Satrangi Sasural 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are shocked to see the jinn’s huge avatar, and vihaan’s critical condition. nilima holds up the goddess’s idol, and he turns back to normal size, suffocating for breath, while they continue their holy chant. he is tormented, while all others are shocked to see whats happening. They continue to corner him, while stealthily taking vihaan out somehow, and locking the jinn inside. he tries to break open the door, while the mothers are tensed. Vihaan collapses on the floor, while all others are aghast that the jin might not come out. Granny says that vihaan is in sensitive condition, and hence should be rushed to the hospital first. Vihaan says that they have to ensure that the jinn doesnt come out. The lady comes and says

that she attacked mili too, since mili tried to attack her. narmada is shocked, while nilima and grranny say that they dont know the real side of mili. Meanwhile, devi says that they should keep the temple and holy items close, and make a boundary of the holy vermillion around them. Finally, the jinn is able to escape and he confronts them, viciously and venomously. he gets a big shock, when he tries to cross it. they are scared and petrified. he approaches them yet again, and granny sprinkles the holy water and his hands start burning furiously. he douses it somehow. The fake vihaan is about to hit them, when mili comes in between and asks the jinn, not to harm her family, as its been enough. kyra is boggled. Mili says that she did exactly what he told her to do, but she wont side with him in his planning and now he should spare her and her family. He throws mili away, while her head stumbles onto the foot of the bed, and she falls on the floor unconscious. All are shocked, while kyra is boggled. meanwhile, the jinn grows berserk and furious, and starts breaking things. He breaks a mirror, and the devi maa asks them to hold a mirror, each one of them. they comply and hold the shining surface to him, while he gets shocked as she sees this. he is weakened and unnerved, as he sees his own reflection, and then vanishes into this air, and in a mist gets enclosed in a bottle. All are aghast as they watch, stunned, but relieved still. then mili wakes up and sees devi maa leaving to bury the bottle safely. They all get to vihaan, and mili watches all this tensedly, thinking that its good that she enacted in the end, or else they wouldnt have spared her. she again gets unconscious.

later the doctor checks them both, and assures them that vihaan shall be fine till morning, but he cant say anything about mili, as she needs to wake up by tomorrow, or else they should immediately hospitalise her. they are all tensed. he asks them to keep him updated regarding any recent happenings. they thank him and he leaves. The mothers are tensed. nilim questions why should they let mili be here, as she tried to kill them, got a stranger in their house. Granny complies. Kyra comes out saying that mili wont go anywhere, as from what she has heard, mili is a good girl. Kyra says that maybe she had her own helpless issues. she says that there might be some other reason. nilima says that she is sheerly seeking revenge, for her family. kyra says that they should let her speak. Narmada and harpreet are surprised. Granny agrees with kyra, saying that they shall decide when mili wakes up. narmada and harpreet are extremely apologetic and embarassed, as nilima says that they should apologise to kyra atleast. but they humbly apologise to kyra, while she is overwhelmed to finally receive her blessings, as they apologise profusely. she asks them not to embarass her, while they say that they are embarased that they tortured her so badly. kyra asks them to promise that they wont discuss this again. Granny is very happy to see her family happy again, and all accepted kyra as their bahu. harpreet and narmada hug granny and cry too. kyra is overwhelmed to see this.

the next morning, kyra grumbles as to how vihaan left without as much as informing her, and just simply left a note. she doesnt find anyone else too, and then goes to mili’s room, and finds it empty too. she leaves from there. she comes out, to find all the mothers happily coming towards her, and then shoving her out of the door, saying that today they shall celebrate her arrival back in the house. kyra is boggled and plesantly surprised, while they all welcome her whole heartedly. they then go through all the proper rituals with her, while she is ecstatic. They cheer her, while she finally has her satrangi sasural supporting her as she steps inside. They make her sit, as is customary for the new bride. granny says that they shall all now welcome her with gifts. one by one, they present their gifts along with blessings. she receives the heirloom bangles, that belonged to geeta. kyra is boggled. granny says that she rightfully deserves them. then they all give her their gifts one by one. narmada gives her the costliest gift for her, which is collection of vihaan’s childhood moments, while apologising for what she did. the screen freezes on her overwhelmed face.

Precap: vihaan comes to kyra, while she eyes him lovingly. he says that he missed her, and she too reciprocates. he then caresses her hair, and her cheeks. Kyra looks down nervously and giggling with excitement, as vihaan leans in to come close to her, and kiss her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh my God! Everything happy happy now guy’s is the show close to it’s end?

  2. Rimjhim do you have any idea whether the show is going off air?

  3. Milli will do her evil stuff then Kyra fights back it will be dragged some more time mean while will watch sarogini,kaalatikka,sathia at least there bad people getting caught and being punished.

  4. I hope now mili is good ,kayra get pregnent and more happy 2 episodes and happy ending. But hey i read one coment on a old episode and it said vihaan will die than his cousin marry kayra.right everybody

    1. So kyra will be pregnant in upcmg scene ????

  5. Yes I agree that according to reports Ravish wants to quit… but there is no news about whom will beI. the new male lead may be they thought that trp is not increasing…. so better shut down the show
    but Lajwanti is going off air this week and rumours are that Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani is set to go off air and zee tv is showing a new promo of show Vishkanya and also Radhakrishna is also coming on Zee…. But I really don’t want the show to end they should bring a track related to dance so that Vrushika Mehta can use her dancing skills on the show and I guess that Priyanka (bua ma) is a dancer and this could be a fresh track to the show

    1. Where did you saw that lajwanti is going off air ? That is bullshit. It is this piece of shit pf show satrangi sasural that needs to be kicked off and end for good. Lajwanti is a million times better than this shit show.

  6. hey what happened to geeta

  7. Good. Now just let Kyra have a baby. And just do the right thing and end the show happily. Before it gets ruined any further

  8. I am so glad that this serial has finally come to an end and in a good way and that is all seem to be very happy a I am only sorry that they took back milli once evil always evil and that is the mistake that they made in trusting milli so watch out now

  9. Well i hope mili wont try to harm them again since everything look good

  10. Finally kayra has gotten what she wanted,wish she wil soon give us her own new babies then end the serial 4 gud

  11. And where is Mini ma and Geet ma ?? I remember when Vihaan told Kyra that Mini ma never died and that she is safe . So where is she ?

    1. Yes i never thought about it

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