Satrangi Sasural 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka confess that she was driving the car that day, it shocked the family, the lawyer accuse both aaru n priyanka now, as aaru has hidden the fact n its a crime, judge announce custody forboth but at last moment vibha aarives with vihaan, she request judge tolether say what she wants.

Vibha confess that they dnt hit her, she purposefully jump in front of their car to commit suicide n it was her hubby n step mother who provoke her to commit suicide as they are having affair, judge listen to all facts n free aaru n priyanka from all charges n orders to arrest rani n vibha’s hubby.

Kasturi slap rani n scolds her for spoiling the image of mother/step mother, their vibha’s hubby again attack her in court, police handles him n takes him away.

Dadi ask vibha to come with them as she needs care, she denies but they insist, allleaves, aaru n vihu left, they hug n aaru shares her heart that she was scared but vihu says that now everything is fine.

Next day, every1 is happy, they were happily talking, next scene, mini is in yoga class of her friend, other students starts gossiping about them, mini hear it n dnt like it.

Precap: Priyanka gives resignation letter to dadi

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. Useless update

  2. see what I mean when I am trying to speak the truth about these serial and others who do not know better gets offended now look at it vibha threw herself in front of priankas care to commit suicide now this is not a good message at all and that is because vibas step mother was having an affair with her husband so lets look at it this way when something bad happens to you in life and you cannot take is this what you do commit suicide no there are other ways of dealing with the situation I know some people are weak in mind and spirit but in a case like that turn to your father and pray he will sustain you but this is what I cannot handle with these serials there is always evil in them and when the youngsters see this they would think that it is right to take their life in a bad situation too much violence in these serials why can’t these writers give us some happy worthy watching serials

    1. I agree

    2. Car not care just a little correction

    3. Keen Observer I understands what you are saying but when the story is studied on a different level ,doesn’t this happen in real life.Ok then ,some people handles their emotional stress in different ways and this is why they end up doing foolish things.This woman get to the front of the car because of emotional abuse from home ,she thought it was the best thing to do is end her life.Not every one will do thi but the writers are trying to show us why abuse takes some people to this level.What you should do now try to give some good advice to viewers and commenters whoare in this same situation how to get out without trying to harm thmselves.You should stop attacking the writers all the time ,ever day and saying negative things.Try to write positive comments that can sway peoples mind from harming themselves.You may get angry with me also but this is a positive comment to you.ABUSE cannot be solved with negativity ,it needs words of encouragement.

  3. I always have to refer to bhandan that was my favourite it started off sooooooooooo well a cute little girl her pregnant mother and her father who was a forest ranger in charge of the forest and the animals her mother lost the baby and so at that time they got the elephant to replace the baby brother and so the story began so sweet then all of a sudden these writers decided instead of having a nice family serial they brought in all sorts of evil killing poisoning witchcraft etc, the father was framed up to now name was not cleared he lost his property and every thing including his job his wife his own life one after the other and to add more to it his young daughter suffered a lot too and was tortured by the criminals son to make a long story short this serial did not end well and so I say these writers messed it up with all the evil and criminal activities that they brought into the serial so that is why I speak out and others who I have to say do not know better is offended

  4. thank u Shania you are at least one of the intelligent ones so you know where I am coming from

    1. Look Miss Gloria Keillor aka Keen Observer…… U come here and talk one pack ah crap….if u want d writers to do a storyline how u want it…. That serial ain’t lasting 3 f**kin weeks… Get real…… It’s just a show…..

      1. Trini both of you are from the same culture so lift your flag high with posite words and not swear words.You are alsoright for making your comments.Let us move on to good things said.

    2. Keen Observer what do you mean that others who do not agree with you are not intelligent.Please .I do not agree with everything you said but that does not mean I am not intelligent.I hold a Doctorate and an experienced person in what ever I do so please do not go there. A lot of people will be offende by this remark .Do not do that .This is not nice.You have the right to comment but do not attack peoples intelligence unless some one say this to you in person then direct that comment to that person and not to others.

  5. sorry rini but everything you said in your reply refer to you how sad what language

    1. Keen observer you do use derrogative languages also.Stop and be positve.

  6. farida uttan

    Disgusting for women to use such vulgar language – At least respect yourselves if not others

  7. thank you for your correction car but you know what I meant LOL

  8. Keen observer I am sorry to said that but this is just a show nothing else so if u do not like it stop watching it is simple

  9. gazimohdshafi

    well said fatou

  10. Thank u gazimohdshafi

  11. writers update please

  12. you know what I think each individual has his or her own concept of things so lets leave it that way

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