Satrangi Sasural 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As vibha serves everyone dishes, they are surprised to find a particular dish, that vihaan loves, and says that he would like to have ti every single day, and wonders why hasnt he had in so many years, while all mothers are tensed at its mention even. Narmada leaves inside particularly upset. granny goes after her. She tells narmada that she understands her reasons, as her husband loved this veggie, and she would never want vihaan to emulate anything at all about his father. Vihaan however hears this and gets very angry. they are tensed. he goes to the kitchen and throws the entire dish away. All are scared. When arushi tries to make him understand and calm down, he fires rudely back at her too. she stays silent, and all the mothers too watch


Later, when vihaan has cooled down and is normal, he realises that arushi is angry at him. she gives him the silent treatment, saying that she shall not talk to him, through chits. Vihaan says that he shall have to find a different way and takes her out. there he apologises to her in front of everyone for the rude way that he behaved earlier in the day. Arushi is embarassed abd rushes inside. The mothers reprimand vihaan for being so careless. Vibha gets into a self victimisation mode, apologising for causing such trouble. Vihaan asks her to relax as she had no clue about the incident. Vihaan is forgiven by his mothers too. he is worried if arushi forgave him or not. he leaves. all others disperse. Vibha smiles to herself, and then touches the land where his feet lay, hoping that every girl gets a husband like him.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Jhanvi takes an appoitment with the gynae, and tells her how she is an unwed mother, who ran away from them. She is ll very concerned, and the doctor assures her that abortion is an option.. An onlooker sees her and identifies it as the girl whose paremnts have kept an award on her search. He is determiend to abduct her. Meanwhile, at kasturi’s place, girish and his family are super tensed as to wehere is jhanvi. mili comes and says that she saw her going outside. girish tells everyone that he shall go and check on her. When he finally reaches there, he finds her gone. He enquires and gets to know that she went qwith the ward boy here. finally girish traces Jhanvi at an old warehouse, where she is kept captive. He rescues her, and he hollers at her for being so careless, when they planned a special birthday surprise for her. she also talks to kasturi but doesnt tell her about her recent trauma. Girish asks why, and she says that she doesnt want to trouble her for no reason. She gbegins to go, and he holds her back, by the hand wishing her a happy birthday. she doesnt respond.

Scene 3:
location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan goes back to his room, only to crib more about how it isnt possible. But arushi is adamnatly still not talking to him. They keep passing some chits, after which to shut up, Arushi finally sends something. he gets super furious at having received a blank chit. But he still sends a message that she should wake him up at six o clock, and she too responds back okay. they both lie down on the opposite sides of the ebd, each with their back turned towards the other, trying to grab blankets. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Vibha smiles looking at Vihaan’s photo. Vihaan shows a chit to Arushi and says he liked it. Arushi says she didn’t write it. It’s not her handwriting..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I knew that Vibha would have been a crazy lol

  2. what trouble did they bring into their house I would have thought that this vibha girl would have been grateful for them taking her in to live with them after the trauma she has been through boy it is best that they had left her to catch her tail wherever she was going you try to do good and evil always steps in arushi I know you quick on the draw so I hope you find out abut that weasel before she reaps havov in you and vihanns life

  3. wait a minute I though Vihaan and Arushi would be on their honeymoon by now what ever happened to that

  4. I hope that vibha won’t snatch vihaan from aruushi…….God help poor aruushi……..

  5. no way will Vihaan leave arushi for that girl vibha no 1 she is not as educated as arushi neither is she as beautiful as arushi I do not mean in face only but also from within she is truly a beautiful caring person and you see what she did for prianka she put her own life at stake so vibha park aside go back where you came from you know after what her husband and stepmother did to her I though she was different but she is the same going after someone elses husband come on vibha no competition pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssss

    1. exactly

  6. She would have to face 7 mothers that will give their life for arushi especially pryianka

  7. Hummm….maybe Aurushi bring lighit in all their lives and darkness will set into her own as that’s what had happened after all to the rest of the mothers.

  8. no way think positive not arushi she is special don’t you any time something bad happens to her she gets out of it

  9. Oh my god. This show too??!!! These people dont create nothing that feels or even looks a bit real. Im sure none of india goes thru so much drama in their daily life. These shows are supposed to entertain us. Instead, they just stress us out. Damn.

  10. I knew it

  11. I knew it this wud happen becoz when vihaan was in the morgue to save vibha from Arvind..then didn’t u guys see that how vibha was holding vihaan

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