Satrangi Sasural 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mini and priyanka leave inside. Harpreet however tells vihaan not to bother, and congratulates arushi. Then he asks her to take a test drive, but she says that she has lots of work, and shall come later. he insists but then she rushes inside. to get her to take a driving lesson, he helps her out in her household work, so that she can hastily get her work done, and then she shall learn driving from him. she gets angry at his persistence. Vihaan starts getting frustrated, and granny observes them bith and amusingly takes him away, while arushi is happy. Late, in the night, arushi finds that he has begun to start yawning, waiting for her, while she is amused. later, mini and priyanka find him asleep, and when they nudge him, he asks if they should

go. They are boggled and asks where does he want them to go. he says that he was waiting for arushi to give her a test drive. They all start fuming, as he doesnt have time and concern for them. Nilima too gets tensed. priyanka asks him to help her learn driving too, and he says that he shall take her after arushi. she fumes. arushi comes and asks if there’s anything else to do. Before she can assign a work, granny comes and says that there’s nothing else. they both leave. Nilima finds that she is taken back to her memories of her husband, which turns out to be the same stranger, who has been stalking lately. she gets emotional to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While she has difficulty understanding Vihaan’s driving instructions, he makes fun of her. Arushi brands him as a chauvinist, while she starts talking about female empowerment, saying that she shall manage easily. he asks her to control accelerator, while she has trouble switching between the pedal brakes. As a person is walking with a rose in his hand, arushi is out on the road with vihaan, trying to learn driving. He tries hard to prvent, but she ends up hitting him from behind, and he falls on the floor, semi conscious. They are shocked, while arushi is highly tensed. they rush out to attend to him. She says that they should rush him to the hospital. He says thats risky and since they dont have a license, the best place is to take him home, as he isnt that bad, and asks her not to be melodramatic. this person turns out to be the same person, who has been stalking nilima. they take him in the car and drive off.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and vihaan get in and take him to the same servant’s quarters, where arushi used to stay, while he is unconscious, the rose still in his hands. They rush to get first aid and water. then he wakes up and is shocked to find himself in this place. As he gets up he has a severe headache, and then eyes the rose in his hand. He wears his glasses, and then manages to get up groggily. He walks in the corridor, continuously eyeing the rose. Meanwhile, oblivious to his presence, Nilima is attending to a professional call, and he sees her and hides behind the pillar, before she can see him. she senses someone’s presence, and turns around but doesnt find anyone. she gets busy in her telephonic conversation yet again. he eyes her going and then lovingly looks at the rose. Arushi and vihaan come back with first aid and water for the person and find his bed empty. they are boggled. sarthi comes inside. Vihaan asks if he saw anyone going to the front door, and he replies in negative saying that no one came in or went out. They are boggled. when they tell this to mini, she freaks out that a stranger is lurking inside the house. He tries to protest, saying that since they hrut him, hence they helped him. priyanka again vents out frustration at arushi’s carelessness. they are tensed as to where is he. He assures her that the person wasnt in the condition to compose himself. harpreet says that maybe he was a con. Nilima comes and finds them discussing. when she gets to know, she is tensed. He says that he is absolutely fine and talks about his disappearance. She too fires him for trying to get arushi to speak on busy streets. priyanka says that now the man shall come back with the police. All are tensed.

The person hides his face and hastily walks out the main door, but collides into granny, without looking at whom, she reprimands the person for being a little careful, and asks who is he anyway. he however apologises and hastily leaves hiding his face, before she can see properly. she is about to go inside, when Granny gets tensed as she casts a second glance at that person, and immediately draws a connection to the past. She comes inside, and finds everyone angry at him and arushi. priyanka takes this chance to scold arushi too. vihaan and arushi listen silently. Granny comes and asks whats the matter, and who is being scolded and for what. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Nilima comes to her room and changes, when she notices a rose and a message stuck on the mirror, saying that he wanted to meet her, but is leaving today, with the hope of meeting soon again. Nilima gets furious. she thinks that this cant be, as he cant return back now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. do not know where this serial is headed not mind blowing to we the viewers

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