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Satrangi Sasural 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Sarthi is tensed, as all the mothers get enraged at him. Vihaan is tensed. Granny asks them not to harass sarthi, as he never forced them to go, as they were super excited, given their blind dash to get vihaan married. Se asks them to analyse, that every time, vihaan’s relationship is called off, and maybe its a sign from the lord that this isnt the right time, for his marriage. But they refuse to see anything, and just go on their rant. She says that from now on, she wants them to stall all ideas of vihaan’s marriage, and no discussions at all. they are all tensed as she goes inside. Harpreet asks if granny doesnt want vihaan to be married. Naramda assures her that this isnt the case, as she is equally upset and expresses it

like this. They start insulting the family that they just went in, that caused so much tension in the house. vihaan comes and asks if they met the girl. they deny. He asks how can they then characterise the girl by her family too, as that would be unjustified and presumptuous. they ask him why is he so bothered, and he says that its just unjustified fr the girl, who they havent even seen. Narmada says that given the family, they are sure how would the child be, and says that he doesnt know how badly they were insulted there. Vihaan hugs her, and is tensed.

Meanwhile, Vihaan calls her number, but arushi is in tears, and hence unable to notice the calls. He is tensed and upset, as he sits on the floor, teary eyed, as he remembers his mother’s opinion and hurtful sentiments about Arushi’s family. he composes himself, and tries her number again, but doesnt get through, and remembers the same incidents that arushi was remembering. he thinks that this cant be the end to their relationship, as he wont let it happen.

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Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi is in uncontrollable tears, as she recalls the past incidents and her romantic journey with vihaan, when her mother comes in and she breaks down in her lap. She asks her mother if vihaan wont ever be hers, and if she shall have to forget him, as she wont be able to live without her. Her mother is distraught too. she refuses to eat. Just then, prahlad comes in asking why is she crying, as they should cry who went from here, and tries to instigate her, against vihaan’s mother. arushi eyes him angrily, while he asks if he would want her bad, as he did all this intentionally, just to see how much they want her. Se asks him to stop lying now, as she was blind that she couldnt see his true identity. she says that noone’s father can be like this, and hope that noone gets a father like him. He asks what kind of a manner is this to talk to her father. she asks him to hope that she never gets down to the manners that he has protrayed in front of her. she rushes out hastily.

Scene 3:
Location: On the stairs
Vihaan comes tensedly, and finds arushi completely distraught. He cups her face, and she breaks in his arms. He gets cncerned, and asks why is she crying, as nothing has happened, that she has to blame herself, and cry so much, and asks her to save this for her marriage, as she would need it then. He says that he wont let things get worse, and loves her too much, and wont let her get away from him. Vihaan tells arushi, cupping her face, that once again, he would set everything straight. she

says to him, that they wont ever meet again, after today, and pulls down her hand. he asks whats she saying. she says that she has taken this descision after much deliberation for both of them. Vihaan is distraught. She says that she knows her father and her brother shall never change. She says that her family doesnt deserve his social status, and that his family shall always be embarassed to be linked to hers, and she wont be able to bear this, if they get married. he says that its nothing like that. She cups his face, and says that for the first time and the last, she has only loved him, and she has decided that if not him, noone else shall be in her life. Tears stream down both their cheeks. She says that she would always be a spinster, as dadaji, her mother and mili need her, and his family needs him, and for their love, she says that she cant separate him from his mothers, if a son has to choose, he should always choose the mother, as he would manage without her, but his mothers wont be able to without him. he says that noone shall have to separate, as they all shall live together. But she runs away from there, as he stands dejected and disappointed.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Back home, sarthi tries to cheer vihaan, but he is extremely upset, thinking that his mothers shall not accept her too. sarthi says that they havent met arushi, hence dont accept. He says that if they plan something, that arushi meets all the mothers, and does something that impresses them all, individually. Vihaan thinks its wrong. But sarthi convinces him. Vihaan thinks that this just might work, and has a glint of hope. He swears on his seven mothers, and his love, that arushi shall be his wife, but for that, he shall have to need her support, to be together and they shall have to pass the test together.

Scene 5:
Location: Arushi’s residence
The next morning, while arushi is still asleep, her mother is shocked, to find Vihaan at their doorstep. dadaji too is shocked. Vihaan takes everyone’s blessings. they are all tensed. He says that whatever happened yesterday was wrong and shouldnt have happened, and whatever’s happening between her and him is all the more wrong, as they cant forget each other, and she herself knows this, still she is adamant to take this descision. her mother says that even if she had been there, she would have taken this descision, being in their shoes, and wouldnt have married in such a house. Vihaan asks whats their fault. She says that for marriage, families do get involved, and they have been already involved bitterly. Mili asks him to run away with arushi. he smiles. Vihaan assures her mothers saying that he would untangle all the complicated relationships, and then marry arushi. he says that with arushi’s support, she promises that he would come to this house only to get his wife, and her father himself shall give her away. Dadaji and her mother get emotional, while her mother cups his face.

Precap: Vihaan takes arushi to the temple, holding her hand, while she berserkedly keeps asking whats the matter and why are they here. He makes her stand in front of the lord, and she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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