Satrangi Sasural 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
All are tensed, while kasturi is shocked and stunned with fear. Arushi asks her to calm down. granny comes and understands whats the commotion and assures kasturi that everything would be alright, and asks jhanvi to be brave. Arushi asks mini to set up a video call, and she complies. The doctor arrives, and all are relieved. the doctor starts giving her instructions, to pull her feet up, relax, take deep breaths and try to push. she complies amidts much pain. all are tensed as they watch through the video chat. Just then, girish too comes and is apalled to see her in this condition. Arushi and mothers are happy to see girish by jhanvi’s side. finally, after bearing much pain, jhanvi finally delivers. Seeing their love,

arushi is reminded of her romance with vihaan. Everyone is in throes of happiness, at the arrival a new baby girl in their house. Arushi asks kasturi to take care of jhanvi and the new born. All are super happy. they chat through the video call. Kasturi says that she shall become nani too soon, and hopes the godhbharaai happens nicely. Arushi hopes and wishes that her child’s father is with the child, when it comes.

The next day, arushi goes and congratulates everyone and comments as to how cute the girl is. People start coming, to pay their respects. She asks about arushi’s godhbharaai and they tell that its day after tomorrow. Jhanvi says that she too wants to go. girish asks her to take care. Arushi says that being normal delivery, jahnvi can definitely come. the guests ask about vihaan’s arrival or news. All get tensed. arushi herself responds that till now there’s no news but soon there shall be.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As all prepare for the godhbharaai ceremony and select flowers on the road, mini turns around and finds vihaan standing outside the main gate, baffled and lost, aimlessly wandering. She screams out his name. hearing this, granny and priyanka too turn around and are shocked. vihaan stands boggled and surprised too. he too glances at them, but still in a coming car, he sits and walks off. they are shocked, as to how he saw and still went.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The godhbharaai ceremoney is about to begin, when arushi says that the child is kicking. kasturi says that definitely this shall bring a good news, as superstition says. Arushi says that the kicking shall indicate the child’s father is coming, to meet him/ her soon. They are all emotional to hear this. just then, granny comes and says that her belief is right and that she along with others too saw vihaan. they anxiously ask them questions, while super elated that vihaan waas found. narmada and arushi ask where’s vihaan, and why wasnt he brought home. she eyes the door, but when they tell what happened next, she along with others are disappointed and rejected. Granny says that he went in the car and drove off, but she is happy that arushi’s belief was right. Arushi is super elated. Kasturi reminds that this is the good news, that she talked about. they decide to start the ceremony, hoping that maybe he wants to surprise arushi. they begin. people comment how lovable arushi and her mothers’ relation is. Arushi keeps eyeing the door for someone to come inside.

Meanwhile, a car stops outside the main door. A visibly married lady gets down, and then opens the others door of the car, from which a man steps out. they both eye the mansion. Sensing something instinctively, arushi tells them all that she feels and senses vihaan around, and begs to go out and look. but they tell her that one swing ritual is left and asks her to finish, it. she is impatient but complies nevertheless. meanwhile, the couple enters, while arushi keeps glancing at the door, waiting for someone. she gets overwhelmed with emotions as she finds vihaan standing in front of her. She utters his name, alerting them all, while he himself stands boggled and baffled. All turn around to face him. They are all filled with overwhelming emotions as they see him. he looks confused and boggled. Arushi, with tearful eyes, gets up. he starts moving ahead towards them, while all are happy and relieved for arushi. Arushi starts walking as he stops midway, along with the mothers. They all confront vihaan. tears stream down their cheeks to see him after so many years.

All, including arushi are shocked to see vibha coming from behind and standing beside vihaan, holding his hand in hers, eyeing them evilly. They are baffled and shocked, while arushi is out of words, too stunned to react. Vihaan says that this is his wife, Vibha Vihaan Vatsal. arushi is distraught to hear this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan asks arushi if she is arushi. she is baffled. all are shocked. he says that vibha told her that she used to work here as a maid for several years. arushi is shocked. granny asks how can he talk like this, and term arushi as a maid. she asks why is he behaving like this. Before vihaan can react, Vibha says that she forgot to tell them, that vihaan’s memory is lost.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg!!! Another memory loss, can’t these writers come up with something original for once. I had already guessed this was gonna happen with viba, these writers are so predictable

  2. I knew some stupid storyline was coming…. well won’t be watching this show again

  3. see same crap….predictable and silly.

  4. tell me these writers could not come up with a more original storyline why every serial is a memory lost thing come on writers we have had enough of the crap and of all persons vibha she has to be evil incarnate after all that the seven mothers and arushi have done for her opening up the home to her this is the gratitude she gives any way from day one she was after arushis husband Vihaan and from the time she heard them fixing marriage to manohar she dust it one time and got the opportunity of a lifetime in claiming Vihaan to be her husband imagine first it was six months now it is years wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I hope not and it is a mistake now why the hell she bring Vihaan back to his home when she had him captive all the time vibha I hope those seven mothers and arushi beat you to a pulp for committing that evil act of keeping a husband and wife separated all this time from each other as far as I see it look like vibha hit her head too and have memory loss LOL what else could it be I will like to know the explanation for her coming back to face arushi and the seven mothers who know must be to claim his property now lets see

  5. As we all know the story and I even predicted that vibha will come as vihaan wife as he forgot everything
    Now I am not going to follow this as it is same old story no 100

    1. Aarushi is pregnant and vihaan lost his memory

  6. what a big joke what these writers doing boy I will really like to know arushi is pregnant and she do not have her husband by her side so that child will come into the world without his dad at his or her mothers side same crap went on with qubool hai all this time we the viewers waiting for sanam and ahil to reunite and after ahil went through so much waiting and pain seeing his sanam in the arms of another man shad to no avail the writers kill him off and so after all this he is dead without even getting back his true love sanam writers how could you do this to us we are still in shock wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. vibha is tooooooooooo bold face and wearing wedding chain around her neck where the hell did that came from not Vihaan I hope another thing please do not let it be I hope Vihaan has not slept with her so that when he regains his memory it should not be hard for he and arushi to be together again you seven mothers do not accept her in the house she vibha as the audacity to tell the mother that he has lost his memory knowing very well she took advantage of the situation please writers do not let the storyline be a dragging one and let Vihaan remember his arushi the love of his life and be there for the birth of his son or daughter


    i wanted jhanvi to have a boy and arushi to have a girl…..not gonna watch this serial again…

  9. I know it will happen my guess is right,nw it will go boring ? ?

  10. i don’t like this episode.

  11. I knew that witch is behind his missing and some stupid issue like this will come I watched exactly like this story in a Egypt movie stop copping others be creative and bring new thing

  12. I fail 2 understand one thing, are the directors of this. Films entertainig. Themseves or d viewers? Secondly I. Keep saying it, I don’t know if they realy understand the impression they are creating about there people.soon, people will be scared 2 travel 2 india let alone having anything 2 do with any indian person.pls I like indians and that is y I watch there programmes but am. Sooo disappointed the way some of these serials end why, is. This what actually happen in ur country?

  13. A same thing i say that vihaan will lose this memory and he will claim that vibha is his wife and how dare vibha call arushi a maid or tell vihaan that she was working as a maid in his house if i was arushi i give her a tight slap in she face

  14. this problem with vibha could easily be explained all the mothers have to do is put Vihaan to sit down and help him try to recollect the who drama with vibha her step mother took her husband away from her and they tried to kill her off for money after Vihaan and arushi saved her life after leaving the hospital she had no one and nowhere to go so they took her in to live with them and give the job as the maid but she was not satisfied she wanted a man and so like step mother like step daughter she use this opportunity to go after Vihaan arushis husband she tried everything including destroying arushis passport so they cannot go on their honeymoon now when he got into the water accident and lost his memory she got the perfect opportunity to grab him and make him hers I only hope that all the mothers could get together and deal with her properly throwing her out of the house

  15. Plz stop this blo*dy stupid show…instead of jodha Akbar this show should hv gone off air…here after I am not going to watch this idiotic show n also will tell others also not to watch it.

  16. farida uttan

    What a load of hogwash – these writers are dumb idiots – cannot think outside the box as they say. same old, same old , same old storyline again

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