Satrangi Sasural 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny asks mili to go and sleep too. mili excuses herself to go to the washroom. Granny is relieved that nothing bad happened, but is tensed for mili. Mini thinks that someone deliberately placed the mouse in the cake. Narmada and harpreet again accuse kyra. Geeta and granny think that they should call the police. harpreet diverts their attention as to what kyra was planning to do, with the ouija board. kyra says that she just wants to convince them all, that arushi talks to her, and whatever she did, arushi wanted her to do, and she had no other option to prove this. She again rants that she wanted to prove this through the ouija board. harpreet asks her to go and get it then, as they arent scared. Kyra says that she shall get the board,

while mini goes with her too. They come in, the venue of the party and find everything in perishes. They dont ffind the ouija board, and are shocked. Mini says that someone did come as the lights are off too. they are completely shocked as they find someone going out of the other gate, the same red hooded girl. kyra rushes after her, while asking mini to go and alarm the rest of the family. Mini leaves. Kyra goes after the spirit. Mini comes back and tells them what she saw, and they are shocked, as she describes the girl who is wearing red dupatta and rushing out when she saw them.

In the middle of the night, the mysterious lady hides behind the drum. kyra comes and doesnt find her anywhere. then kyra finds someone hiding behind the drum, her red dupatta sticking out. She stealthily walks upto her, and then confronts her, while the lady springs up from behind and tries to gaga her by pinning kyra against the wall. Kyra sees that the girl has the wound in the same plac where mili was hurt and is boggled. The girl pushes her away and runs off. Kyra goes after her, but just then vihaan comes and kyra hurriedly asks him to come inside immediately. She asks granny where is mili. He asks boggled, how is mili associated to all this. Granny replies that mili is in the bathroom. Arushi fumbles, and says that maybe the red dupatta clad girl is mili. Narmada asks her to stop this and her games, as they have found her after long years, and she isa shifting her crimes on her, and asks why would she do so, and says that she is just jealous as she is arushi’s sister. harpreet asks why would she harm herself. kyra says that what she says might not be true, but then talks about the wound she saw. she decides to go and find out. just then, mili comes out casually from the bathroom, seeing whom all are tensed, while kyra is shocked. Narmada asks if she needs any more proof. geeta says that jealousy is normal but not to this extend. granny and vihaan listen intently. Mini asks kyra not to speak at all, as mili has suffered enough. Granny too asks her to go and rest, as she might have had a misunderstanding. Kyra eyes mili tensedly.

Later in the night, kyra frehsnes up and comes out of the bathroom, trying to tie the thread of her robe, around the neck, and struggled with it, as vihaan comes in and awkwardly eyes her, her hair wet and she looking sensual in the flimsy nightrobe. Vihaan turns her eyes away, while she too shys at his gaze. he then turns around and helps her to do the thread on the robe, while she flinches at the slightest touch of his fingers grazing her back. He too eyes her in the mirror, as he helps her tie it, confused with what he is feeling. she smiles at him. he begins to go, but then she turns to him, and says that she doesnt understand and again brings out the topic of the wounded hand. he says that he knows her intentions arent wrong, but she is wrong with this one, and asks her to sleep as its late, and gets tensed. he turns off he lights and lies down. Kyra stands tensedly.

The next morning, Kyra comes out to find aru and arhaan eating maggi, and mili doing aru’s hair. Aru asks her where was she still now. Mili gets tensed and doesnt respond. Aru hugs her, and says that she wont ask. Kyra is surprised to see this. she doesnt like the way mili is comfortable with the kids. She is sure in her instincts that the ghostly girl is mili. they continue eating. kyra comes and exclaims that they had breakfast without even waking her up. They dont respond. She asks whats the matter. Aru responds that she got such a bad cake, that they almost died, and when she tries to clarify, being shocked and stunned, they go out to play with mili. Kyra is shocked and thinks that she feels that mili wants to snatch her children from her, and she wont let that happen.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
sunny gets a blind priest, who seems phony, but has big principles and ideologies. He explains the problem, as to how he has mixed up the potions of love and anti love, with the two women of the house. He gets on with his awkward rituals, that one powder packet to be put on the woman he loves, and the other on the one, he doesnt love. He agrees and he sends sunny to get water. He complies eargerly and excited, while the phony baba pinches everything that can be stolen. he drinks the water and then leaves. Sunny thinks that now he has take special care of the two packets so that he doesnt goof up again. He turns around, but collides with both the ladies, and the random powder packets sprinkle on them. he watches in anticpation as to what the effect is, tormented by his goof ups every single time.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the streets, kyra finds mili playing with the kids. Kyra finds a ball, and tries to engage arhaan, but aru warns him. Kyra asks them not to be so mad, but the kids say that they have decided that they wont talk to her, and ask mili for confirmation. kyra understands that mili is behind this. She holds her hand and asks why she instigated her kids against them. Mini keeps begging her to leave the hand, as she is in pain. the kids start crying and ask kyra to let go of mili’s hand. Kyra is shocked. geeta comes out while mili continues to cry. Aru says that kyra is beating mili. kyra is boggled and apalled, as she eyes mili angrily. Kyra rushes in, while geeta composes the children, and then goes back in. Mili eyes kyra sternly.

In the room, kyra says that this isnt fair, and then asks arushi to see what her sister did with her, and that she instigated the children against their own mother. She asks arushi to stop this unfair habit. she says that she is quiet only because she is arushi’s sister. granny comes in and tries to make trivia of the situation, that they are all children. Kyra agrees and smiles. Narmada and harpreet come and start to reprimand her for messing with mili. geeta asks her to not interfere. Geeta asks harpreet to let be, as kyra is young. harpreet retorts that she isnt a child now, as she has big principles to lecture. Mini asks her to let be and calm down now. Narmada says that they are trying to let go, as she landed some days late, as had she been here earlier, then maybe she would have replaced arushi. Kyra is apalled. Mili hears this from a distance. harpreet too says that mili rightfully needs to replace arushi. geeta asks them to stop this nonsense. The screen freezes on Mili’s face.

Precap: All are concerned as aru is crying incessantly, without any logical explanation. Kyra asks vihaan to stop, and says that she shall try talking. she tries to come close. But aru gets scared and hugs narmada all the more tight, while all are boggled by this reaction. Narmada asks kyra not to come closer, and then asks granny to see what this means. She says that children get the instinctive vibes, and that she is scared of kyra. kyra stands tensedly. all the others are worried too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this serial definitely need to come to an end, since arushi died it has not been the same with Vihaan and the seven mothers to tell the truth those writers did shit by killing off arushis character when all they could have done was to allowed arushi to kill crazy ass vibha and have an appropriate ending with Vihaan, arushi and her children aru and arhaan and the seven mothers also granny now this ending would have been great but no you writers carry on the serial still and poor Vihaan cannot get over the love of his life because there will never be another arushi for him no one can take arushis place not even mili understand

  2. Some times you makers mess up the script, what nonsense is this?

  3. This not mili it’s either evil of vibha or new evil

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