Satrangi Sasural 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is vehement that she herself saw mili behaving super naturally. Narmada and priyanka fight for mili. geeta says that its good that she is thrown out of the house. narmada says that mili shall not go anywhere. Granny says that she herself saw and then narrates. geeta agrees and then she too remembers how she is superpower like meticulous. but narmada and priyanka are unconvinced, branding her as dexterous. granny says that there is something that they cant understand, and they shall make living arrangements for her somewhere else, as god knows what she has in store for them. Mili comes from behind saying that she is right.All are shocked as they turn around. Mili says that actually she is a magician, who can do anything by her training.

they are all shocked. then she turns to kyra and says that she is the one who has hpynotised them all. they are furthermore stunned. she asks kyra if she thinks she is a witch, and then asks vihaan if he ever himself witnessed any of these events, and always heard them, from kyra, arhaan and granny, or maybe anyone ever told her about it. kyra tells mili that her game is over, and asks her to go, so that they can live in peace. mili says that she shall go, but she needs some answers before. She produces a bottle of medicines. Mili comes and gives a medicine to vihaan saying that this is the med, thats causing hallucinations similar to what granny and arhaan saw. he says that these are granny’s bp medicines. they are all shocked. Mili says that kyra tampered with the medicines to prove her point. All are shocked to hear this. kyra asks her to stop this nonsense. mili asks her to try it then. Kyra tells vihaan that mili is merely trying to distance and distract them. mili continues her assault against kyra, asking why does she hate her so much, only because she is arushi’s small sister, and hence instigated everyone against her, and if she is insecure that she shall replace kyra easily in the house. kyra tells vehemently that this girl is lying. To end this once and for all, by proving that kyra is innocent, and whatever is happening is due to mili, he takes a tablet and gulps it down, while all are shocked. he starts going dizzy and his vision blurs. Kyra leaves to call the doctor. He finds geeta approaching him with a knife, and they are all shocked, as he tries to retreat away. kyra is aghast. He distanceshimself from geeta and then again finds kyra hitting him, and rushes away. mili hurriedly gives him a tablet to gulp it down. He complies, and then looks around dizzy headed and leaves from there. they are tensed. Mili tells them that vihaan is absolutely fine now, and nothing has happened, as he only saw kyra and geeta as Ghosts. they are shocked. Mili asks if they now believe that kyra is after this conspiracy, and if they still believe that she is the witch, then she shall leave the house easily, as she doesnt want to become a burden, if her being here poses a problem. she says that she was here for her personal reasons, as this house was Arushi’s dream. narmada aggressively starts reprimanding kyra, while she vehemently denies, that she didnt do this, and didnt mix the meds, and this is Mili’s trap. She protests that she isnt lying. Narmada and all other mothers go inside. After they leave, mili eyes her evilly, and then leaves too. kyra is apalled and then looks at the goddess, asking why she did this, if she favours the just. She then goes inside the room, and as vihaan sits dazed, she says that she didnt lie, and that she has no reason to do this to granny. She cups his face and begs him to believe her, as she isnt lying. he looks up and then eyes him, as he lies speechless. he says that he believes her, and then pulls out the tablet from under his teeth that he hadnt swallowed. he says that he didnt take the pill and yet he saw everything that mili wanted him to see. he says that she was playing with his psyche, hence he saw everything, without eating the tablets. He says that he wanted to make her believe that they are trusting her, so that she becomes relaxed and a little less alert, when they attack next. they are determined that they shall get rid of mili from the house. They promise each other.

The next morning, vihaan and kyra tell granny everything, but he still doesnt understand why mili is behaving like this with them. He asks granny to pretend as if they dont know the truth about her, and they have to manipulate her the way, she is manipulating them. granny asks how shall they expose her. Kyra says that they have to get to the bottom of it, anyhow, and she shall keep an eye on her, and once she finds anything, they shall catch her. granny begs the lord to keep their family safe, and says that she wants to go to the temple. They tensedly eye each other, but then hear a sound, and rush to the kitchen, while others gather too. They find smoke emanating from the fridge, and then blood lining its door. they are all tensed and shocked. As vihaan gets to opening the door, they all ask her to be cautious. They open it to find a ketchup bottle having broken. he eyes one of the glass shards, and kyra wonders how the bottle broke, as the temp wasnt low, while vihaan says that he shall get it rectified. Narmada taunts kyra that she can accuse this too on mili. geeta asks her to back off. narmada swears to have her thrown out.

Meanwhile, having distracted them, mili rushes to the room, and tries to get vihaan’s clothes, and packs them in a bag. Kyra comes and finds mili talking to someone, that she shall reach tonight at 9, and asks the person to reach too there with the same stuff. As mili goes to the washroom, kyra wonders who she was talking to, and then takes the last dialled call. She eyes the bag kept and is about to take a look, when mili comes out. Mili wonders whats kyra doing here, as kyra eyes her tensedly. Mili then leaves. the screen freezes on Kyra’s tensed face.

Precap: Mili notices kyra following her auto. on her scooty, and smiles viciously. she then eyes a silver ball kept with her, and then throws it on the ground in kyra’s way. A smoke emanates from the ball, as it engulfs kyra, and her visibility turns to zero. Mili bids kyra goodbye, as she screams out, in despair.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Black magic and witchcraft is all this is about. Nothing about Family life, VIHAAN is an Idiot to still trust his mother. Stand on your own two feet and move on in life.

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