Satrangi Sasural 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta and granny are super pleased to see the delicious meal that kyra has put up, especially keeping in mind the kids’ desires. Aru and arhaan come with mili, with narmada and harpreet after them. Aru says that she doesnt wish to eat, nor is she angry. kyra asks why. She responds that mini gave her burger. geeta asks why they wasted money, when they had so much stuff at home. Granny says that its not a question of money, but the children shouldnt get habituated to junk food. Mili apologises, but narmada says that its okay once in a while, as she too is like their mother. Kyra is surprised. harpreet continues to taunt kyra indirectly, using mili. granny asks her not to divert the topic, but to make the kids understand whats right

and wrong. Geeta fumes. Narmada says that they arent wrong, and harpreet says that blood is after all related. aru and arhaan stand tensed. geeta asks her to stop talking nonsense. Mili asks them to come along and sleep, while kyra thinks that she cant let this happen and that she shall get her kids back. Vihaan comes in with a packet and shows them the OUIJA BOARD while all are boggled as to whats it. They sit in a circle around it, and then get to performing the ritual, while all eyes turn to kyra, who asks them all to hold each others’ hands. They comply, hesitant and boggled, extremely tensed. She asks them to close their eyes, and take a deep breath. they comply to that too. Then the winds start gushing and the lights flickering, causing them to be scared. They all leave hands to try and keep the candles alight. Kyra asks them to hold hands yet again, while they are tensed. But they comply still, and close their eyes. Kyra begs arushi to come now, and tell everyone whatever she wants to, as they shall put up questions, which she shall respond to. she requests her again, to get them to prove her existence with them. She says that they are restless to hear her talk, at which they all open their eyes. Kyra asks her to respond if she is with them, in affirmative or negative. they look around for a response. Kyra opens her eyes tensedly. But suddenly, the coin on the ouija board starts tracing the alphabets itself, and then goes and sticks to Yes, seeing which they are all overwhelmed and grief stricken, along with shocked too. They look around muttering her name. Kyra asks them to ask whatever they want to. Granny asks if she actually is here. The Ouija says yes, and they are shocked. Kyra says that they were told by her, that arushi’s soul needs salvation and if its a true or false. It goes to yes. They are apalled, to have kept her soul captive all these years. He too apologises crying bitterly into tears. All are emotional and teary eyed. Kyra asks arushi if she wishes to say something to him. The coin moves, and forms the words, MARRY while all wait anxiously to see what it means, and are shocked when they realise that she wants him to marry Kyra. He is thoroughly shocked and aghast, and stunned, as others look at him, emotionally too. The lights flicker yet again, and he winds start blowing and its extreme darkness. he says that he shall go and check, while they stay here. She asks if she can come along. he asks her to stay put with the mothers. he comes out to find the switch off from the fuse, and wonders who possibly could have done it. Vihaan rectifies the switch that went wrong, in the fusebox, and when he turns around, he is shocked to find aru bundled up in a corner on the roadside all alone, and extremely scared and frightened. he screams but she doesnt respond. Kyra comes and is shocked too. he asks aru how did she come here, and why is she so scared and crying. They are distraught when she doesnt respond at all. He tries to get her to speak, while kyra notices the same ghostly red dupatta lying on the floor, beside aru and is shocked.

As vihaan and kyra take her inside, All are concerned as aru is crying incessantly, without any logical explanation. Kyra asks vihaan to stop, and says that she shall try talking. she tries to come close. But aru gets scared and hugs narmada all the more tight, while all are boggled by this reaction. she flinches at kyra’s slightests touch. Narmada asks kyra not to come closer, and then asks granny to see what this means. She says that children get the instinctive vibes, and that she is scared of kyra. Mili eyes them weirdly. kyra stands tensedly. all the others are worried too. Harpreet too emphasises and asks them to understand. granny and vihaan are frustrated. Kyra says that she knows aru is scared but id eosnt mean its due to her, and they are not being fair to her at all. narmada asks her to let be, and asks mili to put her to bed. Mili calls aru and she rushes to her, and then mili eyes narmada tensedly. she leaves with aru, while all are boggled. he leaves from there frustratedly. Narmada taunts if they saw the differnece between maternal aunt, and stepmother. granny is frustrated saying that she doesnt have a clue as to whats going on. harpreet points out that kyra is doing black magic, to ruin them and is merely distracting them. Narmada begs granny to let this girl go, as Arushi shall be tortured, till she is in the house. granny and geeta beg her to stop. Kyra is apalled.

In his room, while kyra is working on the laptop, vihaan enters. Kyra shows him her research on child psychology, adding that the way aru is scared, it depicts that she saw something dangerous. he is boggled. She says that they should take her to the counsellor, as she feels someone from the house is behind this. he asks her to stop it, as he has had enough of this nonsense everyday, while she is shocked at his behaviour. He says that he cant see his family and his children in pain anymore. she asks if he believes that she is behind this, and if she isnt his family. he asks her not to misinterpret as he didnt mean that, but aru is a small kid. she says that she too speaks for her benefit. He leaves out of the room. She is tensed. She hopes that someone had understood her emotions, and even if she is a stepmother, she is a mom too.

The next morning, kyra, geeta and granny are tensed, as aru is inside talking to the psychological counsellor. Geeta is tensed that its taking too long, as she is getting worried for aru, who hasnt spoken at all since last night. Kyra says that she knows her child is worried, but the doctors shall udnerstand her better, and they might tell why the children are scared of her, and she would do everything it takes to solve this, with the doctors’ help. As the doctor comes out, she tells them, that aru didnt speak at all. She asks them not to force aru at all, and that if she cant speak, then she can tell them what she saw through a painting. She says that she can draw and tell them what she made, and hence she left some blank sheets and colours so that it might help. She leaves. All are tensed.

Inside, as aru is drawing, the same red dupatta clad woman comes and snatches the drawing book away from her. Aru starts getting scared. the screen freezes on aru’s scared and crying face.

Precap: The women drag kyra out of her house, and onto the streets, proclaiming that she is a Daayan and throw her on the road. she falls in vihaan’s arms, distraught and apalled. The women ask him to go as she is a Daayan and shall kill him too. He shuts them and asks them not to even dare cast aspersions or implicate kyra in any way, as whataver is happening isnt kyra’s fault, and they should not as much as dare to touch his wife, or else he would break their limbs, even if its his own family. Narmada and harpreet are shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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