Satrangi Sasural 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta and harpreet ask arushi to eat food, but she rushes out hastily. They wonder how hard arushi is pushing herself. priyanka reacts negavtively and leaves. harpreet and geeta wonder why does she take everything so otherwise. geeta is tensed as to how arushi shall juggle between the many works.

At one in the night, vihaan wakes up to find arushi, asleep on the couch, with the laptop, uggesting that she sleps while working only. he eyes her overwhelmingly, and appreciates the way she is handling everything, but she doesnt understahnd that she cant keep everyone happy always. he takes off the laptop, and caresses her head, while she starts muttering to herself about how she would do everything, and then they shall go on the surprise honeymoon

that she has planned for him. he is amused, and then records her sleep talk, about how the surprise is her secret. he is thoroughly amused. he then lifts her up, and puts her on the bed, while she is in deep sleep. He pulls the covers over her and then closes the lights. He then gets to finishing her work for her.

The next morning, arushi wakes up scared but when she opens the laptop, she finds it finished, and is boggled. Vihaan comes out of the bathroom, and then she asks if he completed, and he complies. she asks why he did so, as she should have finished her work. he says that he did it as her husband, and not as vatsala’s MD. He teases her about the sleep muttering. she is mortified when she hears it. She denies that it isnt her. She then talks about the fast that she has to keep today for his long life. Arushi gets ready and takes every lady’s blessings for her first fast, and geeta gives her the maangtika, that her mother had given her. she is emotional to receive it. They all give her one ornament or the other. Granny says that they should be happy and not emotional. Harpreet also offers to tag along. geeta too goes, on granny’s permission. priyanka notices this. Arushi takes her blessings too, and then gives an update as to how her work is ready. priyanka leaves asking her to be on time. They get to know that Babita has gone for jogging.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
The girl eyes a guy’s pic in a book, and is in tears. hearing a knock, she wipes her face, closes the book, and then opens the door. girish comes in with pillow and bedsheet, and notices her tensed. she complies, and says that she is fine, when he asks if she is okay. She asks him to get lost. he complies. After closing the door, she is again in tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Jogger’s park
rakesh follows mini, and she is irritated when he starts flirting with her. mini is about to slap again, when he holds her hand. she is furious.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s office and the temple
Arushi waits for priya, her assistant, while geeta and harpreet walk ahead in the temple. Priya tells her that it shall take a minimum half an hour more. Arushi is tensed. Meanwhile, priyanka asks vihaan to call arushi and find out where is she, as in 15 minutes the meeting shall begin. he complies. meanwhile at the temple, arushi talks on the phone, that in five minutes she shall be there. she then asks her assistant, how much more time shall the priest take, and gets to know that it shall take a minimum 15 minutes. Arushi says thats not possible as the client wants to have a meeting in five minutes. Her assistant asks what shall they do now. She is tensed. She requests a vendor to offer his space for sometime. He complies. Arushi opens her laptop, and gets to working. priya wonders whats she upto. Arushi says that she doesnt mind being seen in these clothes, as they represent her tradition. She starts the video chat, and tells the client, about the puja today. she says that arushi can mail the presentation later, and instead talks personal. then arushi gets to doing the puja with all the rituals. harpreet and gheeta get emotional. geeta, finding harpreet heavy hearted coaxes her to do the puja too. she complies.

While vihaaan is dosing off, and is barely awake, priyanka hollers at him, in the office, that she doesnt think arushi would reach in time. She says that foreigners are highly punctual, and asks her assistant to inform the client, that she shall herself handle the meeting. While talking to the client, Priyanka gets to know that arushi has already done her job. she is highly tensed though. Priyanka is sullen when she hears the board praising areushi for her presentation. Meanwhile, while dosing off, vihaan falls on the ground unconscious. priyanka is shocked and worried. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Arushi coems in her traditional attire in the office, and the guard stops her, saying that Priyanka has instructed that they dont allow her in. She is boggled and asks why. Priyanka comes and says that she ordered it and then gives the reason. She says that she is a liar, and that she doesnt like unprofessional behaviour at all. Arushi tries to plead her innocence. She says that she is out of Vatsala, and is suspended for two weeks. Arushi is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I fed up with this show. Pryianka fail to realise that Arushi will beat her at her game. Vihaan could never get a better wife than Arushi why cant she accept the fact

  2. True because of priyanka attitude n rude behavior people dont really watch or read the updates the story lines is too stupid n outdates nowadays daughters in law don’t live with the in laws anymore they live separate to avoid the truobles
    No offence but that dancer instructor look like a girl but just enjoyin griish n that girl lil mores then arushi n her mother in laws

  3. I dunno why Daddi don’t fire Priyanka already….she is just creating drama in the business!

  4. If i was like Aarushi i would take the suspension and see what she is made of i am sure she would fall flat on her face

  5. Priyanka is over doing it now..Aarushi should take her 2 weeks suspension and go for her honeymoon.. 😀

  6. Exactly…Arushi n Vihaan pls go for honeymoon
    Prinkya can only boss no knowledge….bugger her…

  7. farida uttan

    Priyanka is an adiot, not beauty nor brains.
    VIHAAN and DAADI if you value Aarushi just one bit – do something about Priyanka before you lose her altogether from your lives.

  8. Priyanka is such a childish hater.When willshe grow up.

  9. Priyanka need to get a man and get a life just picking on poor arushi she lucky she in gah a daughter in law like avani in aur pyaar ho gaya who go in raj house and make them life hell

  10. Priyanka has gone too far,she is really pushing aruushi too hard…..nd thats too bad of her

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