Satrangi Sasural 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
vasundhara is alar med as kyra announces their arrival. She then gets an idea. kyra greets them all, and gets them in, when the lights suddenly go off, and are boggled that only their house is dark. vasundhara smirks, having had the fuse in her hand. they surf through the darkness, and then find the fuse and fix it back. As the lights come back on, kyra finds her gone. She wonders where she went. just then, she gets vasundhara’s call, and asks her where she went. vasundhara apologises and says that the work was really urgent, and hence she left, and immediately apologises, citing some excuse, and then cancels the call. kyra tensedly complies. then she gets to preparations for the anniversary.

Outside, vihaan walks in alone, as

to how they were unnecessarily fussing over him, and his mild nervousness, whereas she is absolutely fine. As he comes in the dark, geeta blindfolds him from behind, and asks him to stand, as he is boggled. kyra comes and shushes him, and wishes him a happy anniversary, with a cake, as she opens his blindfold. he is emotionally overwhelmed at this gesture. Just before they can seal in their love with an intimate kiss, the lights come back on, and all the mothers congratulate them on their anniversary. then they happily cut the cake together, and feed each other. they then inform the couple as to how they have planned a susprise. they are boggled. they mare made to sit down. As harpreet and geeta enact out vihaan and kyra’s love story, they both reminiesce their moments together. the whole family rejoices, and are throughly amused, when they also depict her pregnancy having four kids, and finally as they grow old together. Vihaan and kyra get emotionally overwhelmed to see each other. the entire family gets emotional. they place vihaan’s hand in kyra’s.

Kyra is taken with eyes closed, inside her room, which is laden with pics of children, and toys, that thrill kyra to the core when she sees it. she hugs him, loving the surprise. She says that she loves it, and then asks if he wont forget her, after having the baby. he makes her sit down. Vihaan tells kyra that she is her heartbeat and children, his lifeline, and if anything happens to either of them, then he shall stop living. kyra shushes him, and asks him to never say so again. he says that this is the truth, as they wont be able to live without her. he then gives her another surprise, as she closes her eyes. When she opens, she finds a locket for her, with a heart shaped pendant, which when opened, has his and her pics inside, and asks her to always keep this close to her heart, and remember her whenever needed. they hug each other lovingly.

Outside, nilima tells others that they should send the happy couple out for three days, as after three days its his birthday, and hence they can go out for that time. geeta hears tensedly. nilima then talks about how this is important for their relationship, as they wont get time, when they have the baby. narmada says that the idea is perfect, but they should wait, till granny comes back. But nilima insists. harpreet decides that they shall go.

The next morning, geeta and harpreet get into arguements about proper running of the house. nilima and harpreet intervene. geeta retaliates at them too and advises them too. harpreet gets frustrated and says that instead of her, geeta only should run the house, if she is so efficient. they try to take geeta and harpreet away, but harpreet gives the purse to them. they notice that its empty. They are all shocked, wondering whether, the money was stolen. Kyra and vihaan come out, and asks whats the matter. Narmada distracts them all, and gives another excuse. kyra says that harpreet has handled the house really well.

Scene 2:
Location: Unknown ashram
Granny expresses as to how she is tensed that she forgot vihaan’s kundali, and its small things like these, that point out that there is something wrong. She asks him to find out, about the son, by narmada’s kundali. the kulguru tells her that nothing is inevitable and that there are certain things that she shall have to face. granny says that she has kept her secret for so long, and is scared that it shouldnt come out. he says that she might keep it a secret from others, but she is being eaten up inside, and for that to be releived, she would have to confront her secret, by going back to that place. An aghast granny says that she cant, as she hasnt been there in years. He says that she would have to go back there. she says that she closed the doors to that house long years back, and hasnt even imagined to go back there. he says that if she wishes to find the solution, then she shall have to go. she says that its nothing there, and that vihaan’s kundali was with her only, then what would she find in that house. he asks what is the guarantee that the kundali is actually vihaan’s. she is aghast to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Vasundhara’s residence
Meanwhile, vasundhara comes back, and thinks that they can spend all the happiness that they can, as after today, they wont get another chance, and tears their family pic, and crushes it, right in front of her husband, who is apalled. She reads something in the calndar, first a 2 and then scrolls down to 3, thinking that only three days remain.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s prior residence
Granny arrives at their previous residence. she is shaking and trembling, as she stands at the main doors. the screen freezes on her scared face.

Precap: Granny comes back and starts surfing inside, and finds a photo of sandeep with vasundhara, and herself, and thinks that she never wanted to come back, and didnt want to ever see this lady again in her life, as this is the lady, who is responsible for everything thats happening wrong with their family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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