Satrangi Sasural 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny says that they have to find out somehow the real vihaan from the fake one. The devi maa too says that indeed this is of utmost importance. She says that mili shall try everything to prove her wrong, and she doesnt know what to do. Kyra talks to granny, along with the devi maa, that she can provide some input from childhood, which probably the jinn doesnt know anything about. Kyra says that they shall have to target childhood memories only. The devi maa is convinced. she says that granny must be knowing everything, and something out of that, which can help them. granny says that she understood, and that there is one thing that shall tell them who is the actual vihaan. They are happy and hopeful.

Later, Granny gathers everyone

together, and then says that there is a feast ladi out, which has one dish prepared by every single mother, and the real vihaan knows who likes what, and hence they shall be able to identify it. mili stands tensed, thinking that this is such a simple task, and the fake vihaan would beat it anyday. She then asks them both to write on a piece of paper as to who likes what. Vihaan tastes and gets emotional and then starts writing one by one. Mili uses her magic to see, and then signals vihaan and he too gives the right answer. Kyra and granny are shocked to see this. they are shocked to find that he is writing correctly. narmada sides with the fake vihaan happily. they continue trying to taste the rest of the dishes. Both of them keep writing the correct answers. Kyra and Granny then move aside. granny asks whats the problem, and krya says that she is very tensed that he is giving all the right answers but doesnt know how. Granny says that the truth is something else. She says that she has made a dish that he hates, and doesnt like it one bit, and this is something only his mothers and vihaan know. mili overhears this from a distance. She rushes back, tensedly. kyra and granny pray that this happens. The fake vihaan asks granny that she forgot to write this dish in the list. the mothers are boggled, while kyra and granny smile. the real Vihaan tastes the dish that granny made, and then stands up and confronts her, asking why did she do this, and gave him a dish that he hates. Granny apologises and says that she knows she gave him the wrong dish, and then hugs him, saying that this is their real vihaan. the fake one stands tensed with mili. The mothers get emotional eyeing the real vihaan. Vihaan understands that it was a test all along. The fake vihaan and mili are shaken now. Kyra says that the fake vihaan doesnt know this. He starts vehemently telling the history of this dish, and then says that he ate it, just out of respect for the sacrifice that his mothers have made, and today they made this, just so that he could live with them. he goes on an emotional rant, as to how he is the vihaan, and hence was willing to eat even this. Mili is happy. granny and kyra are enraged. he says that he was even willing to eat that dish. kyra rushes to him, and asks him to stop this nonsense, as they know the difference. he asks then if she can explain the message on his phone. he shows that kyra has sent a message that says that he shouldnt eat this dish. She says that she has no clue. narmada reprimands her and makes her feel guilty, while she protests that she has no clue. granny too says that this is true, as noone else knew. Kyra says that mili might have taken her phone and messaged. granny is baffled too, while the mothers dont know what to do. harpreet however doesnt like that granny likes the real one. Granny says that he shall have to give a test again, and that there shall be three tests. narmada says that this isnt child’s play. Granny says that its right, and now the kids shall decide about the real vihaan, and noone shall argue. the mothers are tensed.

In the night, kyra talks to vihaan saying that they have very less time to expose mili and vihaan. he complies, saying that the fake one knows everything about him now. She asks him not to worry and have faith. She then gives him a taveez that she got from the dargah, and that this shall protect him. she helps him wear it around his neck, assuring that all shall be okay. She says that now she shall be able to know who is the real and who isnt. She assures him that the children shall recognise him in a jiffy. he is overwhelmed when she hugs him, to comfort him.

The next day, harpreet is tensed as she brings a letter by the children, saying that they are hiding in their favourite place, which only their father knows, and whoever finds it, shall be their true father. the mothers like it, and granny loves the idea. Mili and kyra comes with their vihaans. When they get to know, the real vihaan gets tensed. kyra reads and says that the one who finds shall be the true father. She asks her vihaan to tell, but he says that he knows but he cant tell. Kyra is boggled and frustrated. The fake vihaan uses his magic to find out where the children are hidden. mili is assured that she knows. Mili says that the real father is with her, and asks her vihaan to tell it to everyone. He takes them all, while the real one doesnt do anything. kyra and granny are tensed, as they follow. he goes to the children and finds them, while they stand tensedly, having come out of hiding. the mothers against kyra, rely on the fake vihaan. the children say that this isnt their father. Mili and vihaan ask aru why she is saying so. arhaan says that their father had said that he wouldnt ever reveal their secret place to anyone. They say that they know their father, who never breaks their promise. The fake vihaan and mili are tensed, while the real vihaan gets emotional. Kyra says thats why vihaan wasnt telling it to anyone. Aru says that they shall still take another test. All are boggled, and wait whats it. they make everyone sit, and decide to play dumb charades with the two fathers, about a song that he used to sing to them, long time back. they start, while all stands boggled and confused trying to guess. The fake vihaan looks around, while the real one gets emotional hearing this. the fake vihaan looks at mili, and thinks that, he passed the first step, but he wont be able to guess the song. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Granny tells mili that now she wont be able to use her magic anymore, as she wont let it ahppen. mili gets enraged and uses slang and asks her how dare she. Mili gags and suffocates her, saying that now she is gone. granny finally goes unconscious, while she muffles her screams even. She eyes granny viciously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am sick and fed up of this f*ckin fed up of this milli. Writers you and your precious milli can f* ck off. Everytime this show comes on. I will be changing my channel and view something different which worth watching and then come back and view the other serials. Atleast Tashan e ishq , Jamai. Raja etc isnt full of black magic and shit like this one

  2. Me too fed up of mili shit

  3. plz end dis prt of milli, we r trd of t

  4. Vejayakumarie

    I think all viewers are sick of this black
    I think all viewers are sick and tired of this black magic. It’s time that mili is exposed Nashe is dead and gone with her duplicate vihaan. There’s like no end to this weird Hadoop n all So unrealistic. Even in real life we cannot get evil people worshiping God and nothing happens to them . It is making a mockery of God.please end this black magic episodes.

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