Satrangi Sasural 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and on the road
Vihaan dials the number kyra got from mili’s cell, but it doesnt get through. he excuses himself to find from his friend, the location of the cell phone. Kyra notices a white dupatta sticking out from under the curtains, and hesitantly approaches it, but before she can see, vihaan comes and tells that its in cannaught place, and he is leaving to check. After he leaves, she turns to find the white pice gone, and wonders who it was. she wonders if it was mili, who heard their entire plan. she is frustrated as she sees a shadow by the window, and rushes afterit. she finds mili going out of the house, with a bag, and rushes after her.

Meanwhile vihaan arrives at the area where the signal is coming from, but finds

that its isolated building. he calls his friend to confirm, when a stranger in a hodded shirt, comes and gives him a chit, and leaves. It reads that he got the lesson of trying to be too pokey, and challenges him to try and sdave kyra from doing now, as she is already folloiwng her on her way. he is distraught that this was mili’s booty trap, and calls up kyra to inform, but granny picks up saying, tat she left sometime back. he is distraught and goes to find kyra.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Mili notices kyra following her auto. on her scooty, and smiles viciously. she thinks that kyra would have been dead long back, had she not been stripped of her powers for 24 hours. she then eyes a silver ball kept with her, and then throws it on the ground in kyra’s way. A smoke emanates from the ball, as it engulfs kyra, and her visibility turns to zero. Mili bids kyra goodbye, as she screams out, in despair. Mili moves on.

Scene 3:
Location: Sonapatthi
Mili enters the shady house, of the mysterious woman, who says that she knew she would come, and asks her to gin the other room. she hesitantly entrs to find a slab of ice, and is shocked. but she sits on it nevertheless, and does her chants. then she comes out, and is made to touch red hot iron rod, so as to overcome her fears, that weaken her powers. she does it scared, but laughs when she wins over her fears. then she is made to do the final ritual, as a hunter appears, and then mili with great guts, starts beating herself with the whiplash severely.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Vihaan finds kyra on the road, after much searching. he tries to seek help but in vain. then he warms her up with his own blanket finding her trembling with high fever. he then takes her from there, as she gets semi-dazed and unconscious, and whilehe doesnt get an ambulance or a hospital nearby, he takes her to a shed closeby, wherein the caretaker comes and tells him that they shouldnt have come here, mysteriously and then leaves. meanwhile, he tries hard to get kyra warm, but in vain. as the last option, he takes off his shirt and leans over her, to give her his body warmth, to rise up her temperature. the screen freezes on kyra’s and mili;s faces.

Precap: Mili tells granny that if anything happens to vihaan, its on her. the others are tensed. Meanwhile, kyra wakes up and asks the caretaker where is the person who got her here last night. He says that the person just went on the highway. She rushes in and hitchhikes a truck toget a ride. She gets a call about a certain location. When she reaches there, she is shocked to find vihaan, unconscious on the road, with a severe head injury, surrounded by strangers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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