Satrangi Sasural 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother says that vihaan never told her anything, and narrates everything that vihaan told her. Arushi is shocked to know about vihaan’s meeting with her mother, and how her descision forced vihaan to distance him from her. She is shocked. Her mother tries to convince the love that forced her to to do this. Arushi says that she loved someone for the first time, and she knows very well, she cant get a better life partner than vihaa and she understands her concern, but the truth is she wont be able to be happy without Vihaan, and as far as seven mothers are concerned, it definitely is unique, but she should think, that she would the love of seven mothers. She says that vihaan’s mentality and manners tell how nice

his mothers would be. she says that enough has happened, and she doesnt want to lose vihaan. her mother says that she never thought like this, and right no she shall call vihaan and apologise. Arushi asks her not to do this, as she would handle this now. she smiles relieved.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Arushi calls Manohar, and asks him not to tell vihaan, and then narrates her plan. sarthi agrees, while vihaan waits tensedly in the car. Manohar complies. As the car is at a red light, he takes a different turn. Vihaan asks where is he going. sarthi says that this is a shortcut, and this would take where he wants to go. Finally, sarthi gets stuck in a traffic jam, and vihaan gets irritated. To please him, he puts on the radio, where vihaan hears arushi’s call, who too takes the same turn to please him, and then amusingly tries to cheer him, resolving the situation. She then asks him to look ahead as she stands before him. he frantically comes out, and finds her with a placard on the rickshaw, asking WILL YOU MARRY ME. he is overwhelmed with this gesture, and smiles in glee. Arushi smiles back too. he signals that they make a nice couple. He runs to her, excited and on top of the world. She asks the answer, and he extends his arms, and sha falls in his lap, while a loving romantic eyelock follos, with everyone cheering and claping for them. Over tea, they then discuss about his seven mothers, while he is tensed, and she is very relieved, and overconfident that she shall please his mothers. He asks her to think, as his mothers are unique, but together they make a family, and that she shall have to work hard. She is infact proud of them. He says that his mothers’ biggest dream is their son’s marriage, and wait for his wife. He says that they all want to choose the girl, but he has fallen in love, and says that their love marriage shall have to turn into an arranged marriage. He says that his mothers shall have to come to her house, for her marriage to him, and they wont tell that they already know each other. He wonders who would take the her proposal to them, so that they come to her house. she gives the solution, that one person is perfect for this. He understands who she is talking about.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
Sarthi comes home and gathers all of the ladies and their attention, pretending to talk on the phone, of a prospective groom, for a girl who’s one in a thousand. They all get interested. When they ask him about her, sarthi professes and advocates for this girl, who is very well educated and takes the responsibility of the entire family on her own. He says that this girl however doesnt deserve to be the bahu of this house. Mini asks why. He says that she is very bful, and any guy would be lucky to have such a girl. They get impressed, but are tensed when he keeps saying that the girl isnt for this house. Mini asks her to clarify. He says that the girl hails from a mediocre family, working in a bank. Mini asks if he would decide who deserves and who doesnt. All the ladies rebuke him for rejecting her just because she is from middle class. Vihaan is relieved, as they ask him excitedly to make her meet the girl. Narmada asks him to talk to the parents. Vihaan waits hopefully, but is tensed when Priyanka saya that had this been a love marriage, she would have doubted that definitely this girl is after Vihaan’s riches and fame, but since they are sending the proposal, there’s no doubt of that. they ask him to fix a date for meeting. Vihaan is super happy, and hopes arushi is ready. He decides to play a prank, controlling his laughter with much suppression, pretends to be very sad. But she calls his bluff, and he blurts out that they are coming. she too gets excited. Her mother too is happy for her. He asks her to win the next battle ahead, and tell everyone in the family, that they shouldnt tell his mothers that they know each other. She asks him to be relieved. They hug each other. Vihaan says that now everything depends on her. Arushi gives sweets to Dadaji, and while her mother is tensed at her living condition, Arushi cheers her saying that they are coming to see her and not their living conditions. Dadaji is happy for her. Arushi is excited.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The ladies ask granny to come along, being the eldest, but she gives an excuse of ill health, and asks them to carry on. Vihaan pretends not to know whats up, and goes upto the ladies who are all dressed. Vihaan asks the ladies where are they going, and they say they have an important work, each giving a different excuse. Granny sits tensedly. They all leave, while he wishes them all the best. He hopes that this time, they come back having finalised the relationship for him, and end their search for his wife. Granny hopes that the lord should listen once again, and they should return back just the way they went, and doesnt want any conversation on marriage, and cant see their saddened faces. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As arushi comes home, she is tensed and shocked to find the room in a mess, with her mother in tears, and dadaji enraged, and mili playing sullenly. she finds them like this, and her heart sinks. She asks if Vihaan’s mothers came, and what did they say, and if there’s any matter. She asks why they didnt wait for her. Her mother doesnt say anything. Arushi is deeply disheartened and anxious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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