Satrangi Sasural 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
The entire house is busy in preparing for vihaan’s mothers’ arrival. Arushi’s mother is tensed that she is going to the bank today, when she says that she got an urgent work. Her mother is tensed at girish and prahlad’s presence, and dadaji wards them out, taking advantage for their lure for money and alcohol. as expected, they leave. Her mother and she are amused. they get to prepariing the house yet again. but her mother is tensed, Prahlad and girish come home, drunk and inebriated. He asks how dare she thought that she could marry off his daughter. He starts breaking all the stuff and dismantling everything. she begs him not to do so, as they are expecting guests. mili asks him to stop, but he shuts her up. dadaji

comes asking him to stop. prahlad starts taunting him, and says that he isnt such a big fool, so as not to understand whats going on stealthily. they are shocked. He says that noone can marry his atm machine, his daughter. he says that he wont let anyone take advantage of her, except he, himself. Dadaji asks him to shut up. He says that he too shall hit back then. Her mother and dadaji are shocked. Her mother warns him to get out, and he taunts what else then, would she send him to jail. He asks them to let the guests come. Mili shows them that the guests have already arrived. mini remembers Girish’s activities, and prahlad’s misbehaviour at the hotel. they are all shocked, as they find prahlad reeking of alcohol. He continues to misbehave while they are all shocked and disgusted. Prahlad continues to insult them yet again. Girish too says that he knows them. Dadaji and arushi’s mother are tensed, and asks them to come inside. narmada says that marriage is far fetched, they wont even step inside this house. Priyanka says that if the house is such, then how would be the daughter. Her mother tries to advocate for arushi. He says that his daughter, arushi works and handles the whole house and hence his rate is fixed, and he shall finalise the marriage, only when they decide on a solid big amount, a fixed amount on installment basis, and also relinquish all rights on her salary at all. they are apalled to find a father negotiating for his own daughter. He says that they didnt marry their daughter, as she wasnt properly rated, and dadaji slaps him tight. The ladies taunt him to have been this strict earlier. Mini says that she has already met the son, and if they knew the girl is his sister, they never would have come. Prahlad again insults them. Priyanka slaps him, saying that next time, she would see that he lands in jail. girish is tensed. They all leave, in a huff, while dadaji, her mother and her sister are apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi and vihaan’s office
Vihaan teases arushi, that she shouldnt be nervous, as she is experienced to face such stuff. He then assures her to calm her down, as he has the faith that se shall pass the test with flying colours. She asks him to put the phone down, so that she can reach in time, to meet his mothers. He smiles. On the road, while trying to get an auto, she comes across the same person, who her father had claimed had demanded dowry. he says that she seems late, and offers to drop her, as that would solve both their problems. She complies. Inside the auto, she congratulates him, when he says that he has gotten married. When she says that she has an impending proposal, he says that this too wont get through, and then tells how her father had demanded money. she is hurt and doesnt believe his statement. She asks him to shut up, saying that she knows her father who cant be an enemy to her. she gets down.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes home, tensed to find his mothers talking ill of arushi’s family. They starts reprimanding sarthi for this, as to how he could b so rash to fix vihan’s marriage with a girl from this kind of family. narmada says that she never saw such a lowlife person and a family like that. Vihaan is completely disheartened.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
On the road, Arushi get down the auto, nervous and excited to come inside, at the prospect of facing her in laws. As arushi comes home, she is tensed and shocked to find the room in a mess, with her mother in tears, and dadaji enraged, and mili playing sullenly. she finds them like this, and her heart sinks. She asks if Vihaan’s mothers came, and what did they say, and if there’s any matter. She asks why they didnt wait for her. Her mother doesnt say anything. Arushi is deeply disheartened and anxious. She asks if gattu came here, and if vihaan’s mothers came. dadaji says that she would never get married, and asks her to stop seeing these dreams, and if she sees, she should run away, as this house shall never witness her marriage, as her brother and father dont want her to get married. Arushi is shocked, while her mother is distraught. Dadaji leaves inside. He then tells everything what his father did, and how badly he insulted Vihaan’s mothers, and also tells them his condition of selling her. he says that she got the worst possible father. dadaji tells her that after what happened today, vihaan might also not want to meet her ever again. Arushi is apalled to hear this. Dadaji says that both father and brother must be out there celebrating somewhere. the screen freezes on arushi’s apalled face.

Precap: Vihaan tells arushi, cupping her face, that once again, he would set everything straight. she says to him, that they wont ever meet again, after today. he asks whats she saying. she says that she has taken this descision after much deliberation for both of them. Vihaan is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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