Satrangi Sasural 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ashram
As vihaan and kyra come out of the priest’s place, vasundhara ducks so as not to be seen. But before she can hide, they spot her, and then they get to chatting with her, while she gives the excuse that she came to visit a relative nearby. she wishes them well, and then they assure her that they shall definitely get to the lady who has been meaning them harm. She then gets into the car and drives off. he eyes the car number, and is tensed.

Later, in the night, vasundhara comes back again, and thinks that if vihaan and kyra came here, then the mani is with guruji, and hence she has to retrieve it, but wonders how, as she cant go inside the ashram at all. Inside, the priest thinks that he knew that she shall definitely come to get the mani, but

she wont be able to get it. meanwhile, vasundhara leaves from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Back home, geeta is hounded by the mothers, who are gripped by the notion that she is in love, and amusedly ask her questions about the supposed gas that she went to take, while she gives them excuse that she wasnt feeling well. They are amused hinting at themselves, while geeta is at a loss of an answer. just then, vihaan and kyra come in, and they are asked where were they. when they give contrasting answers, the mothers are boggled. to distract them, mili comes saying that for kyra’s checkup, the doctor is coming in the next five minutes. they all take kyra and attend to her. geeta tells vihaan that she is tensed as devi maa said that maayavini isnt only after the mani, but to harm them and their family. he says that they know and that the child is at harm too. later, the doctor comes and tests her, and then assures everyone that kyra is fine, and then asks them to take care of her and her medications. later, aru again sits with vihaan and shows him the selfies that they took, and the last two numbers match vasundhara’s car, and he is shocked to see this. he thinks that this means when the house was being robbed, then she was around, then why she didnt come to meet them. Kyra tells vihaan, as he surfs through the pics, that aru and arhaan clicked, to get a better view of the number plate in the background, that there are a lots of combinations possible, with those last two digits, the other two being hidden, and that they cant be sure whether its vasundhara’s car or not. he says that they cant know for sure, but they can try to find a hint or an evidence atleast. she thinks that maybe they are overthinking it, and maybe vasundhara isnt related, as she has helped them a lot, and she doesnt think that she can be behind this or doubt her. He says that its true but at this point of time, they cant trust anyone. she complies with him and then wonders why is vasundhara helping them so much, when they arent related at all. she decides to get to the bottom of it.

Scene 3:
Location: Vasundhara’s residence
Vasundhara goes inside a room, and finds a man lying on the bed, with an IV drip. She addresses him as Mr. Sandeep Vatsal, and when he looks up tensedly, she tells him that now its time that his medicines be changed. he is seemingly shocked and petrified too. She she says that for his better health, they need to change his dose. he keeps looking scared. She eyes a pic of herself with granny and sandeep, and thinks that now its time, for her to return to granny, her son and her daughter in law. she says that kyra and vihaan have gone to guruji, the same guruji who taught her everything that she knows, but never permitted her to use black magic and hence probably doesnt even consider her as his disciple. She says that her mani is with guruji, who is protecting it, and now she shall try everything to get it back, which shall mark the ruins of the Vatsal family. she gives him food and meds, asking him to eat, as she has herself made it with much love. she says that the doctor too wants him to eat and get better.
When he doesnt comply, she forcibly feeds him without listening to anything that she says, and then vents out her anger at him, saying that she only means well. She wipes hi face and then recomposes back to normal self. She gets up and then comes to the dressing table, eyeing granny’s pic, that she is the mother of this man, and she forced her to keep him away from his own mother, and that she is solely responsible for the condition that her son is in today. she says that she had enough patience, and now she would neither tolerate nor bear any longer. she says that in a few days, she shall ruin the entire family of the vatsals.

Scene 4:
Location: Vasundhara’s and vihaan residence
Later vihaan gets geeta, devi maa, mili and kyra together, and says that as guruji said that the mani is very important to them, and mayavini wouldnt accept defeat, and she would try again, and right now they cant afford to lose it. devi maa says that they are 24 hours alert. kyra and geeta are tensed thinking that this time, she shall strike back strongly. kyra reminds that guruji had said even the mani would want to go back to the owner. They wonder how to find out. He suggests that they should meet guruji again, so that they know what to do further. Devi maa says that she shall immediately talk to guruji. he asks them to be ready while he goes out and finishes some work, and then they shall all go. They comply. he leaves. All disperse. outside, geeta is stopped and told by harpreet, in front of others, that she would keep an account. They start delegating duties, while they find that geeta is lost. they again presume that she is thinking about a special person and taunt her again. narmada asks geeta to go. Nilima too taunts, while geeta is frustrated at their childish whims. geeta gives in less money, as household expenditure, and they again tease her. just then, kyra comes out hassled, and asks about granny, as her call wasnt going through,a nd she had a talk with other women, with whom granny said that she is going, but got to know that granny isnt with them. harpreet says that granny went to meet Kulguru. she asks who is it. They say that they have no clue, and she didnt listen to anyone, when they suggested that they should take her along, and that there are lots of secrets that they all know nothing about, which granny has embedded in her heart. Kyra is tensed and says that she shall try again. she comes out, hoping that she is fine. Just then, she gets vasundhara’s call, and is tensed wondering whether to receive the call or call granny first. Meanwhile, Vasundhara thinks that if this time, kyra doesnt receive, then she would be left with just one option. but just then, she gets kyra’s call, and she agitatedly asks her where has she been, as she has been trying her number for so long. Kyra asks if she is okay as she sounds tensed. vasundhara says that she is tensed for her and her safety only. Vasundhara then asks her about the mani, and if they got to the bottom of it. she is tensed wondering why is this being asked. Vasundhara says that since the mani is fake, she would love to return it to the seller, and get her money back. Kyra asks whats the hurry, as they arent rushing away. She says that she just casually brought it up, and that kyra can return it anytime, as she just wanted to get rid of it. Kyra says that since they have it, they she already got rid of it. vasundhara cancels the call, fuming at kyra’s oversmartness, while kyra is boggled as to why is she behaving so weird.

Scene 5:
Location: Some ashram
Granny alights a diya, thinking that every year she does so, with the hope to be able to living in peace and without the shadow of the doubts looming over her. granny says that she knows that she is having high expectations but wonders what would happen if anyone got to know about him. she ardently starts praying. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: The preist informs them that the lady knows all of her magic, as he only taught it to her. they are all shocked. he says that he had acquired the mani, but she took it by deceiving him. Vihaan says that this lady’s name is maayavini. the priest conforms. He says that this means that their doubts are correct. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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