Satrangi Sasural 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and godmother’s lair
Hearing narmada’s horrible statements, geeta comments that she has gone mad, and they all are tensed. Vihaan asks her to calm down, while narmada continues with her rant and walks in. kyra is apalled and rushes back to her room. He goes after her. she is stoo stunned as to what narmada called her, and he tries to make her understand that she didnt mean it and she isnt herself. he apologises for her,. and also adds that its equally awkward and uncomfortable for him too, just like its for her, and he is equally traumatised. he says that he doesnt understand how to handle this, and asks her to be with him, as he needs her and her help. she gets emotional and asks what he means. he says that he has already done

a lot for him and his family, and children, and he cant thank her enough. she asks what does he wants from her. She wonders if he too is feeling the same thing that she does, and hopes and wishes ardently that he spells it out aloud. But he disappoints her, when he says that its best if she leaves, as that would be the end of her discomfort and troubles. he says that it isnt right that she stays here and bears all this, as she has suffered enough and that he is okay to stay with her in her house as the ghar jamaai, as her toture shall end then. she is distraught to hear this. he says that they shall finish the contract period in her house, and then part ways, once she inherits the property. he asks her to think about it, cupping her arms. she feels it, while he leaves, as she eyes him confused. She is emotional thinking that of all the times, he had to say this, and felt the need to say it, when she had started falling for him. She starts crying. she wonders boggled as to whats wrong with her, as to whats happening to her, remembering her intimate moments with vihaan in all these days. she is boggled and tensed too.

Bebo is shocked to know of narmada’s turnover. Maata asks how could she have told, and then tells her how she hypnotised narmada. Maata tells bebo that what they want, now narmada shall be the medium to do it for them. She says that narmada is like her servant now who she owns, who shall unconditionally and without any questions, do whatever is told to her. Narmada is meanwhile hypnotised and gets up in a trance. She says that now she shall get anything done by narmada. bebo asks maata why is she so sure that this time around, her rituals shall definitely be successful, as there might be two wives protecting vihaan, but before even the wives, a lady holds more importance in a man’s life and thats his mother, and she has his mother trapped and hence she can get anything done now, as in front of a mother, a loving wife and a loved wife’s soul cant stand a chance. Meanwhile, Narmada gets out of bed in the late hours of the night, while all are asleep. She picks up the knife and then goes to vihaan’s room and eyes him as she holds up the knife, to kill him. She stands beside his bed. she is about to stab him, as kyra comes from behind and jerks her away, causing her to fall on the floor, while screaming for vihaan. He wakes up with a startle. He gets up and in the lights on, he finds narmada on the floor, unconscious. Kyra stands dazed and shocked. All others rush too, while she is unable to believe what happened and what she saw. granny is boggled too. Finally, narmada gains consciousness, and she is shocked and stunned too. She gets up with his help. Granny asks kyra what happened. Kyra is shocked and asks narmada what was she doing and how could she, while vihaan and his mothers are boggled. Kyra says that narmada was trying to stab him, and all are shocked and aghast to hear this. He asks her to stop this insantiy and nonsense. narmada clutches to vihaan, and asks if she can do this to her own son and protests that she didnt do anything, crying bitterly. Kyra tries to speak but noone listens. She continues pleading that he didnt do anything. then granny asks her what was she doing so late in vihaan’s room then. all are curious. Narmada says that she came to see vihaan, when kyra pushed her, and asks if she did so, while pleading innocence. she breaks into bitter tears. kyra vehemently says that this is wrong, while narmada asks her not to hit her. Kyra vehemently insists him to believe her, as she isnt lying, and asks if she is mad. He asks if she has lost his mind. Priyanka asserts that she is a liar, and mad too, as she had branded her too as a theif. Kyra is surprised. priyanka says that its enough, that she is accusing narmada of killing her own son now. All are puzzled. She asks vihaan if kyra deserves to be their bahu. Vihaan is frustrated. kyra turns to granny and begs her to believe as she actually saw. she doesnt say a word and goes out, with others in tow. Narmada is taken out too by vihaan, leaving behind kyra alone. she thinks that the knife should be somewhere here, and searches but doesnt find it. she is frustrated.

Outside, they sit and talk. Priyanka says that kyra is a daayan and that kyra is dangerous. priyanka comments that they should have done a background check on the girl atleast. Mini says that they shouldnt arrive at a conclusion in the beginning. narmada asks if she even heard what she said. she asks if she believes kyra, and how can she take vihaan’s life. all are apalled. she asks geeta too, and she denies. All are tensed. Priyanka comes and tells them that she feels that kyra shouldnt be left alone with the kids too. Just then, kyra comes out and says that they all feel that she is mad, but she is true, and they are tensed. she again repeats, but he finally gets agitated and asks her to shut up, as he doesnt wish to discuss this anymore and asks her to apologise to narmada. Kyra denies, while all are shocked. She says that she isnt lying, and she would have apologised had she been at fault. Vihaan gets tensed, while others are boggled, as they dont understand. Kyra gets upset and goes inside. narmada clutches at vihaan. bebo hears this from outside. granny says that this might seem beyond comprehension, but it might be that kyra saw a nightmare and hence believed it to be true. they are all tensed. bebo is amused and happy, that now kyra shall stop loving him, and then the contract shall end too, and then she shall inherit everything. She is happy that she achieved a miracle.

Inside the room, vihaan and kyra start arguing about who shall sleep outside, when kyra picks up the pillow and is about to storm out. But she taunts that she too would have to bear the brunt of this, if she gets him out of the room. He asks her not to be smart. They both become adamant. they start fighting, and in that, she lands in his arms, as they come close to each other. they compose themselves again and again gets to squabbling. he says that its impossible for him to believe what she said, and asks her to think, once she cools down. he storms out. Kyra is boggled and tensed, and thinks that what she saw was real and right, and its okay if others arent able to believe, but the question remains why she did it, as how can a mother do this to her own son. she says that this house is everything to her, and that vihaan is her husband, as she gets overwhelmed with emotions surging through her. she is determined to find out whats happening. she says that maybe its due to some magical influence, and remembers how the first time, she had saved narmada from one such ritual. She wonders if narmada is trapped by a tantric.

The next morning, narmada and priyanka, plan and plot in the kitchen as to how, they can outthrow kyra, as she is dangerous to vihaan, with the way she is going about and insinuating things. tjhey decide that they shall disgrace her and throw her out of the house. they are surprised to see geeta standing there. Geeta comes and eyes them angrily, saying that she is ashamed and disgusted that they have stooped down so low, as they want to oust the girl, who saved vihaan. She eyes them angrily.

Precap: Kyra apologises to narmada saying that she is sorry if she hurt her. Narmada tells kyra that it is too late now, as she hasnt hurt her, but this is what she deserves. She asks kyra to let bygones be bygones, and assures kyra that she wont have any problem due to her. kyra is boggled and tensed to hear her say and talk like this. later, when she goes in narmada’s room, she is shocked to find narmada having committed suicide, by hanging herself to the fan. she screams out in shock and despair.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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