Satrangi Sasural 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra gets a call and she receives it while all are tensed. The doctor asks her if she drew anything. She says that she shall check and confirm. She narrtes this to others and they both leave to go and check. They come in, to find aru, lying in a corner, on the bed, with her hands on her face, seemingly asleep. They are tensed to see her asleep like this. He asks where is the drawing book, and they decide to search for it. They start searching. Narmada and harpreet come and ask what they are searching for. When he tells them, narmada says that kyra has hidden it. Kyra asks why would she do that. She says that aru must have drawn her, so that she isnt exposed. he asks how is she so sure. Narmada comes to aru and then caresses her, while kyra

asks her to let aru sleep. They then wake aru up and ask if she drew anything. Kyra numbly asks where is the drawing book. she starts crying and clutches narmada tightly. Kyra wonders if its the girl with the red dupatta. Narmada says that its very important that they find the book, as the truth lies in there, they are all tensed.

Later, when she finds the book, narmada says that the children dont lie, and shows the pic, aru drew, to everyone. they are shocked that aru drew kyra’s pic. All are boggled, while kyra is distraught. Granny says that when aru got attacked, kyra was with them, as they were planning to sit with ouija board, sitting to talk to arushi, then how can kyra be in two places at the same time. harpreet says that kyra is a daayan, thats why, and aru even proved it. he says that harpreet is right, as aru’s drawing proves, that there’s someone who is scaring their family and his child, but he can say without the shadow of a doubt that it isnt kyra. geeta asks whats he trying to say. He shows the drawing to narmada, saying that it cant be aru who drew this, as he knows it very well. they are boggled more. narmada asks if aru didnt then who did it. he says that its the same person who wants to implicate kyra, and prove that she is a Daayan. they are tensed. harpreet asks if he thinks that they can do this. Geeta says that they are capable of much worse, and have proven so. Granny says that they are becoming worse day by day. they are worried. He says that whatever it is, he has decided, that he shall marry kyra, and then holds her hand. All are surprised, while kyra eyes him emotionally. The priest comes with some ladies, saying that he shall not do it. The women come and tell vihaan that they wont allow this nonsense to happen, till kyra goes through the Agnipariksha, to prove her innocence that she isnt a Dayan, and that she didnt harm her child, as it puts their children at risk too. Granny asks them to stop this nonsense, as they wont let this happen. The women say that she shall have to walk on smouldering iron, to prove herself. granny and geeta vehemently refuse. The women say that they shall invoke media and police too. He asks them to go and call whosoever they want, and he shall see who stops him. A verbal scuffle ensues, where the women ask them to leave the locality then. They are shocked to hear this, while vihaan is enraged. Kyra asks them finally to stop this, and agrees to their condition much to everyone’s shock, and asks when and where. The priest gives the time for tonight, while all stand tensed. She complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Dolly splashes water on sunny, and wakes him up, hollering at him, to get out of the house. He gets adamant and says that he wont leave at all. she asks what would he do, if she tries to get him out. He says that he shall commit suicide. She provocates him and asks him to get on with it. when he finds that this isnt working, he touches her feet, and begs her severely and then rushes out. Dolly goes after him, in a rage.

Later, dolly finds sunny and pinky having come back, as bride and groom , having gotten married, and she is shocked, as he says that now she shall not throw him out of the housee. dolly gets into a fainting spell. Sunny goes to get water and they try to sprinkle water and get her back. when she revives, she is shocked to find them both as actually married. they talk about their plans, while she says that she shall just give him money for the honeymoon, and holds up the rifle at him. They get into drama mode, and they are sure that she wont fire, but when she does, her face is smeared with black dust, from the rifle. they are amused.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
The media coverages the news about the neverheard and never seen take of a woman, who people think is a Daayan, has to go through a test, to prove her innocence, in these modern times, and that too in the heart of delhi city. He informs the viewers about whats to be done. The priest tells them, that kyra shall have to walk on this firepath, from one end to the other, to prove that she is a clean soul, and if she is at all slightly tainted, then she wont be able to walk on them. Granny and vihaan are outraged. the priest says that if proven otherwise, her entire body shall be burst into flames. Vihaan says that they dont believe in such stuff. kyra begs him to understand as she wishes to do this. he asks granny to make her agree, and she too asks kyra not to do this, looking at the severiity of the task. Kyra says that its very important for her to do this, as she wants the sopciety to get rid of superstition, and send a positive message, and wants them on her side for this, as this is a minor test, for her to win the love of her mothers. She says that she loves her husband, her kids and her mothers very much. Granny, vihaan and geeta get emotional. she agrees to do this for their sake, at any cost. Granny tells kyra that the goddess is with her, and she tocuhes her feet, as granny gives her an idol. She then gets ready to do the task, while casting a last glance at him. Narmada and harpreet get tensed for her too. They are all aghast while kyra is distraught too. Then she is made to walk on the track of smouldering coal and fire pieces, and her feet burns and scalds at every step, seeing which her family is apalled. Kyra winces out in pain. As she places the first step, the weather becomes cloudy and turbulent. the women are tensed too. All are shocked, but after a few goofups and stumbles, she manges to walk through it, bearing pain, emboldened by his and granny’s affection, and the goddess’ powers. The priest see that she has already crossed halves, while the media covers it profusely. Vihaan and granny are apalled for her. Kyra successfully manages to cross it all, and arrives at the end, and then steps down, to face harpreet and narmada who are embarassed and outright disgusted. all clap with a thundering round of applause. She then walks to granny, and hugs her, while they are apalled and overwhelmed with emotions. geeta eyes her too with tears. Then she eyes vihaan, who hugs her, out of emotions and affection for her, and she hugs him back too, having finally achieved it. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: In front of media and everyoner else, granny announces that she gives them the permission to get married, and that she shall ensure its a gala event. Narmada and harpreet hear tensedly. Vihaan and kyra smile, along with geeta. The red dupatta clad woman, eyes them from a distance, and thinks that they can be happy all they want, but she wont let it happen at any cost.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think the red clad women is kyra maid or stepmom

  2. mary christodoulou

    nice epi ..i like a lot now this serial

  3. I wish it can show the ladyvwoth the red duppatta

  4. I think its mili or Kyra stepmother

  5. Nice episode and I think the red clad women is milli arushi’s sister

  6. Hey guys it cannot be Kyra step mother who is portraying as the red sari evil spirit. Do you guys remember when Kyra step mother ( Bebo ) had carried her to a witch craft woman to get rid of Aarushi’s spirit and Vihaan ended up saving her. Bebo was hiding looking at kyra perform the ritual and then the red sari evil spirit appeared and she gave a Bebo a lash to the head and she passed out. I think she is now dead. They changed the storyline now. To focus on kyra , her in laws and the troublesome red sari woman . I have a feeling it is mili who is acting as the evil red sari spirit woman. Because whenever mili is not present . The red sari woman is creating mischief. So i think mili is the culprit here

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