. He complies. She finally goes inside with vihaan. Arushi eyes her amused. harpreet and others are boggled. they ask why hasnt their plan worked out. Arushi asks them to wait. harpreet asks if the powder didnt work. Priyanka is alarmed as to what happened. Just then, vibha’s screams of extreme itching emanate from their room, and they all are overjoyed with excitement and amusement that their plan did work. they are all much amused and happy while arushi is content. The screen freezes on her content face.

Precap: Vibha tells vihaan, that she is sure that they mixed something in the kumkum solution, deliberately. Vihaan is perplexed. They are all amused. She says that she can prove, as if this isnt done by them, then arushi should fill her forehead with the same kumkum. She hands out the thali of solution, to arushi. All are tensed for arushi. Arushi takes the kumkum, and puts one drop on her finger, eyeing her determinedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. haaaa can not stop laughing those mothers rock

  2. instead of these seven mothers and arushi concentrate on getting rid of this vibha the are looking to play childish prank on her this is definitely wasting too much time on such petty things come arushi think instead of playing games get pen to paper and make sure that all vihans assets are well protected make sure everything is on your names and the mothers before gold digger gets her claws into it arushi you and Vihaan have a child on the way think about that too and put things into place before vibha gets smart vibha is a cunning fox from the first moment she laid eyes on your husband she made up her mind to take him all his assets so arushi all I can say to you is to be smart and act smart before you loose all

  3. This is getting crazy now
    Arushi is her legal wife , one of the seven mothers is a lawyer
    Don’t they know that vibha cannot get anything as she will be having illegitimate relation with him
    They have all the money in the world can’t they get him checked first rather than getting into pranks
    He is business tycoon where are all the news channels , they did cover that vihaan went missing on his honeymoon now they are silent
    Stop dragging soaps if there is no more story

  4. This story is becoming so dumb & frustrating. It is not making sense. Rich women to seek help. 7 of them to take Vibha down. Alot of witnesses to know Arushi has been the wife & not Vibha. Come on writers, do better. Bring Vibhas husband from jail to get her or something.

  5. angali I worked with a legal firm before retiring and I agree with you 100% it seems that the mother forgot what is the law LOL

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