Satrangi Sasural 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence and Mumbai Beach
Downstairs, kasturi asks where’s arushi, and is tensed when she gets to know that she is in her room, as she doesnt sleep this late. She decides to go and check. They comply. she finds arushi, unconscious on the floor, and screams. the mothers rush too. all are tensed, wondering what happened to her. Granny calls for the doctor. The doctor comes and checkes arushi, and while all are tensed and barge questions at her, while the doctor asks them all to go outside. They comply. granny is tensed as to what happened to arushi, but they ask her to be strong for her. Kasturi too comes and says that the destiny is good as arushi got a house like this. granny says that its her own ill destiny that they are talking about. They pace

round nervously, while the doctor finally comes out. They tensedly wait for her to speak up, she relieves them saying that arushi is pregnant. they are all overjoyed. granny says that she was wrong about her destiny, and are overjoyed, asking them to forget about the past, and make sure arushi doesnt take stress at all. she says that she feels vihaan is out there making plans to come back, and his child brought the news to them. Kasturi gets arushi out, and all are overwhelmed. She takes everyone’s blessings and they love her galore. geeta says that now arushi has to follow all instructions, and take all rest. they decide their days to take care of arushi, just like vihaan had days for himself. arushi is overwhelmed to see such care and love. arushi says that till the time vihaan doesnt come back, which she is sure he will, she would take over his place and take care of all responsibilities. She says that now they just have to wait for vihaan to come back. they smile through their tears. geeta plays the Shankh, while all look at her, highly emotional.

Meanwhile, vihaan gets up and tries to mumble something, but out of the exhaustion and immense stress, doses back again, leaving all the fishermen tensed. He is asked to be quiet, as he is too stressed. They decide that they should send him to the police now, but find that he has gone unconscious.

A very pregnant arushi along with others prays. After that all the ladies get to their work, while mini whose day it is to take care of arushi, asks her to lie and relax. mini reminds that she is pregnant and has to take care. arushi begs her to let her work a little. she complies. Mini finds out that arushi is having mood swings related to food. mini is eplained by geeta, that such things happen. She starts catering to what arushi needs. Outside, while working, arushi is given two files by her employees, and she takes to signing them. But she is interrupted as her phone rings. Arushi gets a call while working, and then takes the call, from kasturi, who asks her to take proper care. just then, her eyes fall on jhanvi, who is walking down the stairs, with high heels, and indirectly as if talking to arushi, reprimands her while giving jahnvi instructions. Arushi is boggled, while kasturi asks her to drink milk as thats required. Arushi understands that kasturi is actually talking to jhanvi, and asks her how long would she be angry at them now. kasturi says that she doesnt care and ddoesnt bother. Arushi says that she does take care of jhanvi, in anycase. kasturi asks what to do, as girish doesnt care for her, and has changed six jobs in six weeks, and isnt bringing a steady income too. Arushi asks her to relax as all things shall work out, and as women they should support the other. Arushi asks if the godhbharaai preps are done, and kasturi says that it is. Arushi excitedly says that vihaan shall come back too by then. Ksturi gets emotional and teary eyed hearing her conviction. then they cancel the call.

Granny finds narmada crying at the temple, and asks her to compose herself, atleast for arushi’s sake. Narmada asks how long shall they pretend, as vihaan is nowhere to be found, and that her worst fears came true, for arushi too. Granny asks her to be hopeful, for arushi atleast, as vihaan shall come. narmada asks why he didnt come till now, if he had to. granny is speechless. narmada leaves. granny prys to the lord, that vihaan didnt come in six months, and now they shall start falling apart, and begs him not to let that happen, and prays for a miracle.

Outside, Arushi finds the credit card bill of vihaan’s card, and finds that there’s been a transaction just last month. she is boggled yet hopeful too of his news too. She dials the mumbai police inspector, and tells about this. he assumes that it must be someone else, and hence asks her to block it. she says that it might be vihaan too, or maybe the person who’s using the card could get them to lead to vihaan. the police asks him not to be extra hopeful. she says that maybe its vihaan, as the card was used after such a long time. She asks him to find out the CCTv footage of that day, of the place, where the card was used, while she shall herself cvome to mumbai. He complies. she cancels, and then gets tensed, that mothers shall never allow her to go and particularly not in this condition, but she has to go. she wonders what she should do. She gets up to go. mini comes with the drink. Arushi says that she doesnt want this drink either, and that she has to go. Mini asks where. Aeushi lies that she has to go for godhbharaai for jhanvi. Mini asks if she shall go alone. She says that manohar shall drop her. she rushes out. mini wonders why is she in such a state.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Manohar is boggled, as to why is arushi asking her to drive to the airport instead of taking the car towards her mother’s place. She says that she is going to the airport, as she needs to go to mumbai.he is shocked and says that mothers dont know about this. She says that they shall be back in the evening, as vihaan’s clue has been found, and that they should go. He complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is tensed, while mini explains that arushi nwent to jahnvi’s godhbharaai. Kasturi comes saying that she got pious flowers for arushi, and her child, and asks where is she. they are all boggled. Then harpreet says that she went out to go to their place only. All are boggled and tensed for arushi. Kasturi sys that she didnt come there, nor did she call. mini wonders how is this possible. the screen freezes on granny’s shocked face.

Precap: Arushi rushes through the mall, to find vihaan’s clue, and then stops for a minute to take some rest. as she casts her eyes at the lift, she finds vihaan standing inside, with a lost look in his yees. she is overwhelmed to finally see him, but to her horror, the lift closes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Great a rush is pregnant…and vi hand should soon be found

  2. come on writers why do this to us an important thing like being pregnant you make this big leap when a woman is pregnant she likes to know that her husband is there with her as a support for both her and the child especially the loving and caring and this is what arushi needs nay you make a leap of six months so which means Vihaan has missed and lost out on the most of arushis pregnancy and to know they were such a happy and contented couple now if it is that old witch vibha has him and keeping him away please write a different script allowing Vihaan to find his way back let him recognize arushi before it is too late so he could at least be there to share the next three months of her pregnancy writers please do away with the vibha script she is too wicked to have done something like this keeping Vihaan away from his loving wife

  3. this is way beyond belief not vibha please

  4. Omg not vibha again please 🙁 I hate her so much .. Please bring Arushi with vihan , they just make amazing couples! And the mothers are missing their son vihan , I so love zeetv

  5. Oh come on it irritate now six months and vihaan is not found so that mean he lose his memory bcz if he had his memory then he wouldnt make arushi wait so long to return

  6. Nice episode anyway

  7. Granny and his mothers prayers will surely bring him back to them sooner or later. Arushi will give birth with him by her side

  8. after six month en he is alive means that he lost his memory coz if he didn’t lost his memory he could have been back for his mothers en arushi

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