Satrangi Sasural 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta goes through the hospital files, and wonders where shall they get the money to pay the bills. harpreet asks if she ashamed to be so callous, to talk about arrangement of money at this time. geeta asks whats wrong in this, as they have to stay practical. harpreet says that money isnt over life. They start squabbling yet again, and then geeta says that even if they starve themselves they wont be able to arrange the money. The phone rings, and its from the hospital, telling them that they cant keep her in the hospital, and they should come and take narmada away if they cant pay the bills. they are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Kiara’s residence
Vihaan appears for the interview and then tells that he has found

it dsifficult to get a job in the last four years. Grandpa says that he can see from his resume and that kyra too told about him. vihaan says that she must have only said wrong things. he says that he heard everything that kyra said and also what she didnt say. He says that his experience makes him see things easily. he hires vihaan and asks him to get on job from today. vihaan thanks him profusely, adding that he has helped him a lot. Grandpa for vihaan’s first day, assigns him a task, and then leaves him in the room, and goes to check out on something. Vihaan is shocked as he finds the safe completely open and the money and other valuables lying exposed. he is surprised. grandpa sees him from a distance, hoping that he doesnt fail this one. he hopes that he passes this test of his honesty. He remembers how much he needs money and how hard its for him. Grandpa keeps eyeing him for his reaction. vihaan takes the files and begins to eye them tensedly. grandpa comes and vihaan tells him that he cant be this callous as to keep his safe with money and valuables open like this, in front of everyone, as noone is trustworthy these days. he says that there are atleast ten servants in the house right now. grandpa says that he is proud of him, and that this was his test and he successfully passed it. he asks him to always keep up this work, and never hesitate to ask anything he needs. Vihaan thinks that its his first day today and he cant talk about a loan, and decides to wait for a few days. Grandpa asks whats he thinking. Vihaan says that its nothing.

Just then, he gets a call, and says that he shall come rightaway. he then tells grandpa that its an emergency and he has to go rightaway. grandpa heartily allows. Vihaan rushes out and collides into kyra, and she falls in his arms, as they awkwardly enter into an eyelock. She again starts reprimanding him, asking how can he come again, and asks him to leave or else she shall call security. grandpa comes and says that he is his personal accountant. she begins to fume, saying that he cant do this. vihaan says that he doesnt have time right now, as he has an emergency, and tomorrow he would report back at the sametime.In a hurry, he leaves the phone there only. in happiness, grandpa again gifts her money, and she is super happy. just then, kiara and grandpa find vihaan’s phone rining, and she receives it, after he assures her that it isnt a bomb threat, as she presumes it to be. She gets to know that its from his children’s school, calling him to ask him to come and pick up the kids, since he presumably forgot, and the children are waiting for a longtime, and everyone else has gone. she asks the location of the school and then cancels it. she wonders how to inform him, and then says that now she herself would have to go and pick up the kids. he says that her nature always forces her to do good. she thinks that she would meet the lovable child too. She leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Granny asks narmada not to be tensed, as the money would be arranged somehow by vihaan and she shall get better. Narmada is not sure that vihaan would be able to get the money. harpreet begs the doctor to show mercy as she would die otherwise. he says that they can keep her for another two days, but she is herself insisting on going back home. vihaan comes in saying that this cant be, as the entire cost shall be managed somehow. He asks the doctor to go ahead with the treatment. when the doctor leaves, vihaan tells him about his job, and how they shall soon manage the entire expenses. But narmada insists that this is futile. He says that he cant bear another loss after arushi, and shall break down and then assures that everything shall be managed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arhaan’s school
Kyra comes to pick the kids up, and then talks to the teacher, who allows her to take the kids, when arhaan says that he knows her. arhaan introduces her to his sister as their mother. The kids are super excited. Kyra thinks that they are so cute, and in dire need of a mother, very different from their obnoxious dad. She says that she shall drop them home. she gets them on her scooty and they drive off. They like her, and decide not to tell this to Vihaan.

Scene 4:
Location: Kyra’s residence
Later, bebo comes in the room, where the safe is, and is surprised to see the safe wide open. she wonders where he went. She evilly thinks that grandpa’s forgetful nature helps her a lot. she eyes a blue velvet case containing an expensive stone inside. she eyes it amused and then keeps it in her hand, and places the case back in the safe. She turns around and is shocked to find grandpa staring at her. she is tensed. he comes upto her, while she stands scared, and then slaps her tight across the face. unable to believe her fraud. He asks if she isnt ashamed that she is stealing. he says that he cant believe that bebo can steal, the lady who has been serving for 20 years and who kyra considers a mother, and decdies to call the police. She is shocked, and then snatches the phone from him, while he is surprised, as she bangs it by breaking it on the floor. He eyes her angrily, and she glares back saying that the police shall know when he is alive. she starts to evilly progress towards him, while he keeps asking her to retreat, retreating himself. he hollers for help. While gasping for breath, grandpa hurries up the stairs, and bebo rushes after him. she finally corners him against the pillar. Grandpa says that he couldnt even imagine that he had been keeping a betrayer all along. she turns to him and callously says that atleast now he knows, and refers to him with the slang of an old man. She says that she wont spare him now. he clings to the side of the stairs, while she mercilessly pushes him down the stairs, and he goes down rolling and falls unconscious at the last stair, while she eyes him evilly, to see blood gushing out his head. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra comes distraught to the hospital and asks bebo how is grandpa and that she wants to meet him right now. Vihaan stands tensed too. bebo says that she cant meet him right now. She rushes inside to find grandpa on the floor. she rushes to him, in uncontrollable tears, asking him to get okay as she cant let anything happen to him, since she cant even imagine to live without him support. he barely manages to say that he doesnt have much time. he utters that vihaan shall be her support. she is surprised to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. When was arushi days we ppls never use to get satrangi sasural updates so fast like now we use to have to wait for year for the updates to come n now when the show is not worth it the bring the updates so quick

  2. I hate this new cast and new storyline. It ‘s not worth watching anymore. Should have kept Aarushi after killing Vibha off.

  3. How did they lose all their money n business? Vatsala company or was it industries??? Vibha died so who took their money n business away from them???

  4. This show is not worth watching anymore has lost it’s essence and my interest. Everything that happened was illogical ,loss of Main co lead, loss of their wealth and this new terrible cast and story. Writers have a lack of creativity nor the ability to carry a plot out to captivate the viewers consistently. The show is awful now.

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