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Satrangi Sasural 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vihaan almost faints and Priyanka is worried. He says he stayed awake to create Arushi’s presentation. Priyanka is furious as Arushi took credit for the work she hadn’t done. Arushi reaches office and Priyanka reprimands her in front of everyone. Arushi says Vihaan only assisted her in the presentation. Priyanka doesn’t listen to her and suspends Arushi for two weeks. Arushi is stunned and Vihaan is upset.
Babita is annoyed with Raunak. He sees her and she tells him to say whatever he wanted. Raunak says I Love- but stops midway as Babita starts hitting him. Raunak pretends to be unconscious and gets up when Babita seems worried.
In Vihaan’s cabin, Arushi is sad and is trying to understand what went wrong, why is Priyanka still upset with her. Vihaan decides to

talk to Priyanka.
Priyanka gives Aarushi her suspension letter. Vihaan asks what is all this and Priyanka says that Vihaan should respect her decision. If he is feeling alright then he should join her in the conference room. Vihaan is annoyed as Arushi tries to defend Priyanka. She tries to explain things but he walks away.
Harpreet is worried and tells Dai maa that she cannot forget her past. Dai Maa says, to stay happy she must forget the past. Arushi comes home and both the women assume that Priyanka must have sent her home early considering the fact that she was fasting for Vihaan. Arushi doesn’t tell the truth but Daadi comes and tells her not to hide others mistakes. She very well knows that Priyanka suspended her for two weeks. Arushi is worried as this should not lead to any more problems at home.
Jhanvi receives a call late night, from her friend Nisha. Jhanvi requests her not to share this number with anyone else. After disconnecting the call she is stunned to see Girish in her room.
Priyanka comes home and Daadi questions her why she suspended Arushi in front of everyone. Priyanka tells Daadi that may be she’s not as good as Nilima and hence she is resigning from her job. Arushi says she’ll convince Priyanka and she’ll have to listen.
Jhanvi asks Girish why he’s in her room. Girish says he only came to return her ring and he wants to know why she ran from home. Jhanvi says her parents wanted her to marry a person of their choice and she didn’t want to. Girish says he believes her and assures that her secret is safe. Jhanvi says the day his family comes to know about it, she’ll run away.
Arushi says a usually mother-in-law gifts the daughter-in-law something when she fasts for her son. That is why today she asks Priyanka to give her a gift for Vihaan’s sake. Priyanka says she loves her son very much and she’ll do anything for him. Arushi tells her to take back her resignation.

PRECAP: Arushi is happy as Priyanka has cancelled her suspension, now she can go to office. Dai Maa says if she goes to work how can she go for her honeymoon? Daadi wonders what is Priyanka trying to do.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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  1. nice show at least its not like the other soaps, the story line is good and keep building in a positive way and u will get the audience.

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