Satrangi Sasural 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all dance along in the musical chairs, and enjoy, the maayavini maa makes her entry and hides behind the closet. vihaan arrives, and all of them keep it a suspense for kyra. Narmada and kyra are the last participants for the musical chairs. all are amused, as kyra is awestruck as vihaan steps in. They all tease kyra, while she blushes. Kyra and vihaan dance sensually and romantically with each other, while all eye at them in awe, and emotional overwhelmingly. meanwhile, the mysterious lady watches them from a distance. They dance sensually, both basking in the glory of their new found love. Maayavini maa maeanwhile starts walking through the corridors, and then makes her way to mili’s room. Outside however, kyra suddenly notices

the lights flickering and is tensed along with the others, as to whats happening.

In the corridor, as mili works, the lights flicker and it gets dark, and she turns around tensedly to find maayavini maa confronting her. She asks if mili recognised her. She is scared and shocked to see her, and shys away. Maa asks if she is playing some game with her, and mili resists saying that she isnt playing any game with her. Mayavini asks whats the matter then. She then pushes her, while mili is shit scared, and says that she disappointed her terribly, and still she is giving her a second chance and that she shall have to kill all of them. she says that had she not supported her, then what would have happened. mili apologises and says that she cant do all this, and particularly noone from this family, and she feels she cant kill anyone, and she should leave this house. She wrenches her hair, and warns her against it. She reminds mili that she is her servant and has no right to refuse her anything. Mili begs to be left alone. She says that she cant turn back now, and that she shall have to kill them, since it isnt on her, and she wants to

Then the lights normalise, and vihaan relaxes them saying that maybe the load got over the permissible limit, and that they should be optimistic in life, and not allow negativity to seep in. he then starts another game with them, in which they have to respond to questions but without a yes or no. They are boggled. He asks harpreet if she ate food, and she is in a fix as to how to answer. then he asks narmada, to take turns in putting questions. vihaan and kyra start signalling to each other, if they cant spend sometime alone. While mothers and kids are engaged, kyra stealthily slips out, after vihaan goes first.

Meanwhile, kyra waits outside, hoping vihaan comes soon. She gets an sms, saying that she shall be back in five minutes. Just then, she hears mili screaming and goes in that direction. Kyra comes in and finds mili in terrble headache in a corner of the room, in utter darkness clutching her head. She then finds maayavini maa doing some magic on her, and mili cringing in pain, and how she controls mili. mili begs that she would do as she tells her, and that she shall kill them all. The mysterious lady stops her magic giving pain. Kyra is agahst and shocked, to see and hear this. she rushes from there and away, while returning back to the house. there she finds vihaan, who is with the mothers, and they both eye each other tensedly. Vihaan signals why wasnt she upstairs. She says that she wishes to speak to him alone. thwy tease them, while granny allows them to go.

outside, vihaan asks why she didnt come, ashe had an elaborate surprise planned. She then tells what she sqw, and he is shocked. he asks if she saw the face, but she denies and adds, that mili is merely her pawn, and that she means harm to the family. they are determiend that they have to prevent their family somehow.

The next morning, nilima, harpreet and naermada rudely wake up kyra, by throwing water on her face and asking her to get lost, beforethey give her to the police, mili eyes them apalled. They are about to throw her out, when kyra comes and begs them not to do so, as mili shall stay here. theyare shocked, but she manages to convince them to come outside and talk. mili cries, while they all leave with kyra. Kyra outside tells them about what shesaw last night. they think that this might be mili’s another magic trick. But she tal;ks about mili under the maayavini maa’s hypnosis, and they are shocked. the screen freezes on kyra’s tensed face.

Precap: Mili uses her evil magic, to pull down a picture of the family, on the floor, while the pic breaks into various glass pieces. narmada comes in and is shocked, as mili viciously tramples over the pic, saying that she shall kil everyone one by one, just like this pic. she is aghast to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I thought that Mili ‘s track is over now…. but they are still carrying it on…. end this mili track fast

  2. Y is mili still there in the house

  3. I am lost for words to express how I feel about these writers and the shit they are writing I have exhausted my vocabulary that is to tell you how I feel about the writers and their serials

  4. I think mili boss is Bebo. Her eyes look very like Bebo.

  5. Rimjhim

    Dear tracy, devyani, sasmerra and shibu, m really apologetic for not being able to do the updates….as I ws severely sick…finally m back and hopefully wont give you a chance to complain anymore…

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