Satrangi Sasural 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan turns off the knob of the smell, and then comforts her that she is alright and takes her to the room. bebo stands there with granny. Kyra goes to bebo, who hugs her and pretends to be so caring and concerned for her. Vihaan meanwhile combs to go out. bebo notices this. Then granny brings up the topic of karvachauth. While granny explains the importance of the fasting of karvachauth to kyra, bebo stealthily steals vihaan’s comb containing his hair.

Later, kyra is frusatrated at the thought of keeping fast for vihaan while he gorges on food. granny comes and says that she knows today’s women find it outdated. kyra says that its isnt like that. granny comes and tells that these rituals have certain relation behind

it, and explains to her the importance of karvachauth and the strength of savitri and her mangalsutra. granny tells her that she wouldnt hold it against her if she doesnt keep it, but would like it if she does. Mini comes and asks her to let be, as she doesnt think she is capable of doing. kyra asks why.Mini says that it isnt easy. Kyra gets to know that its a waterless fasting, with prayer and other rituals, which she wont be able to do as she doesnt have the endurance to bear it, like arushi. Mini asks that arushi was therefore completely adorable since she preformed all the duties of a wife and bahu perfectly. Kyra is tensed. Mini twinkles at granny as she is set to thinking. granny is amused. she then asks granny to let be, as kyra is incapable of doing it. they are about to leave, when kyra comes and says that she shall do it, as she always accepts a challenge. Priyanka sees this from afar and decides that she wont let her have the karvachauth fasting successfully.

Outside, harpreet tells vihaan that she wont go to the doctor, and is reluctant, while vihaan asks her to understand that what happened today was dangerous and an accident could have happened. He says tht there are kids and them, and its not just for them, what if anything happens to her, and says that he wont be able to bear it. geeta hears frustratedly. She says that she too feels her need to be tested. Vihaan gets frustrated. harpreet gets angry. he asks them to be silent. Harpreet turns to him and asks him to go to kyra, and let her be, as she shall go to amritsar to her sister as she would be okay, iof she stays away from them. geeta is amused and says that there shall be peace finally. He is tensed. later, harpreet packs her bags and is ready to go, while he stops her. she asks him not to stop her. geeta asks her not to be dramatic and go if she wishes to, and that she shouldnt come back till she is fine and better. He asks geeta to stop. he says that he has learnt to smile and laugh due to her and says that its final that she wont go anywhere. kyra too says that he is right. harpreet asks her to be quiet as he is right as always. She eyes kyra angrily. He gets an idea and says that he wants to see the fire that burns in her eyes when she sees kyra. harpreet says that she would get so fine when she returns, she would be a monster-in-law to her bahu. He says that it doesnt need for her to go to amritsar for that. harpreet gets angry while kyra taunts her further. While harpreet vents out her frustration, and kyra and vihaan play along, all are amused. harpreet asks him to let her go, as she wont get right here. He is tensed. he says that he has a condition too that sarthi shall also go. she complies, and asks to be left to the station. Kyra asks her to stay as the ticket shall cost extra money unnecessarily. she asks kyra not to bother, as she has saved her money. Geeta fumes. She warns kyra yet again and then finally harpreet leaves, saying that she shall come back with a vengeance. he goes with her. Kyra apologises in her mind that she had to this for harpreet only. Kyra tells them that she wanted her first karvachauth with all the mothers, and that she shall miss her. she hopes that harpreet is back before she leaves finally.

later, kyra calls her friend and tries to get info about sargi and other rituals of the fast. granny and mini comes in and give her the dress and other items of beautification for her, and explain her everything. Vihaan sees them with kyra, and is tensed, while they are excited for her first karvachauth. kyra is tensed as she eyes him. he barges in to talk to her, but she goes out on some pretext to avoid a confrontation. priyanka then comes back in stealthily, jealous of the love showered on kyra, and decides that she would render the saree unusable to kyra. Kyra returns just when she is eyeing the saree. kyra is tensed while priyanka leaves fumingly. Kyra eyes the stuff overwhelmingly, when vihaan comes out after freshening up, and asks if she is out of her mind, and why should she do. she asks why is he bothered, if she wants to do. He asks if she knows what this fast means. she says that she has already taken the challenge and now wont go back. he asks her to eat when she gets hungry, and eat and not tell anyone, as it shall be between them. She asks if he is asking her to cheat. He says yes, as her fasting wont make any sense, as theirs is a contract marriage. But she is adamant and then ordres him to be there fo the rituals. He is furious. she then turns her tone to pleading, and requests him to help her out. he says that he isnt stupid, and she wont do this nor be able to, and asks her to let be and walks out. She is fuming wondering how could he think that she wont be able to do it, as she shall finish it, determinedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Godmother’slair
Bebo gives the hair to Maata, who eyes it and then starts with her ritual involving some voodoo magic. Maata starts doing some chants and then says that she has to continue it till tomorrow morning and after that she can do whatever she wishes to, with vihaan. Bebo is happy. she asks bebo to go and watch for herself tonight. bebo is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
bebo stealthily eyes vihaan coming in the main gate and informs maat about it on the phone. She complies. then bebo hides behind the pillar. she does voodoo stuff on the doll, and pricks its legs with a needle, and vihaan’s leg immediately starts paining as he winces in pain. bebo is shocked as he collapses on the ground. Bebo smiels, while the maata guffaws. Then she takes the pin out and he climbs back up, boggled as to the sudden appearance and disappearance of the pain, and wonders what happened, and then walks in. bebo calls up maata and tells why didnt she kill him rightaway. Maata says that this doll doesnt have that calibre yet and for that she shall have to do the ritual all day and all night. bebo praises her and cancels the call, and thinks that once vihaan dies, she shall have kyra in her trap.

Later, kyra keeps muttering in her sleep about the karvachauth fast and how she determinedly keep it, at any cost, as this fast is very powerful. the screen freezes on her and bebo’s faces.

Precap: Mini, granny and narmada discuss the next morning, whether kyra shall keep the fast and finish it successfully. mini and granny are sure that she shall wear the same saree that they gave her, while priyanka says that she doesnt think kyra would wear it. Kyra comes in dressed gorgeously as a bride, while all are shocked particularly priyanka. narmada comes and asks her if she wore arushi’s bridal dress and she complies. narmada asks how dare she and raises her hand to slap her. But Vihaan stops her, shocking them all.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    How dare Kyra wear Arushi Bridal dress.. It don’t suit her

  2. Kyra is more beautiful than arushi I like her more but the script that she is portraying is bullshit

  3. Marie go and bring Arushi to wear it now since u say Kyra shouldn’t have worn the the wedding clothe.

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