Satrangi Sasural 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The entire media and everyone is thrilled at kyra’ss achievement while all are overjoyed. In front of media and everyoner else, granny announces that she gives them the permission to get married, and that she shall ensure its a gala event. Narmada and harpreet hear tensedly. Vihaan and kyra smile, along with geeta. Granny says that they shall all ask for kyra’s hand from her in marriage. Narmada and harpreet dont comply, as granny beckons them. But they finally relent in, as vihaan and granny watch and then they ask kyra for her agreement to the marriage. Kyra is overwhelmed as she responds in a yes, tears welling down her eyes. He extends his hand for her to accept, and she places her hand in his, feeling emotional and overwhelmed. All clap.

The red dupatta clad woman, eyes them from a distance, and thinks that they can be happy all they want, but she wont let it happen at any cost. Meanwhile granny expresses her happiness, and then the priest tells them that since its the freeing of the old spirit, and the marriage of two people, it has a good time after 2 days, when they can. they are happy. Kyra says that its very imp, and as not only she shall enter, but arushi shall be freed too grandly, and wants their support in this. She extends her hand and they all join, starting with vihaan. Mili eyes this tearfully. Kyra asks her to come too, but she is distraught and rushes away from there. narmada and harpreet are tensed. Granny asks them to let her be, as she must be feeling that they are detaching her sister from them, and tells them that she shall take sometime to cope with it. They are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, decorations and arrangements are on in full swing. Geeta asks granny to let be, as she shall handle everything. Granny tells her that the haldi thats to be used is the same one that the priest shall send from the temple. They then enquire about kyra, who had gone to the temple but still hasnt returned. Vihaan comes in just then, saying that she shall come back. Granny then says that since he is the big postholder, she wants to renovate the house, as they can afford it now. He complies. Geeta asks where shall they place the stuff. Granny tells her that dolly is there, and she shall demand for one house from her, and goes to arrange for it immediately. Geeta gets to prepartions.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Kyra prays and then takes the haldi that the priest gives her, saying that she needs to use this only. She is oblivious that the red dupatta clad girl has seen her, and is after her only, as she walks out of the temple. she waits around for the rickshaw, while the mysterious lady is after her. vihaan comes on bike, and says that the mothers are waitingd esperately for her, and hence he came to get her, as they have a small time gap to finish everything. He says that he tried to convince them that she shall come, but they didnt relent. Sensing him tensed, kyra asks if he isnt happy with the marriage. He is left tensed and says that its nothing like that. She wonders what could it be, that he is in such a bad mood. He drives off with her. the red dupatta girl sees.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta gets kyra dressed up, when nilima comes in and has a happy reunion with everyone. geeta comments with a smirk that she was the only one missing. While they are squabbling, someone tampers with the haldi and mixes paint in it. They try to bring up arushi, but granny asks them to be quiet, as the ritual is about to begin. Mili comes out tensedly, with the haldi kept in the kitchen. geeta asks which haldi is this, as she too has one in her hand. Mili says that she found this in the kitchen, hence got it. nilima comments what difference does it make. Geeta too comments that mili should also get married now, and she should also put on haldi. As the haldi ritual begins, geeta tries to take the haldi bowl from mili, to apply, but she refrains and hesitates, and in that, the bowl falls on the floor, considered an omen, while all are tensed as kyra stands distraught. they find the smell in the haldi and the weird consistency, and are shocked. Nilima comments horrified, as geeta smells paint in it. Kyra and others are shocked as its oil paint. narmada, harpreet and nilima are amused, as they wonder who did it and find that noone from them did. Granny asks them who is it. kyra stands up and says that it isnt their fault. Granny asks who did it then. Kyra says that this is her doing, shocking them all. She asks her not to forget that the red dupatta girl is around, and she knew she would try to ruin, hence she kept a similar bowl in the kitchen. Granny understands, and comments that she is very smart. kyra assures her that she is very smart and has planned something to trap that person, which the lady cant even imagine. all are boggled, while she keeps them guessing.

Later, mili cries with arushi’s pic, saying that she misses them badly, and that they cant throw her out of their lives like this, and she wont let it happen, and asks why did she have to die for such thankless people, and how they betrayed her by replacing her with kyra now, and also taking away aru and arhaan and giving them to kyra. Mili is shocked and wonders what to do now, to stop this marriage. She wonders who shall help her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Granny and others rush to the bathroom, to find vihaan on the floor, and ask him what happened. He says that he got an electric shock. They are shocked. Kyra says that she knows who did this, and then takes out the hidden camera that she has implanted in all the rooms, as she had no other option left and this was her only way to find out the main culprit. They are surprised. They hurriedly put on the feed in the laptop to get whats recorded. As they see, they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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