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amongst themselves, at doing this, but then nilima asks them to do it, for granny’s sake. They comply and then do it non resignedly. geeta and harpreet again start fighting, and then nilima comes and does the same too. Then vihaan comes and kyra looks at him expectantly, while he smiles. They both eye each other lovingly. She shys and looks down. geeta teases kyra about the same, and asks her to wait for some days, as vihaan shall be hers after that. kyra is embarassed. geeta asks her to go and take a bath after which she can freshen up, but with warm water only. After kyra leaves, its vihaan’s turn and they all do the ritual with him too, while he smiles.

Meanwhile, in the washroom, the red dupatta clad girl pulls the electrical wires out of the geyser, and then switches

on the main button, with the live wires, around the coil, and then leaves. She almost collides into Dolly, walking with the sweet boxes, anmd she is surprised to see the red dupatta. she gets up and is shocked to see the lady’s face. Before she can talk and tell anything further, the lady gags her mouth to prevent her from speaking, while she struggles.

As kyra is about to turn on the tap in the bathroom, and take a bath, she is stopped by him, and he hesitates to speak something. she asks if he wishes to say something. he says that he needs to use his washroom and can he got first. she asks why the need to hesitate, and he is about to go in, when she stops him, and places the haldi from her cheek on his, while he is surprised and tensed, but then looks away, boggling her, and she asks whats the matter. he says that he requests her to give him sometime, as they are getting married, out of will, because he wants to, in his sane mind, but….but she trails off his voice, shushing him with her lips, and the weird taste of haldi in his mouth, breaks their awkward romance. he smiles. she says that she too needs to confess, and says that he neednt make her understand, nor take out arushi’s memories from his heart, but be with her always. He looks at her overwhelmingly. He then goes inside, while she smiles outside. As she turns around, she finds the red dupatta stuck on the wall, with the message written, that she wont let this marriage happen at any cost. She is shocked to see this. Just then, they hear vihaan screaming from inside. She breaks the door, and rushes in, and finds him lying unconscious on the floor. Granny and others rush to the bathroom, to find vihaan on the floor, are shocked. they nudge, while begging him to get up. geeta meanwhile notices the red dupatta clad girl beside the door of the bathroom and points out, but when they all look up to see, they find her gone. Narmada asks geeta where she went. harpreet asks if she is making stuff up. They focus back on vihaan, as he revives back and ask him what happened. He says that he got an electric shock. They are shocked. As they see, they are shocked. They find the live wires. He tells them that the girl camne for her, and her happiness, and says that she wont be spared.Kyra says that she knows who did this, as the lady is now trapped, and then takes out the hidden camera that she has implanted in all the rooms, as she had no other option left and this was her only way to find out the main culprit. They are surprised. They hurriedly put on the feed in the laptop to get whats recorded. but just then they hear weird sounds, and they rush out, leaving the laptop with the memory card inside. They rush to the kitchen to find everything normal, and wonder where the noise came from, as everything was okay. Kyra says that they left the laptop there itself. they have a horrible feeling and then rush back to the room, to find the chip missing from the laptop. They are frustrated that she wont yet again. Kyra is sure that the girl took the chip, and he tsays that they have to think ahead and cant afford to make room for error. Granny assures him that they shall find her. they all leave, and kyra and vihaan stay back. She hugs him in tension, tears streaming down her cheeks, while he stands awkward and tensed, but then he too reciprocates and then puts her aside. she is boggled, as he seems tensed. he asks if she knew that she was going to be electrocuted. She asks why is she trying to kill her. He assures her that noone shall be able to harm her, as long as she is with him, and then goes out. she gets overwhelmed and thinks that he supports so much, but doesnt love her, as she understands that he shall take time to forget his love for arushi, but she promises that she shall do it, and shall wait for her whole life. She smiles through her tears and says that she loves him immensely, and she is sure that one day he shall accept her love too, forgetting arushi, and her heart shall make him love her.

Outside, granny tells them all that they wont let the dupatta girl succeed, and hence should hurry up the rituals, so that she cant create any more trouble. Narmada asks who is this red dupatta clad girl, and why would she want to disturb them, and again says that kyra is making this all up, as she wants to be the bahu. granny says that they are already accepting her, then why would she have to go to the lengths of doing this. She asks whats in this house, that she is dying to be a bahu, as for even a minute, she never got the relief, and can go anytime she wants to, and with her money and property she can marry anyone, but she stays as she likes to be here and loves the children like her, and asks how can they not want a mother’s love for the children. he comes to granny and says that he shall have to search everyone present here as there is one of them, who has the SD card, and then asks them to cooperate, and that he is already apologetic to be doing all this. they all comply, and he is profusely thankful.

Meanwhile, aru and arhaan come to kyra, and try and chat with her, saying that she looks very beautiful. She thanks them both. Aru says that she wants her to go to her school and meet her friends. Kyra asks why. Arhaan asks aru to shut up. Kyra asks arhaan to aloow aru to speak. Aru says that they are deemed as orphans, and they want her to go and falsify that. she gets emotional, and says that she wont leave them ever and shall definitely come to school. They apologise to her for behaving mad, and then adds that Mili told them to do so. Kyra is boggled to hear this. She asks them not to worry, as its okay. She thinks that she understands this behaviour of mili, as she is arushi’s sister and wouldnt want anyone else to be replacing her sister as the kids’ mother. She promises that she shall try and be the best mother possible. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: kyra gyrates seductively and shamelessly, under the inebriated state of alcohol. She tries to get the mothers to dance with her too. harpreet shoves her aside, and then asks whats this nonsense, as she has definitely taken alcohol. Kyra eyes her tensedly. Harpreet says that she is insulting herself and them too. kyra eyes her hurt and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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