Satrangi Sasural 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is overwhelmed to receive narmada’s gift and says that she shall always keep this saved with responsibility. harpreet then comes and apologises for not having understood her, and no apology is sufficient, but if she forgives her, then she would feel better. kyra says that it was obvious as she loved arushi dearly, and she never held it against her. harpreet blesses her and gives her the band, that her husband had given her. kyra is emotional. then priyanka comes and sits by her side, and gives her a gift, and comments that she showed them the right path, and then apologises. Then nilima comes and gives her a gift, thanking her fr bringing them back together as one happy family. Kyra is emotionally welled up with tears. she says

that she wishes to thank them, for this respect and love and concern. They all smile back at her. Granny then lightens up the mood, by the cake cutting, and kyra happily complies, and they all take a selfie together. they are tensed as they hear mili coughing in her sleep. All the mothers with kyra, surround mili, as she lies unconscious on the bed, harpreet and narmada asks them to go, as they shall handle her. They are boggled, while granny asks what do they wish to do. harpreet says that she feels mili isnt unconscious and is dramatising. Granny asks how do they know. They are about to beat her to find out when granny stops them. they all leave. After they leave, mili opens her eyes and looks around.

Kyra and vihaan come out, while granny and others wait for them. kyra says that she has to take care of mili. Kyra says that mili isnt well, and someone needs to stay back to take care of her. They ask for him to come atleast. vihaan says that he shall just come. after they leave, he shuts the door. she is boggled. vihaan comes to kyra, while she eyes him lovingly. he says that he missed her, and she too reciprocates. he then caresses her hair, and her cheeks. Kyra looks down nervously and giggling with excitement, as vihaan leans in to come close to her, and kiss her. But just then, aru opens the door, and asks what are they doing. he makes an excuse that he was taking out some dirt from kyra’s eyes, while she is amused. aru asks him to come, while he asks her to go, while he just comes. she leaves. he then says that he shall be back to complete the picture they started. she is amused, as he leaves, and she closes the door.

Outside, vihaan meets up with the mothers who are getting impatient, and before he can get a chance to explain, aru talks about how he was taking the dirt out of kyra’s eyes. all are amused. they dont realise that a mysterious lady, maayavini maa came and crossed them by, and thinks that this means kyra is alone in the house. They excitedly chat about how lucky they are to have kyra, while teasing vihaan, that he is just about okay. maayavini maa hears vihaan bantering, about kyra and how bout they organise a surprise party for her. narmada says that they should do something more, something special, other than gifts. they are all set to thinking, while maa clenches her nails, in the rug as she watches them from a distance. they also tell the children to keep it a surprise, and then rush home, to prepare for the party. maayavini maa sees them and says that as long as she is there, they wont be able to be in peace. She says that she too shall come in the night, at the party.

All are preparing for the party. mili eyes them tensedly, as they all excitedly banter and prepare for the party. arhaan and aru contribute too. then she bangs the door, and shuts it. harpreet is about to get back at her, when narmada asks her to ignore her. nilima complies, and says that she cant stand mili for an instant, but they have to think about kyra and her happiness. they all go to get ready for the party.

By the evening, all the mothers give final finishing touches to the party preparations. harpreet is shocked to know that he would be late. She gets vihaan’s call, and is tensed that he wont be here for the surprise, and that he shall be delayed. granny asks them to focus on kyra, as its her big day. They all hide as kyra approaches. she comes in and finds the room all drk, and is overwhelmed when the mothers surprise her with the party. kyra asks all are here. they intentionally tease her about vihaan. harpreet asks if they all worked in vain. kyra vehemently tries to appease them, while they have a good laugh. Kyra is made to sit, while all prepare for the game. She is tensed for vihaan hoping he returns soon. They set up for musical chairs, and all start playing, while granny sits by the music. Kyra is tensed for vihaan. She loses in the round, but harpreet gives her the turn for herself. they tease kyra that vihaan came. Just then, the mysterious maayavini maa arrives at the entrance and kyra eyes her tensedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kyra comes in and finds mili in terrble headache in a corner of the room, in utter darkness clutching her head. She then finds maayavini maa doing some magic on her, and mili cringing in pain, and how she controls mili. mili begs that she would do as she tells her, and that she shall kill them all. The mysterious lady stops her magic giving pain. Kyra is agahst and shocked, to see and hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh no problem tq for fast update can u update other serial to

    1. Rimjhim

      which one dear….?

  2. GOOD JOB Maayavini maa. Do your magic and inflict the most painful torture to that milli and finish her off to death in one go. DON’T WAIT. Act NOW. She is such a ugly annoying b.itch. sick of her. And Kyra don’t be foolish and forgive milli. Those satanic beasts don’t deserve to breathe in the same air as us

  3. Guys what if Mayavini Ma turns out to be BEBO?
    THE One who was Kaira ‘s caretaker and she only killed Kaira ‘s nanu….

    1. I have a feeling it could be Vibha . Who is a witch and disguising to look old in order to take revenge on the Vatsal family. Vibha must have somehow revived back and she faked milli’s death , kidnapped her , groomed her up from little on fulling up her mind with very bad stuff about the vatsal family so she would hate them .take revenge. and forced her to do her dirty job.. because Vibha is their BIGGEST ENEMY who wont be satisfied until she ruins them. Or it could be Bebo.


  5. Please end this serial people will not watch this nonsence anymore

  6. I dont watch just read to know when this ends.

  7. Not another black-magic /witchcraft going to happend, chasing people all over the place. INDIA must be JAADOO CAPITAL of the world . Witchcraft and Goons galore

  8. What is the song name which they plyed in the game please say..

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