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Satrangi Sasural 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
When all rush to the room, they find vihaan hollering at mini. vibha comes after them, scared that vihaan might have remembered everything. but when she goes inside, she finds vihaan angry at mini, and the minute he finds vibha, he calls for her, and she clutches him tightly. they are disgusted and leave. Later, Vibha comes out and asks them all not to do anything like that, ever again. She reprimands mini if she wants to kill her son, and threatens her not to try it again. She evilly asks if they think that she is lyinmg, as they are mistaken. All are distressed. She asks them to listen to her condition clearly, first, she is vihaan’s wife, and all are shocked and outraged. narmada asks if she has gone mad. Vibha turns to her, and says

that she should support her, as her bahu, since she is vihaan’s mother. Mini turns around and is about to slap her, when vibha stops her hand midway. All are shocked. She warns them that if they want vihaanm to accept them and stay in this house, they would have to accept her, as vihaan considers her as his wife, and trusts their relation completely. She asks them not to be oversmart, as she would form an opinion on vibha’s opinions. She says that she was forced to get him here, after the advertisement that he read, which only added fuel to the barrage of questions that he has. she says that she could have diverted him, but didnt as she didnt want him to stay away from the family. she adds that vihaan being his stature, shouldnt have to live in slums, and that she being his wife, should be able to enjoy the luxuries and riches, as she has had her hardship days of working as a maid, to be able to earn a livelihood for them. she warns them not to try anything smart, or else she would take vihaan away from them forever. harpreet asks what does she want and how long she would stay like this. vibha goes to her, and says that wife leaves the house, only after her death and the same is with her. she asks them to stop asking foolish questions. They are distraught. She asks them to agree, and then she shall prove that she is a better bahu than arushi. They dont comply, when she asks if they agree. Arushi stands solid and wiping her tears, she says that she agrees, shocking them all. Vibha amused smiles. She asks arushi to shift in the servant’s quarters as she is a mere maid now. Arushi silently complies. Vibha says that by the time vihaan is awake, she should remove all pics of him with her too. Arushi looks at her in shock, while vibha leaves. Granny comes to her and asks what she did, and how could she agree to this. arushi says that she has no other option, after the way vibha has captivated vihaan, and that this is the only way to still salvage vihaan, or else they shall lose him forever. geeta asks how would she stand seeing another girl with her own husband. She asks them all not to worry, and promises that they shall get their vihaan back from the clutches of this woman, and asks them to be strong, and promise that they are in this together. she asks them to man up and protect her, so that she can do this for them. She asks for their support, and they all join hands to retrieve their vihaan back. narmada says that they are all together with arushi, for her and her child’s sake. arushi too promises saying that she isnt just promising to them but to her child too, who shall have his/ her father next to him, when he comes in this world. they all smile hopefully.

While vibha is beside vihaan, who sleeps, arushi and others get on and remove all pics, getting emotional as they take each one of them down. They all feel sorry for arushi. but vibha stands unfazed eyeing arushi angrily. The mothers wipe away her tears, just having eyes for their vihaan, for whom they are doing all this. Seeing manohar emotional, arushi comforts him, asking him to be strong and not cry, as she needs him the most right now. he comforts her saying that he is there in whichever manner she needs him. he leaves. she sits down, eyeing her pic with vihaan, tearfully. Vibha sees this and is amused. Vibha comes and claps as arushi sits, saying that no mothers do this for a maid, to have such a wonderful arrangement. She adds saying that now she knows that her love story is next to perfect, as she became the boy’s saviour, and then they marry, and live happily ever after and now the only obstacle is arushi herself. Arushi faces her tensedly. Vibha says that she would have to go from here to make her love story perfect. arushi eyes her tensedly. she stands up and tells her that a childhood fable, about the mirror proclaiming that she is the most bful of all, to a devilish woman, who finally finds the truth, and isnt able to bear it, and compares that she too shall meet a similar fate, and that she is mistaken, tht she might take her place in vihaan’s home, but she would never find a place in her vihaan’s heart for herself. vibha starts to fume, and challenges her, that in a week, she shall be out of the house. Arushi says that she might throw her out, or even kill her, but she wont be able to get her out of vihaan’s heart and this is her faith, and she shall prove to her promising her, that vihaan would once again love her immensely like he did. She says that this is a wife’s promise that she shall get her husband back, and challenges vibha. She eyes arushi furiously. the screen freezes on arushi’s determined face.

Precap: Vihaan comes with vibha, and with folded hands, fgaces them all, asking as a request to accept her as their bahu. he says that if they cant accept it, then there’s no use staying here. they are tensed. priyanka says that they cant do that. He then asks vibha to come along, as they can go to Mumbai then. he feels dejected and walks off. All the mothers and arushi is concerned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Crap crap crap and freaking more crap it this a trends in India to lose memory black magic claiming somebody’s else husband to be your and being with some1 who already married but lose his/her memory etc…so not cool and vibha dont label your self as vihaan wife cuz he never married u or put a mangalsutra around her neck or fill her forehead with sindoor so shut the crap up he will never be urs no matter what happen he will never be urs not even in her dreams woman so get lose like u forget u are challenge a married who went to all extend to find her husband today he is finally in front of her what u think she will left vihaan for u no women will left her husband in such situation for a next woman to come and claim ryt on him so it will be better if u leave the house before u order arushi to leave cuz when vihaan get his memory back remember arushi he self will kick u out of his house

  2. come on vibha your days are numbered with arushi on your trail you can never get away with what you did soon Vihaan would come to his senses and regain his memory know who his real wife is so enjoy it while you can because according to arushi you may make a way in vihaans house but not in his heart so girl watch your every step you are liable to fall hard LOL

  3. all I have to say to these writers is the next serials you write and decide to bring in a memory loss thing again or double of the actors or witchcraft I suggest they take you off ztv for good because you need to either go back to writing school or hire professionals to assist you because these storyline just aint cutting it waste of paper and time

  4. This is all nonsense…. Bring a new story… Vibha was a nice girl, just because your’ll don’t have a story so your’ll have to make her bad. You all have no story, so your’ll making the good People bad. Come up with a new story for Zee TV. Even the Sony channel Itna Karo Mujhse Pyaar and Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hah Jaane is better.

  5. MaressaStyles


  6. Past 10 years I am watching same story I thought this story is different but they proved I am wrong to think this is different

  7. I am so damn tired of the f**kery that serials portraits of marriages, so disgusting, not one of theses serials shows where anybody respects the unity of marriage, there is always something or somebody who is always doing some bullshit to keep the union apart, damn bullshit. I am sick to my guts with these crap. Writers of these serials be more creative than this, your imaginations are getting on my last nerve, the persons in love are always doing some bullshit sacrifice, enough is enough!!!!

  8. if d pics were there b4 for vihaan 2 c ; why didn’t he questioned about it

  9. UTTER NONSENSE !!!!!!!!!!



  11. Pamela that would be very nice if that could really happen but with those crappy writers I do not think it possible they always like to drag something way beyond its time and schedule so they will play around with vibhas character for a while before letting Vihaan come back to his senses I hope I is before the baby is due though so he can be at arushis side

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