Satrangi Sasural 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
priyanka says that its a list, that contains the names of all those people who shall exclusively work on this foreign tie-up. she says that she wants arushi to handle this department. All are thrilled including arushi. priyanka then adds that they shall have to be professional, and hence they would have to decide a team that is willing to push real hard, without any saturdays or sundays, to cover up for the time frame gap, and even working late nights, and asks arushi if she is ready. all wait for her answer. Vihaan tries to talk, but arushi accepts it. Priyanka says that she expected this. Vihaan sulks. Priyanka then delegates her daily duty of submitting the project report updation every day. priyanka then goes for the office. they are tensed

that the deadline and hard work starts today itself. harpreet asks arushi if she is okay. she excitedly responds in a yes. Arushi too rushes. harpreet notices vihaan sulken, and asks whats the matter. Granny says that arushi is happy, that priyanka is normal and not depressed as all expected her to be.

While seeing the pics, and discussing, granny, geeta and harpreet are tensed for priyanka’s behaviour with arushi recently, and decide to do something about it. Arushi comes and says that nothing needs to be done. Arushi says that she wants to win her heart genuinely, and shall be happy, when she gets to know that she finished her work before time, and shall herself give arushi a holiday. harpreet asks what does she need a holiday for. she is amused, and thinks that she cant tell them, as she wishes to surprise vihaan, by planning a long honeymoon package, as he did in a mini manner recently. Geeta asks why is she giggling to herself. Arushi gets conscious and distracts them and leaves. They are amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Dancercise Classes
Mini is takes to the dancercise classes, the instructor of which happens to the same arrogant fellow, who had an unpleasant meeting with mini. Mini says that she cant be a part of this. She is about to go out, when he walks in and collides with her. Mini’s friend introduces him as the instructor, and mini while shaking hands, remembers it as the same person, with the tattoo. Mini, in rage, slaps him tight across his face. All are shocked. She lashes at him for his misbehaviour. She begins to go out, when he stops her, asking for one chance to mend his way. She says that she isnt interested, and asks to be left alone. They get into a verbal scuffle. Her friend asks whats happening. She reprimands babita too. he says that this place isnt for people who cant appreciate. He then throws her an open challenge, asking her to imitate what a fatsop student of his can do, the one who mini mocked. The student gets into a vibrant dancing mode, wherein all enjoy, while mini is shocked. then its mini’s turn. she is speechless. He offers her seven free days trial for the classes, if she cant. she walks out ignoring him. Her friend notices that the instructor is interested in mini and talks about her.

Scene 3:
Location: Girish’s locality
The mysterious girl eyes the house, and then stealthily climbs up the back entry, when girish catches her, and hollers at her. she loses her balance and falls right in his arms, where an awkward eyelock follows. She then asks him to leave her. he complies. She falls on the ground. She reprimands him for that too. He asks why is she sneaking like this, and asks if she is a thief. She says that she forgot her bracelet here the last time. girish taunts her, and says that she wont find it. She gets to going, but he stops her asking what if he gets her bracelet. she asks what he wants in return, contact number, facebook id, and then the address, and accuses him of flirting. She is about to slap him, when he holds her hand midway. He then holds out the bracelet in the other hand, while she eyes him tensedly. He helps her wear it. She accuses him as a thief, and he asks if she doesnt know how to thank. She leaves, while he is amused.

When girish comes home late in the night, he finds himself confronted with dadaji, kasturi and mili. He wonders whats the matter. he then notices the same girl sitting there too. He immediately starts clarifying that the girl is lying. dadaji asks if he knows this girl. girish styarts fumbling. dadaji says that he got to nknow, that this girl was looking for a place to live. Kasturi takes them aside. She terlls them that they have had a bad experince of keeping a paying guest, and they ddont know anything about the girl, and hence cant decide, and finds it risky. dadaji thinks that she is innocent, and wonders where shall she go. He talks about how she has been thrown out by her parents and wantss to be self dependant, and he finds arushi in her and her thinking, and hence they should keep hr. But girish sides with kasturi, saying that they cant keep any stranger. dadaji asks where shall she go. girish is adamant and careless about the girl’s plight. Kasturi howevere shifts hert opinion, and says that they should keep her. girish is happy from the inside, but pretends that if they think its okay, then he shall comply. they find her playing with mili, and are happy.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and office
harpreet, geeta and granny are amused to find Mini trying to dancercise in the garden. she then notices them amused, while they ask her whats she trying to do. she says that she is exercising. Geeta says that it looks dancing. harpreet remembers that its dancercise, and then shows the relevant ad in the newspaper and asks mini to join the classes, the same ones that she just came out of in a huff, angrily. she coaxes mini to join, and she gets furious and slams the paper. Mini says that she shall never join this class. They are tensed to see her so angry.

While working very hectic in the office, arushi gets geeta’s call, asking her to perform some puja, early in the morning, for vat savitri. She is tensed. She wonders that she also has a to place an early morning video call, to the foreign tieup too, and a meeting. She wonders how she shall manage both. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: While vihaaan is dosing off, and is barely awake, priyanka hollers at him, in the office, that she doesnt think arushi would rteach in time. meanwhile at the temple, arushi talks on the phone, that in five minutes she shall be there. she then asks her assistant, how much more time shall the priest take, and gets to know that it shall take a minimum 15 minutes. Arushi says thats not possible as the client wants to have a meeting in five minutes. Her assistant asks what shall they do now. She is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. personally speaking this prianka shit is going on tooooooooooo long she is finding everything for arushi to do in order to cause confusion between arushi and Vihaan prianka is very wicked’ why is she doing this to arushi and it is about time granny and the others do something

  2. Simple – tell her to get a life and stop being frustrated with herself. Everything in life is brough on by your own doings – if she stopped being so miserable maybe she will find happiness in herself and others.

  3. I think Mini ma will begin to date soon.I wish she willopen up her heart and give him a chance.If she does and finds love againthen it will be sill Priyanka alone to fight her stupid vendatta against Arushi.Arushi’s mother and the rest of relative are trying to help themselves without Vihaan help.The story is coming to life now even though it is slow.Like it.

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