Satrangi Sasural 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and on the road
The mothers are distraught, as the children cry incoherently. They sing a lullaby about a father coming back for his children. meanwhile on the road, while vibha’s car gets stuck, vihaan eyes a crying baby, on the side of the road. As if pulled by something, he gets out of the car, and goes towards the child. he takes the child in the arms, remindedof his time with his children. The child stops crying,a nd just then, in his home, his children stop crying too, much to the delight of the mothers. Meanwhile, priyanka and arushi break the window pane, with the help of a vase, and arushi slips out, saying that she shall come out the front path, and unlock them. they comply.

Vibha is frustrated to see this, and she

geos to vihaan. She asks him to come along, as they need to leave. She takes him around and they start walking, with him in a trance. He is however lost in the thoughts of the children. As vihaan and vibha try to cross the road, he accidentally bumps into a stone, and falls on the ground, hitting himself on the head. he gets up complaing of a severe headache, as he starts getting dizzy yet again, with his past memories flashing before his eyes. She asks him if he is okay, and asks him that they should leave now. He is remembering things right from his childhood. he speaks up that he wants to go home, and rushes barefoot, on the road, while vibha is distraught. He rushes madly on the road, to reach home at the earliest. she fumes.

meanwhile, the goon waits impatiently for the time to get over. He goes through his plan again, that he has to be at a safe distance and then light up one matchstick and throw it inside, and then his plan would be successful. he is about to go out, when he finds arushi blocking his way, with a rod. She eyes him angrily, and says that if he wants to kill everyone, then her too shall have to die with them, and for men who turn evil like this, a woman always comes like this in the form of durga. she says that he tested their patience long enough, and warns that now she shall teach a lesson to him and vibha, who estranged a son fromhis mothers, a husband from his wife, and a father from his children. She says that its enough, and now neither he nor his vibha shall be able to take her vihaan anywhere. she progresses towards him, while he retreats back in the house, scared and tensed. He eyes the revolver, and she too see it. She pushes him and then grabs the revolver, and asks him not to move, holding him at gunpoint. Shwe then takes her baby while he stands as she commands. She corners him against the pillar, and approaches the door behind which the mothers are locked. Carefully, she unlocks the door, and the mothers are overwhelmed as they see the child. he takes this chance to rush out. When arushi goes to search for him, he traps her, and takes the revolver, and then corners them in the drawing room. he says that now noone shall be able to save them. Arushi begs and pleads to be left. Arushi and the mothers stand inthe drawing room, as the man tells them that he shall turn them into ashes. he lights up the matchstick, and they are shocked and horrified, begging and pleading him not to, while he watches them amused. They are distraught and petrified. But just then, the matchstick douses off, and then the goon is shocked to see that vihaan has stopped and held his hand. the mothers and arushi are overwhelmingly relieved and happy to see him, while he eyes the goon angrily. he slaps the goon tightly across his face and then vents out his entire anger at him. But the goon rushes out the first instance he gets. he reprim,ands arushi what kind of a husband this is, who wanted to kill her and his mothers too, for the simple reason that he doesnt like her. Arushi rushes to him and then blurts out that the goon wasnt her husband. He is shocked to hear this. Vibha stands outside enraged, as she hears, that arushi explains to vihaan that she was trying to explain this all along. He tries to wrap his mind around it, while the mothers are tensed. he asks the mothers to tell him the truth then. vibha is scared. Granny says that they are helpless as they cant tell him the truth, as that would lead to a great strain on his brain, as the doctors have told, and hence they are scared to tell him anything. She shuts the door, wondering what if vihaan knows the truth, and thinks about what to do. Inside, vihaan asks her to tell the truth. arushi asks if he wants to know the truth and then is about to say, when vibha’s call rings up on his phone. Vibha tries to lure vihaan again into a trap. She calls him and says that the goosn that his mothers sent have captured her and are going to kill her. she begs him to come and save her. He is tensed, and asks where is she. arushi snatches the phone and puts it on loudspeaker. Vibha says that arushi and his mothers are liars and betrayersb, and want to hurt him and her, and reminds how noone was there when they left, not even to see him offVibha hears that arushi’s goons have captured her, and shall kill her. She pretends to scream as if she is being beaten up, and then cancels the call. Arushi and the mothers are angered and disgusted, while vihaan is boggled. He rushes to go, but they all try to tell him not to go, as she is a liar. he says that he has to save her and then he can decide who’s true and who’s not. Arushi asks mini to tell him the truth. But vihaan rushes out, and just when he searches inside the car for vibha, distraught, he feels a sharp pain yet again, as vibha injects an injection and he goes unconscious. Arushi comes out and is shocked to see him unconscious. but vibha drives off by then, while arushi rushes after him. the screen freezes on her distraught face, as vibha drives off.

Precap: Vibha apologises to vihaan, as he lies in the bathtub, while she switches on the water in the tub, and it starts filling up, saying that she didnt have any other chance or option but to do this. Inside, Arushi tells everyone what happened. Vibha comes and says that he can remain unconscious forever if they dont do what she wants. she smiles evilly, as she comes inside the house with the lawyer. she throws a file on the table, and tells granny that she wants her to sign on them. they are all shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. End vibha

  2. Stupid episode how can one take so long to get back his memory despite having all those hit on this head n flashback from his/her past
    By the way not only vibha arushi too is going to die and vihaan will have to raise the twin didnt mention whenever he will get back his memory back or not and KEEN OBSERVER if u think this is lie then u shld go n check in metromasti cuz i know u will wonder or ask if it truth or not no offence

  3. Arushi is very stupid. When she had the gun in her hand . she should of shot the goon dead immediately and then shoot vibha and make sure they die . I personally would have done it. You will allow boldface criminals to control your life and your love?? F*CK NO !!!!!! and those peoeple are so rich. They can very well hire hitmen to go after Vibha and f*ck her up nicely


    VIBHA IS A f**kING f**kING f**kING f**kING b*t*h

    1. Oh people please the writer write the show the people just acting their part. The show get us angry but? ?????????

  5. What a disappointing episode. Writers could’ve ended this whole memory loss today. Now you take it further with this already tiring story. I am no longer disappointed this is going off the air. Terrible story writers who drag on too long.

  6. They are going to kill Arushi and Vibha together . Vibha and Arushi will get into a very bad fight and they both will die… so the twins will remain and Vihaan will take care of them. and the show will take a 5 year leap… f*cking bullshit. they should have just revived vihaans memory and let him deal with that vibha so severely till she dies. and THEN leap the show showing the whole family is together again and happy

  7. no writers you carrying on this blasted shit too long now what nonsense is this I thought by now this vibha shit would come to an end is one nonsense storyline after the other why are you writers prolonging this vibha shit so is every time she will inject him with a needle wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa man this is way outer line this script should have finished this week yet you carrying it on into another week instead of Vihaan falling and hitting his head it should be you writers who should fall and hit your head so that some sense could come into it and you would start writing good storylines I am fed up of Vihaan hitting his head and still not regaining his memory writers either kill him off quickly and let vibha win or stop the blasted vibha tract and unite Vihaan with his wife children and mothers damn it now frustrated


  9. rani if you read this why should I doubt it the only thing I have to say is that it is very sad for the writers to do this seeing that they all ready destroyed her life with her husband I would rather them kill off Vihaan and leave arushi to take care of the children and so the mothers will have a new Vihaan arushis son to raise up again but to tell the truth I do not see the logic in killing off arushi why don’t those writers kill them selves off seeing that with all the serials they are writing PURE BULLSHIT so we can do without them for good kill off the writers I say

  10. Arushi is that rare gem of satrangi sasural and they want to remove her. #NotwatchingsatrangisasuralwithoutArushi

    1. me too
      vibah should be the one to die n leave vihaan , arushi ,the twins and the mothers live happily also vihaan needs to regain his memory

  11. writers why are you following this pattern of EVIL all the time and condoning it too why all these serials have to end the same way with the evil ones gaining over the good ones destroying all the true love relationships and killing the good ones off the show we the viewers have noticed this going on for the longest while and to tell the truth we do not know what to do again we asked that you write more sensible worthy watching scripts and you refuse to do so in the meanwhile you continue with your violence and witch craft and lying and memory loss storyline which is way beyond belief I thought you goal was to write serials that make the viewers happy and so to keep them happy you would write serials that will end good if even it started off bad but nay you starting the serials good and ending them bad what shit is this wayaaaaaaaaa I do not know how to get through to you all again I guess after hearing that arushi is going to die and leave Vihaan with the kids then it makes no sense in watching this serial anymore so I guess for me I need to make my exit now just like I did with QUBOOL HAI before I leave take this advice from me STOP WRITING ZEETV SERIALS AND HIRE SOME PROFESSIONALS TO DO THE JOB CAUSE ALL YOU WRITIN IN COMPLETE AND TOTAL SHIT


  13. Too much crap these writers are the worst too much evil just like how I stopped watching qubool hai I will stop watching this too.

  14. kill dt ugly vibha . god is seeing she will be punished by vihan itself . vihan is so stupid dt he even doesnt belive his lovely mothers

  15. writers we love arushi please do not kill her off neither have any five year leap into a new avatar for once give us what we want and that is let arushi fight for her husband yes and let her have the fight with vibha and give arushi the opportunity to save Vihaan that is by allowing her to kill vibha and end the serial with Vihaan regaining his memory and having his wife back and his kids and the seven mothers but please we want arushi to stay she has suffered enough but for HEAVENS SAKE GET RID OF VIBHA

  16. So true.. Arushi just adds magic and essence to this show. She is just a very beautiful positive bold and brave loving person who will sacrifice for happiness. and make peace and happiness and live great with people. Those writers are making a big mistake in killing her off. The trp will drop even lower.. and they wanted the trp’s to rise . hahaha what a joke on them

  17. Did all of their cell phones disappear? Why did not one of them call the police? Vibha kidnapped Vihaan for six months and has threatened them in their own house and not one of them have given her a proper beat down, only weak slaps that did nothing but make the psycho plot more, come on give me a break unrealistic crap. I use to like this show but it is full of superstitions and stupidity to the core of being intolerable. The writers have ruined a good show, what a waste.


  19. I stopped watching quabool hai d moment. Ahil was killed, I wll stop watching this one , I hate these writters.

  20. Are you guys for real/ Are they going to rfire Arushi? Stupid writers are following the path of Ek Mutthi Asama…they had fired the main star ands the show didn’t l;ast much longer after that. Stupid fools!!!

  21. If Arushi dies, dis show is over! Vibha should be d 1 to die & Vihaan should regain back his memory, recognize Arushi as his wife & his kids…. Afterwards u can take d show 2 some years leap & bring in another challenge. U shld use ur brains!

  22. hussee I agree with you 100% this is the whole point of it he should regain his memory and recognize his wife and kid and wicked evil vibha should be the one and only to die this serial could really have a good ending if only the writers would focus on good things and not bad like for instance reuniting Vihaan with arushi and the kids number one this vibha storyline is going on way too long and what is the sense of killing off arushi only to bring her back in some new avatar this just does not compute we want her the way she is now so writers please change your way of thinking and your minds and allow Vihaan to be happy once more with arushi the kids and seven mothers please do some thing right and meaningful once and for all

  23. This is exactly what i hate that whore vibha should get destroyed then she’ll learn I’m gonna scream aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These writers are irratating toooo yoh

  24. so many times vibha nearly got caught and the storyline could have ended well but no those stupid writers always have to prolong the storyline with a whole pack of evil shit just to make the serial longer and now there is even more shit they going to kill off arushi I say if you kill off arushi you better kill Vihaan too because they are one with each other and cannot be separated wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  25. Dis episode so boring…

  26. seriously not interested any more leaps now. it`s getting hell. this was one gud serial, but now this too has been spoiled

  27. very boring

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