Satrangi Sasural 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny and mini prepare sargi for her, and kyra comes and thanks them immensely for their support in her fasting and the way they have to face protests from others. they ask her to eat fast. But they find that the dessert that they have prepared has a cockroach in it, while priyanka who has done that deliberately smikrs from the kitchen. geeta and narmada wake up and are surprised to know this. Mini is apalled and rushes to the kitchen to get her milk. But they find that the milk is spoilt, also due to priyanka. Narmada points out that all the signals indicate that its ominous, and prove that arushi did this as she isnt happy. Geeta assk her to stop giving advices. granny and mini wonder waht to give her now, while mini assures them calmly

that she shall manage somehow. Kyra leaves to get ready. Priyanka thinks that this is just the beginning and when she gets ready, she shall get another jolt.

When kyra is getting ready, she has problems wearing the saree. he turns around in sleep, and she screams, startling vihaan as he turns the other side again. she says that she can believe him, but asks him not to see again. he resignedly asks if she knows how to wear saree. she says that she does. He says that it didnt seem like. She asks how he knew, and then understands that he did see. he is at fault, and says that he didnt see anything he wasnt supposed to, and that he barely saw her for microseconds, and tries to vehemently make her understand that he didnt see her. She admits that she doesnt know. he asks her to call a mother. she says that noone is available. he then says that he can help her if she so wishes. She is boggled. he asks her to wear his kurta while he can turn around and help her wear the saree. She complies warning him not to look. She wears the kurta, warning him not to see. after she is done, he turns around and dons the saree, to teach her, while she is too amused at how he looks and clicks pics. he gets angered and asks her to delete and she says that she wont amusingly. A naughty scuffle ensues, that lands her in the bed, with him on top of her. An awkward yet romantic eyegaze and embrace follows. They then compose themselves. He then suddenly starts experienceing itching in his neck and finds some powder stuck inside the lining of the saree. both he and kyra are boggled. he tells her that she wont wear this saree. she asks what shall she wear then, as she doesnt have any more saree. he is tensed too.

Scene 2:
Location: Godmother’slair
Maata continues with her rituals, with the voodoo dolls, but it fails, and is disgusted thinking that this cant be, as she doesnt accept defeat as its due to arushi and she wont bear it. She tries another tactic yet again, but finds it non working too. She is frustrated that there is some problem. She tries yet again, and this time, the pin prick hurts her itself, and blood starts gushing out. she winces in pain and frustrated with her defeat. She eyes the phone, sees something and is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mini, granny and Priyanka discuss the next morning, whether kyra shall keep the fast and finish it successfully. mini and granny are sure that she shall wear the same saree that they gave her, while priyanka says that she doesnt think kyra would wear it. Priyanka amusingly says that kyra wont be able to, due to the itchy powder. just then, Kyra comes in dressed gorgeously as a bride, while all are shocked particularly priyanka. narmada comes and asks her if she wore arushi’s bridal dress and she complies. narmada asks how dare she and raises her hand to slap her. But Vihaan stops her, shocking them all. He explains why this was the only practical choice, after the saree fiasco, and that he himself gave this to her. Narmada doesnt understand and goes inside fumingly. Vihaan and others are tensed. He goes after her. kyra wonders where the powder came from. She eyes priyanka and gets an idea. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As the mehendi is being done, kyra’s colour of the mehendi isnt as dark. the women comments that the colour determines the extent or lov3 of vihaan. Narmada and priyanka intentionally taunt kyra to show her colour to everyone, so that they may know how much vihaan loves her. she is embarassed and granny is tensed. She makes additional mehendi for her in the kitchen and then assures kyra, that she shall have extra-ordinary colour in the evening, and assks her to get dressed and be at her perfect self, as she shall have to be the best bahu, at thr function. kyra asks if its a competition and granny says yes. Kyra telkls determiendly that she shall take this challenge and be the best bahu.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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