Satrangi Sasural 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Vihaan prays to the lord to keep arushi and her child safe. While he is praying, he feels someone’s hands on his shoulders, and finds an empathetic vibha standing near him, seeing whom the mothers are extremely disgusted. she pretends to be concerned saying that everything will be alright, and asks him not to worry, as the lord shall rectify everything, when they all pray together for arushi and her child. vihaan is severely disturbed. She eyes the mothers evilly, while they fume. he thinks that he feels like going out for her, and feels a strange connection to arushi and her child, even though he is married and wont cheat on his wife, but still he wants to be the first person to see her baby. he wonders whats happening. The doctor comes and tells

them that she has good news, and arushi is completely out of danger now. She tells them that arushi has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. they are overjoyed. Meanwhile vibha comes inside arushi’s room as she lies asleep. Vibha is furious and distraught, as the nurse gets the twins out, and vihaan takes them both in his hands, while the mothers are overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions. They are teary eyed and take turns to see the baby. vibha thinks that she cant let him slip away from her hands, and knows what she has to do with it now, as the children may have come, but they wont stay here for long, and along with them, their mother shall not stay for long too, as she has to stay with vihaan herself. Vihaan says that he feels supremely happy to have held the children, even though they are arushi’s children, but still he feels some connection with them. They are all overwhelmed. Granny and others get inside, along with vihaan carrying the babies, while arushi lies overwhelmed on the bed, as she is happy to see their children in vihaan’s arms. He too then eyes arushi, and they get into a yet another, awkward, romantic eyelock, as others enjoy time with the babies. Arushi is very happy to see the entire family toegther once again, in the excitement and happiness of the babies. she remembers wanting her children to play in the arms of their father, which did materialise finally. granny kisses arushi on the forehead and blesses her. Vibha sees this from the window pane and is frustrated. she thinks that tonight she shall make this happiness the last for this family.

In the wee hours of the night, Vibha enters and finds arushi blissfully asleep, as she evilly eyes the screwdriver that she has brought with her, and thinks that she wishes to strangulate her right here right now, but she doesnt want to rot in jail, and spend the life with vihaan in his arms, and hence she wont kill her, but arushi shall have to die for her, due to what she did. She then goes to the bedside switch board and tampers with the wires of her bedside switch, short circuiting it. Vibha thinks that when arushi wakes up and presses the switch, she should get such a high voltage current, that she would die. She hears footsteps approaching, and the nurse telling soemone that the patient is sleeping, and the screwdriver slips on the floor in a hurry. Vibha is shocked and wonders who came at this time in the night. She is scared as she eyes the door open and vihaan and a tensed kasturi entering in. They come inside to find arushi sleeping peacefully, while vibha hides behind the green curtains kept for inspection. he offers to wake her up, but kasturi asks her to let be, as she needs rest. Kasturi says that she shall meet someother time, and asks him to take care of her. He asks her not to worry as he is taking full care of her. He is tensed as he talks to her. vibha hears this all tensedly. Kasturi then eyes both the kids lovingly, and walks out. vihaan stands tensedly. Meanwhile the switches starts fluctuating, and hopes that vihaan doesnt see the screwdriver and live wires, as then he would understand that someone deliberately tried to kill arushi and her plan shall fail.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
Jhanvi wonders what the pamphlet could mean and where’s girish. she finds the mobile ringing, and a call from an unknown number. she receives it, and finds that its girish. She asks him where is he. He says that he has very less time, and asks him to call the police and say that in their lane…and then before he can say any further, she hears his screams as if he is being beaten up. She wonders whats going on, as the phone gets disconnected. She thinks that she has called the police, as she comes in the lane, but why was girish so tensed and where is he. She wonders if there’s a bigger plan that she isnt able to understand nor solve the riddle. She finds an unattended suitcase, and then remembers karuna giving the same to girish to deliver it somewhere and wonders if its the same, and why is it lying here like this. She connects the dots together, as she relates karuna’s statements of the past with facts of the present. She notices a beggar child eyeing the suitcase leeringly, and progressing towards it, as she understands the bigger picture and is horrified. Just as he is about to touch it, she stops him. He is tensed. She informs tghe bomb squad, and when they arrive and the police gets to evacuating the area, jhanvi is shocked to find her worst fears being confirmed of karuna’s plan for an explosion. she wonders where girish got trapped. The squad finally successfully defuses the bomb.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Vihaan talks to arushi, as he sits by her bedside, saying that both arushi and her kids are safe, and she has been blessed with twins. vibha is angry. He says that she doesnt know that he is the happiest person right now, even if he doesnt know why, but he feels as if with her children, and with her, he has some past connection. Vibha is angry. he says that there’s something thats there which he cant point to, but he is very happy today due to her, as he gets emotional, eyeing her asleep. He then starts wondering why is he happy. He eyes arushi lovingly, as he caresses her hair, while she is asleep. vibha is distraught as she sees from hiding, that vihaan lowers his lips almost to kiss his forehead, feeling a strange, inexplicable connection to arushi. As he tries to get up, his locket and her mangalsutra intertwine, while he is surpeised, as he tries to take it off, oblivious of the live wire nearby, of high voltage. vibha keeps fuming irritably. suddenyl, arushi wakes up and finds vihaan bent on her, and he too looks back surprised. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Vihaan hurriedly starts giving a alcrification asking her not to doutb him, as he didnt have any wrong intentions, and that it isnt what it looks like. she says that she knows that as he wont do anything wrong ever. He eyes her surprised, while she is overwhelmed. Vibha pounds in disgust causing a noise, that alarms both of them. Arushi is boggled, while vihaan gets tensed, as he begins to approach the green curtains behind which vibha is hiding, scared that her game might be up.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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