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Satrangi Sasural 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence and mumbai beach
All wait anxiously for granny to wake up, but she doesnt. Along with the mothers, arushi prays to the lord in their temple, that they have struck a diya alight, and it shall remain so, till vihaan is found. they find that the light starts flickering, alarming them, and they try to keep it alive. Meanwhile, on the shores, while a fisherman is docking his boat, in the night, he finds vihaan buried underneath the boat and is shocked. He hollers for others, and they immediately administer medicinal treatment on him, first aid, and try and revive him. just then, the lights go off. When the lantern is burnt, they find that he isnt regaining consciousness, and infact is getting worse. They decide to take him to a hospital, but then

think that it might become a police case and they might be implicated. they also start thinking that to stay out of trouble, they should leave him back where they found him. the leader says that he looks like he belongs to a good family, and decides that they shall not go to the police, and shall wait till he gets conscious, after which they shall get to the police. Meanwhile, narmada comes and tells them not to try and save the diya alive, as the responsibility is the lord’s now. they are shocked. she adds that this isnt their test but the lord’s, as he has to bring vihaan alive and safe back to them, and if the lrod doesnt, then there shall never be another diya in the temple. arushi is shocked and asks what do they mean. narmada rushes to her room, berserk and distraught, throwing things around and breaking into tears. harpreet comes and asks her to compose herself. geeta and harpreet are aapalled to see her like this, while narmada sys that she desperately hopes vihaan comes back, as the sole happiness of the family, as she wont be able to live without him, after his father’s disappearance. she wonders why the lord is doing this, and why he is always after them. arushi comes and comforts her, saying that she is a strong woman, and that she has given birth to such a good boy, and raised him wonderfully, and asks her to have faith and determination. She collapses in arushi’s arms. Arushi says that vihaan shall be back, as he is safe wherever he is, as he is blessed by seven mothers, and the lord cant do this kind of injustice, and wherever he is, he is thinking of returning home. they hope that what she says turns out to be true. Arushi keeps assuring herself and them too, as they hug each other.

Outside, arushi gets food for mini and priyanka, and tries to feed them, but they resist. she doesnt give up, and they finally give in. She then gies to granny, and asks her to have soup, and she too refuses. But arushi composes her that if she doesnt eat, her strength to keep hope and spirits alive shall not be there and badgers her to eat. granny complies through tears. Later, as sshe is in her room, she is in tears reminded of her moments with vihaan. She says that she would have to be strong, and he too, as she would have to take his place in this house, and from this day forht, she is the daughter in law later, and first she shall be the son, as she is sure that he shall come, but till then, she would take all responsibility of this house, and all the mothers.

Meanwhile, vihaan wakes up finally, with much head and bodyache. he gets down the be dwith much difficulty. the fisherman see and run to him, while his condition isnt good. He staggers and again doses off into unconsciousness.

The next morning, while all sit down tensedly at the dining table, granny is reminded of aall the omens which happened during marriage, and then reminds them that she had told them not to get vihaan married, blaming it for what happened. they are sad. granny wonders what sin she did, that she has to face this with every male member of the family. She says that arushi thought it was her whim, but after what happened, how does she not believe in this. narmada asks heer not to talk like this with them. Granny asks what should she make of this then, as any marriage doesnt sustain here. They convince granny that they should be with arushi, and support her, in her conviction tht vihaan shall come. Kasturi comes and says that arushi’s conviction is highly strong.

In her room, arushi dresses up brighty and chirpy, as she usually did, as if nothing happened, and then talks to vihaan’s pics, as if she is talking to him, asking how does she look, and also knows about his reaction. she kisses the pic. She begins to feel dizzy, and falls on the floor. the screen freezes on her unconscious face.

Precap: The doctor comes and checkes arushi, and while all are tensed, she relieves them saying that arushi is pregnant. they are all overjoyed. Meanwhile, vihaan gets up and tries to mumble something, but out of the exhaustion and immense stress, doses back again, leaving all the fishermen tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Don’t drag bring vihaan back

  2. please do not let that mad girl vibha land her claws and makes claims on Vihaan let Vihaan remember everything and search for the love of his life arushi Vihaan will be so elated when he finds out that arushi is pregnant with his child I definitely cannot see vibha and Vihaan together so writers do not even think of it arushi and Vihaan belong with each other

  3. Pls bring Vihaan back

  4. Plz stop dragging this episode let vihaan remember everything so that he can go home safe n sound without any memory lose cuz it already confirmed that arushi is pregnant let hope he dont lose his memory cuz it will be very hard on arushi…..i does wonder when them lose the memory how come them does remember the mom dad sis bro and so on etc…. and them does forget them wifes n husband they pppls who them spent time with they forget so easy

  5. Very sad episode

  6. what I cannot understand is there are seven mothers who could take care of granny so why did arushi left Mumbai before waiting to seek if Vihaan will turn up she should have remained there searching for her husband but no she gone to take care of granny that did not make sense arushi should have been combing all the beaches and talking with all the fishermen until she find Vihaan poor script again from these writers

  7. Datsall vihaan got memory loss I think nd vibha is missing in vihaans residence

  8. Arushi ‘ s acting skill was good before her marriage with vihaan but now these days she looks so fake and she is overacting every matter and thing

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