Satrangi Sasural 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima, out of frustration, takes the matchstick is about to burn it, but isnt able to. she clutches the saree, while throwing it on the floor, crying incoherently, in the middle of the night. She coallpses on the floor, crying hard. Arushi comes out with a carton and finds her like that. she is surprised, and rushes to her, placing a hand on her shoulder, and asks why’s she crying, but Nilima shoves her away saying that she shouldnt interfere, and asks her to leave. She asks whats the matter. Nilima again asks her to go. Arushi finds the saree, and asks why is she throwing it away. Nilima says that its futile to argue with her, and takes the saree. she keeps asking, and nilima stuffs the saree in her hand and then leaves. nilima says

that if she sees this saree, after this day, there would be consequences. She leaves, while arushi wonders why so much anger on thie saree. she rushes after nilima. Inside, harpreet finds nilima storming inside, while arushi rushing after her with the saree, and is shocked. Arushi shows harpreet nilima’s saree and tells about nilima’s reaction. harpreet asks her not to meddle in these affairs, and not expose lost wounds at all, and stay away from some secrets of the past, and not say anything to vihaan, to preserve the happiness, peace and quiet of this family, as its her duty. She leaves. arushi is boggled and tensed, while she leaves with the saree, wondering if it has to do with Nilima’s past.

In her room, nilima is distraught. Arushi passes by Nilima’s room. Nilima surfs through her wardrobe, and picks out an album, and a particular pic, which she tears away helplessly. Arushi stands outside to find nilima tearing other pics to pieces, distraught. she feels for nilima and her grief, and wonders whats such a terrible past, that bothers her and her family so badly. she is determined to solve it once and for all. She leaves, and takes the saree and keeps it in her room’s wardrobe, still wondering in tension about nilima, but she decides to do dso secretively, especially from vihaan, as even he might not be knowing. he springs from behind, and she is scared. she distracts him, while he is amused. she starts talking about her planning for budget management, and how they shall have to make minor changes in the lifestyle, pointing out the basic places where they can cut off on power and bills too, talking again about environment conservation. he amusingly listens to her intently.

The next morning, arushi starts talking about the over expenditure, and how they can cut it down. harpreet is happy, and granny is amused too. Mini and priyanka dont like it. Mini insistently says that she needs protein supplements and priyanka says that she needs an imported shampoo and condititoner, just to add to her cost. Arushi notes down silently. granny says that she liked her sincerity and dedication and encourages her to continue. she leaves. arushi is happy but still tensed that she has already spent 50,000 to pay the bills, at the starting two days itself. harpreet asks why is she tensed. She talks about budget savings, and how they spent on diesel and petrol. She says that she shall have to talk to vihaan about this. Just then, the maid comes and asks if they saw the outside. They are asked by her to go outside. the maid rushes to call the others. they all go out, boggled and confused. They are shocked to find that its a new car. the mothers start fighting amongst themselves that vihaan got this for them. Arushi is amused at their innocence. They decide to find out who the letter is addressed to, but just then nilima takes it, saying that it must be because vihaan had to arrange for a cab yesterday. the maid hands her a letter, saying its directed to her. While nilima reads it, they all tease her about the same. Arushi however is tensed to see nilima’s tensed reaction. Nilima angrily gives it to one, who passes to the other, all tensed. Finally, harpreet is happy to find that its for arushi. Arushi is boggled, while the others fume. harpreet however says that its her love.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
When kasturi comes inside, prahlad insistently asks if she withdrew the money. she says that she did, but gives it to prahlad and girish, only after offering it to the lord, praying for his success in his entrepreneurial ventures, so that soon they can return the double amount to vihaan. He says that they have planned to quadruple the amount. She again asks if they have planned a business only. he teases her, and says that he has made a promise to her, and shall keep it. He takes the moeny and sends her to make tea. she does so and leaves. As prahlad begins to leave, girish stops him, saying that they should prove once and for all, that they arent useless, and make full use of this money.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While arushi cribs about the added expense, they all begin to leave inside. he asks them all to stop, before going in. Vihaan says that for half an hour, he has been sitting inside, just to surprise them. they are amused. Arushi asks him that this wasnt really needed. they are all tensed and shocked. he clarifies that even if she has an accident, it isnt problematic, as this is second hand. Nilima gets frustrated and chides with him. Mini and priyanka retort too. vihaan tries to clarify that an extra car shall only come to the family’s use. priyanka says that they just want to show that he has changed. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As a person is walking with a rose in his hand, arushi is out on the road with vihaan, trying to learn driving. He tries hard to prvent, but she ends up hitting him from behind, and he falls on the floor, semi conscious. they rush out to attend to him. She says that they should rush him to the hospital. He says thats risky and since they dont have a license, the best place is to take him home. this person turns out to be the same person, who has been stalking nilima.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. arushi…u can…do it dea…sath saas ka man thum ko jeethna hein..

  2. Arushi you are intelligent enough to bring your natural skill to the table.I am sorry that you were unfortunate to have an accident but this man will have her in check .They will have something to study.I believe this man is attached to the saree she does not want and the picture she tore up.Great ,writers you all are starting to take my advice of giving them a man each.Introduce them slowly and one by one.Give those ladies something to think about.Good episode.

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