Satrangi Sasural 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kiara’s residence
Kiara asks vihaan to do something distraughtedly as grandpa lies unconscious. Vihaan tells kiara to calm down as nothing is going to happen to her grandpa. She breaks down in front of vihaan, and finds solace in his arms and shoulders. bebo is surprised. vihaan is boggled as to what to do, as he raises his hands to hug and comfort her back. bebo eyes this and is tensed. Vihaan tries to check on grandpa, who suddenly springs up on the bed, taking them all by surprise. he says that he was just dramatising, to make her realise how she would manage on her own after he is gone. she storms out angrily, swearing never to speak to him again. Vihaan is irritated thinking that the whole family is weird. bebo rushes after her. Grandpa laments that

he hopes to get this girl, who he raised without her parents, is married off safely and securely. vihaan is tensed to hear this. Grandpa eyes him and says that he seems to be from an educated and a good family. he asks vihaan why the job of a driver as he could get any job. he says that no work is big or small, and sometimes the situations force, and that this is temporary, as the driver is sick and he is merely filling in. he says that he is searching for a job. grandpa says that his accountant’sjob is vacant and he could have it. Vihaan says that he doesnt need sympathy, but a job, and if he really likes his work and thinks that he is deservant then he can grant him the job. he says that he likes his self respect and asks him to appear for the interview tomorrow. Kiara comes and sternly says that she isnt talking to him, but just came to inform that she is going out with her friends. Grandpa asks why at this time, and asks her to take Vihaan with her. She gets angry and asks him not to come from tomorrow. she leaves, while grandpa asks him not to speak like this with vihaan. he frustratedly says that he doesnt know what would happen to the pedestrians.

As vihaan comes out, he gets harpreet’s call telling him everything. he asks why wasnt he informed earlier. harpreet says that they didnt want to give him tension for no reason. he asks her to find out if she said anything to anyone. she tells how geeta too went to search but hasnt returned. Vihaan says that he shall go rightaway, and call them as soon as he knows anything.

Later, Grandpa calls the lawyer and asks him to alter his will. he complies, and then asks if any more additions need to be done. bebo comes by just then, to hear grndpa telling him to put bebo’s name in the will too, that after he dies, she should get 5lacs. she fumes that after 20 years of loyal service, this is what she deserves, and says that she wont have apetty amount, rather she shall have everything. But she gets worried as grandpa continues. grandpa asks him to put something to the clause, and if that conditions of the clause arent fulfilled, then his entire property and wealth should go to the trust. She wonders whats this bet that grandpa is talking about.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Narmada lies on the road, wounded and unconscious, while a crowd throngs her, wondering who left her here unattended after the accident. vihaan doesnt see her and walks past. Just then, kiara walks by in her scooty and identifies her, and then decides that they have to take her to the hospital urgently. they wonder how shall they take her, as there’s no four wheeler around, and kiara tells that they shall take narmada on the scooty. her friend is surprised. Meanwhile, vihaan stops on the road and calls mini asking if they got to know anything. she denies. He says that they cant be like this, and tells that he shall inform them when he gets any news about her. The scooty passes by, and he finds that its taking narmada away. He is shocked to see her hurt. He finds that narmada is with kiara and assumes that she must have hit narmada and that he wont spare her now.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Kiara rushes her to the hospital, and waits anxiously, as narmada is taken inside. Vihaan comes angrily and spots kiara. Vihaan asks how dare she, hit narmada and then get her here callously on a scooty. He starts to reprimand her for nothing. He asks why does she endanger every pedestrian’s life by driving on the road. She tries to make him understand, while he angrily keeps asking her to shut up. finally, he raises his hand and she stops him midway. She asks him to stop it, and asks what kind of a man he is, as he isnt ashamed before hitting a girl. She says that she isnt those girls who bear the man’s atrocities quietly. The other girl tells the actual truth about narmada’s accident and kiara’s guts that saved narmada today. Kiara stands tensed. vihaan stands flabbergasted and apologises, but she asks him not to even try and talk, and asks him to go to hell. She leaves. The doctor comes out, and vihaan asks about narmada. He asks how is he related and when vihaan says that he is the son, the doctor tells him. The doctor tells that its good that she was brought in time, or else had it been even five minutes delay, saving her would have been difficult. he takes him aside to talk about the case.

Later, granny and others come and ask him how is narmada and what happened to her, and what did the doctor say. He stays silent. they ask him to speak up. he says that the doctor said that due to the accident, blood has clotted in her brain, and she shall need immediate surgery. geeta asks tensedly how much would it cost. harpreet and granny eye her tensedly. He replies that it shall take 20lakhs. they are all shocked and worried. harpreet wonders how shall they save narmada now.

Scene 3:
Location: Kiara’s residence
Kiara’s maternal uncle comes and taunts grandpa, that he shouldnt have thought that he would get his will prepared and not include him. grandpa asks him to leave or he shall be called by the police. The uncle asks him not to threaten him, and tear the will, and do as he says. grandpa asks him to get out, and he gives grandpa a push. Kiara comes down angrily and calms him down. She then glares angrily at the uncle. Kiara asks how dare he talk to grandpa like this. He eyes her sternly. he asks her not to speak in the elderly affairs, as she is a child. she asks him whats his problem. She says that she has been taught by him to behave with elders, and hence she never raised her voice at her, but from now on, she wouldnt allow him to talk to grandpa like this. he asks her to come to the side, as she shouldnt give him a lecture to talk to his own father. She asks by what relation is he his father, and asks how can he give him stress, in this old age. he says that this old man has given him stress. bebo eyes this drama. he asks grandpa to speak up. he then says that he gets angry when being cornered and hence its best that they comply to his wishes or else they shall be responsible of the consequences thereof, and asks her to make him understand this. he gets to leave. she says that she would fight for grandpa till her last breath. he storms off. She asks grandpa to give whatever he needs. he says that he wont, as he would take it and ruin everything, and his hard earned, money and fame. He says that he wont give him a penny. he asks her to swear that after he is gone, this man would be her biggest enemy, and hence wants her to be strong. she emotionally complies, and asks him not to talk about dying. She says that she cant imagine a life without him, and cant let him go. he says that he wont talk like that. they hug each other. bebo stands irritated.

Scene 4:
Location: Goons’ hideout
manohar gets vihaan at a place, and then wonders whether he is sure about this. manohar says that they are goons, and they shouldnt involve themselves in financial dealing with such people. Vihaan says that he needs the money for the operation. vihaan says that he needs 20 lakhs and noone else shall give him this kind of money. he enters and the goons eye them evilly. he says that the money shall have to be returned in one go. Vihaan says that he shall not be able to return it in one go, and can do so in installments. he says that he shall give him the money but he shall have to do a work. vihaan is boggled and asks what work. He names wrong work, drug supply, murder and other such stuff. he gets angry and asks what nonsense. The goon asks manohar if the system wasnt known to him. Manohar takes vihaan from there and begins to leave. As he walks out, he collides into kiara’s uncle as he comes inside. They eye each other tensedly. the screen freezes on Vihaan’s face.

Precap: Grandpa for vihaan’s interview, assigns him a task, and then leaves him in the room, and goes to check out on something. Vihaan is shocked as he finds the safe completely open and the money and other valuables lying exposed. he is surprised. meanwhile downstairs, kiara and grandpa find vihaan’s phone rining, and she receives it. She gets to know that its from his children’s school, calling him to ask him to come and pick up the kids, since he presumably forgot. she is tensed. Later, bebo comes in the room, where the safe is, and eyes a blue velvet case containing an expensive stone inside. she eyes it amused and then keeps it in her hand, and places the case back in the safe. She turns around and is shocked to find grandpa staring at her. she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Marie Raphael

    I wonder what happen to Vihaan’s business Vastal? What happen to their bank accounts not because their house burnt down they lost everything! This serious take a U turn for the worst without Aruahi. Stop watching a long time even stop reading!!! I cant stand Kiera, she is nothing like Arushi!

  2. Her name is not Kiara! It is KYRA. There is a difference! KIARA- kee yah raa
    KYRA- kyy ra

  3. I don’t care how her name spell or what her name she is so irritate even vihaan he look like he is lost the truth is that all of them characters get so weak n dumb since arushi pass away i think the should change vihaan too cuz without arushi he is nothing and coming to the business what happen with the insurance and they money they had in the bank

  4. I jus really don’t like Kyra but vihaan real gets on not good I like arushi more butt…

  5. This show lost viewers when they killed Arushi! It is just stupid crap now……

  6. I cannot get myself to watch anymore – only read threse updates

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