Satrangi Sasural 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence and Mumbai
All mothers are shocked, as she never lies. granny tries her number but its switched off. harpreet tries and gets the same response. All are tensed and boggled.

meanwhile, arushi arrives in mumbai and meets the police, who directly shows her the live footage of that day in the mall. She along with manohar surf through the CCTV, and finally she spots Vihaan in one of the shops, as she finds that its a live footage. But manohar isnt able to spot, but before he knows, arushi rushes out, without caring about her delicate condition. She asks for directions, and then heads straight towards the shop, while manohar makes a mad dash after her. Arushi rushes through the mall, to find vihaan’s clue, and then stops for a minute

to take some rest. as she casts her eyes at the glass panel opposite to the lift, she finds vihaan standing inside, with a lost look in his eyes. she is overwhelmed to finally see him, but to her horror, the lift closes. she rushes through the elevator, to reach to the lift, and then missing it, she rushes and catches on the other lift. she pants exhausted at running, but runs her eyes everywhere to see where is he. She finds him walking on the other side, and rushes blindly. manohar follows. With great difficulty, arushi screams out vihaan’s name, and rushes, but the distance is too much. she goes on the elevator, in a bid to not lose him. she starts getting idzzy from the stress, but keeps her composure, wondering where he went. Manohar comes to her, telling that mothers are calling as they know that she is in mumbai and wants to talk to her. she takes the call. Granny asks what nonsense is this, to go like this, and asks her to come back straightaway. mini reprimands her, while arushi claims that she saw vihaan at the mall, which shocks them all. She is then asked to give the phone to manohar, when when asked denies that he saw. they get disappointed, and ask her to get arushi home. Arushi snatches the phone and asks them to believe her. Mini says that if who he saw was vihaan, he would have contacted. arushi is hopeful that she definitely saw him, and he must have been trying to contact them. just then, the police too come and tell her that who she saw wasnt vihaan, as they verified. arushi says that her eyes cant be fooled, and it was vihaan. the police tries to convince her. The mothers hear this online, and plead arushi to come back, as they would send pics in the newspapers tomorrow. The polcie says that they shall contact other police stations too. Arushi is coaxed by everyone, to come back. Arushi says that the flight is in sometime, and continues assuring that it was vihaan, and once he sees the papers tomorrow, he would contact and come back, as their child shall want to see both his parents, and their child, her ray of hope shall bring their vihaan back, and that her hope shall win. She cancels the call. granny says that they have to be hopeful for arushi. geeta is hopeful too, but doubts as to why he didnt come back. granny says that they need to do this for arushi, whose only hope for survival shouldnt be termed as foolishness, as this is what sustains arushi through this, and decide together that they shall support arushi in this. they comply.

In the evening, arushi comes, and all the mothers are concerned of her and hger child’s health. she is made to sit down, while manohar is severely reprimanded, as he stands with his head hung low. arushi clarifies that it was her fault, and they shouldnt scold manohar. she says that she shouldnt have gone, but the facts forced her. shje again repeats that she saw their own vihaan. They are tensed. geeta says that they believe her, and hence have given big ads for the next day, and are hopeful that he would return back to them. Granny asks her to rest, as they have prepared for the godhbharaai ceremony too. geeta insists to leave her, but arushi says that she shall manage herself. She leaves. granny prays to the lrod not to let arushi’s hope shatter as this hope is what keeps her alive and them too.

Scene 2:
Location: In a house in Mumbai
Vihaan actually is alive and enters in a house, as he sits lost and distraught. he lies down desolate, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Scene 3:
Location: Girish and arushi’s residence
In the stormy weather, kasturi gets two glasses of milk to mili, asking her to drink and give one to jhanvi. Mili takes the glasses and goes up. She gets arushi’s call, and severely reprimands her for her carelessness. Just then, kasturi as well as arushi on the line, overhears mili screaming for her to come. kasturi rushes, and then finds jhanvi in severe pain, saying that probably her time has come. Arushi is overjoyed but kasturi is tensed, as its very stormy outside, and the doctor wont come. Arushi gets tensed. dadaji comes in tensedly, and then rushes out to get an auto. Sh calms down jhanvi asking her not to bother, and takes her down carefully. Outside, dadaji gets to know that all roads are blocked. Mili is tensed to see jahnvi’s pain. kasturi assures that auto shall come soon. but dadaji comes and says that no auto is ready in this wweather. jhanvi’s condition continues deteriorating, and she is writhing in pain. arushi is distressed. Kasturi panics and asks arushi if she heard and says that she doesnt know what to do. arushi asks hernot to be tensed, and put the phone on speaker mode. Kasturi complies, boggled, and then speaks to jhanvi not to panic, and asks her to take long breaths. She also asks mili to not be scared. she tells kasturi that deliveries happened even without hospitals earlier and assures that they shall get through this. Arushi says that she is cancelling the call, and shall talk to her family doctor and then talk. She asks them to keep the number freee. they wait. Kasturi holds jhanvi’s hand through this pain, and caresses her asking her not to be scared as she is right here. its an emotional moment of bonding for a mother in law and a daughter in law. jhanvi is overwhelmed. Arushi rushes down, and asks mini for her phone, explaining what happened. she tries the doctor’s number, and explains the situation to the doctor. She understands the whole thing, and then talks to kasturi, asking her to put the phone on speaker mode. Kasturi asks arushi if she heard and asks what to do. she asks kasturi to get hot water and towels and napkins ready, while dadaji gets to it. she also tells that the doctor stays nearby, and shall come soon. Kasturi is relieved. arushi says that she had a talk with her doctor and then asks her to follow the exact instructions that she gives now. she tells kasturi that she shall have to deliver, while she is shocked. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: As all prepare for the godhbharaai ceremony, mini turns around and finds vihaan standing outside the main gate, baffled and lost, aimlessly wandering. She screams out his name. hearing this, granny and others turn around and are shocked. vihaan stands boggled and surprised too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    And what up with this vihaan he lose his memory or what cuz if he didnt then he would done gone home long time being with arushi in this situation……and is vibha with him cus since he missing she is no where to be seen and not of them is not saying any things about her sometime these tv show does have unclue puzzle wait to be solve and sometime it don’t get solve it left like that

  3. Arushi is useless she wants to go and have a miscarriage den she will start cryin hw can she be runnin in dis condition

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