Satrangi Sasural 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The kids start their dumbcharades, and vihaan remembers his last song with arushi, Jeena Yaha, marna yahaan, and gets highly emotional. the fake vihaan tensedly eyes mili, not having a clue about it. Mili uses to magic to find out, the song, and presumes that since it was arushi’s fav song, it must be vihaan’s fav song too. She uses the magic to convey the song to the jinn, fake vihaan, and he speaks up saying that he guessed, shocking kyra, the real vihaan and granny. mili smioles. he starts singing, shocking them all. The kids are happy. The real vihaan lunges at this throat, and then asks him who is he, while others are ostracised and then asks the fake one, not to utter another word. They enter into a scuffle. Mili eyes the

taveez, and then understands that this is what kyra uses to differentiate between the two. She is determined to take it off. kyra asks him to stop it, and takes him from there. granny and others are tensed. mili continues to ask if they still think that she is a liar, and asks what should she do, to prove herself. The mothers hating kyra, agree that this is their vihaan, and the kids too accept him as their father. Granny, geeta and nilima are tensed. granny says that she has the faith, that he wont let any injustice happen to the kids, mothers and vihaan’s wife.

Later, as kyra and the sardaar talk to the real vihaan, they ask him to calm down, and not mess up their plan, by behaving emotionally irrational. he says that he wont be able to do it, as he doesnt want to give any test, and that he neednt prove anything to anyone, and that he shall throw mili out with the other one. The devi maa asks him not to get emotional, and aggressive. she assures him that everything shall be alright. she notices that he doesnt have the taveez and asks where is it. he frantically searches for it, but doesnt find it, and eyes her boggled. She says that this means he isnt the real vihaan. vihaan is apalled. kyra is thoroughly boggled. he asks how can she doubt her, after so much, as mili can do anything, and that he is her vihaan. kyra is apalled.

Outside, while all play with the kids, and the fake vihaan and mili, kyra comes and checks the taveez and to her shock, she finds it on the fake vihaan. she asks him how he got the taveez. he asks what does she mean, as she only gave this one to him. the mothers are boggled. kyra says that he is lying, and then says that mili did all this. the actual vihaan stands tensed. Kyra tells what happened, and he asks how is this possible when mili didnt even know that he has one. Vihaan, the real one, too says that mili did this. kyra then turns to granny, and asks her to find a way, to know the real vihaan. granny says that now there is only one way, that the children shall tell who their father is. All are tensed. Granny says that kyra shall give a test now. Kyra asks what to do. granny says that she shall tell. all are boggled and confused. later, narmada asks granny whats kyra planning to do, and granny says that she cant tell anyone. narmada says that they have the right to know, being vihaan’s mother. Granny says that she shouldnt feel bad, and should wait for it to happen. She says that this is between vihaan and kyra, and this is the final test. Mili hears them from a distance, and decides that she has to alert the fake vihaan, as there is something cooking in granny’s head, that might cause trouble to her, and it shall be better if she gets rid of granny altogether. She then goes in her room, and tries to find the fake vihaan, and not finding him, she tries to go out, when granny comes and confronts her. She gets tensed, and then asks her whats the matter and why is she eyeing her like this. Granny slaps her tight across her face. Granny tells mili that now she wont be able to use her magic anymore, as she wont let it ahppen. mili gets enraged and uses slang and asks her how dare she. Mili gags and suffocates her, saying that now she is gone. granny finally goes unconscious, while she muffles her screams even. She eyes granny viciously.

outside, kyra tries to find granny, and is about to enter, when mili comes out and is worried to find kyra coming in and stops her way. Kyra asks whats her problem. Mili says that she cant go inside. kyra forcibly goes in. Mili is frustrated that she went in. Kyra comes in to search fro granny, who is kept under the bed. she doesnt find her there and leaves. She comes out searching for granny, when nilima comes and asks whats the matter, as granny must have gone in the neighbourhood. kyra says that she never goes without telling. Kyra says that she was going to tell about the tests and what could be more imp than this. she is tensed while nilima assures her not to overthink. meanwhile, mili hears them from a distance and then thinks that they shall never be able to find granny now. kyra is distraught wondering what to do, as she isnt able to guess her vihaan, which is impossible. she eyes one wearing the blue shirt, playing with arhaan. he comes to her, and asks her not to be tensed, as he knows what she must be going through, but she cant doubt herself, as she wont be able to move ahead then. He says that they have to finish this game altogether now. She stops him, when he tries to come close. He is aghast. she is apalled, and says that she apologises for not being able to trust him, but till she doesnt have solid evidence, she cant trust anyone. He asks her not to bother, as today he shall expose the fake vihaan at any cost, and after that, they can live happily as before. he leaves without saying a word. Kyra wonders what was granny’s test, and hopes that she returns back soon.

Meanwhile, granny wakes up, distraught at what mili did, and is still unable to believe. Granny says that she shall have to tell everyone, as all are in danger. she is shocked to find mili in front of her, asking her whats it, and if she is going to tell everyone what mili did to her, and then asks her to go, but noone shall believe her, and it shall be joint, and then asks who shall make the final call. Mili says that noone but she herself knows the truth between the real and the fake vihaan, and if she tries to expose her, then she shall kill the true vihaan. granny is apalled, and then asks how can she do this, as she is arushi’s sister. Mili asks her not to take arushi’s name, and asks her to comply to whatever she says, as only then, she shall be happy, along with her family. granny silently complies.

In the kitchen, nilima finds kyra tensed, and asks her to calm down. kyra meanwhile is highly tensed about granny. nilima finds granny at the door, and tells to kyra. Kyra hurriedly asks where was she. granny says that she wasnt feeling well. she then asks about the test. granny says that she doesnt wish to say anything. Kyra asks if she is okay. Granny signals to her, and says that she is going out, and maybe her suffocation inside shall subside. kyra understands her signal and goes out.

meanwhile, the actual vihaan overhears the fake vihaan and mili’s conversation, that they have to be alert, as granny only knows how to find out who the real one is and that she shall never open her mouth before kyra again. She adds that she knows kyra, and she isnt the type who shall sit idle, and might be planning something to get to the truth. She says that she cant take any risk tonight, as today is amasvasya, and he becomes very weak, and hence they cant take any risk, and they cant stay here, but be with mayavini maa, and the minute they find time, they shall leave. The real vihaan thinks that he has to work tonight only, and that he shall end this game permanently tonight.

Later, at the night, vihaan stealthily follows the jinn and mili secretly stepping out, and then eyes them going. meanwhile, kyra comes in to the room, remembering granny’s words, who thanks her for understanding her signal, to talk to her outside, as mili was mistaken that she would scare and granny would actually get scared. she tells kyra, about vihaan’s mark, on the lower back side, and that cant be on the Jinn, and thats something that only she can see, being his wife, and hence she would have to find out and tell her about the truth of the actual vihaan. kyra asks how can she. Granny says that she knows the task is difficult, but only she can do it. Kyra thinks that she shall have to do the work assigned and go close to vihaan. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As jinn and mili go ahead, vihaan secretly and stealthily follows them, and then takes out the holy trishul, and makes a mad dash for the fake vihaan. he lunges him around. Mili is amused, while vihaan is shocked to see that its someone else, and not the fake vihaan.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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      today’s episode shall be updated in sometime…..pleasebe patient…!!!!!

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    I never expected for Hindi serials to be so completely absurd n foolish

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