Satrangi Sasural 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
granny says that this isnt their real vihaan., harpreet is boggled and argues, but geeta asks her to shut up, as granny is right. narmada asks whats this nonsense. Granny asks her to shut up, and silently comply. She says that she has seen things that prove he isnt their vihaan. Priyanka asks whats she seen. Nilima says that there must be something thats why granny is so serious. But priyanka says that they are all captivated by kyra. harpreet too asks granny to speak up. geeta says that this vihaan is a Jinn. mili is shocked, while others are thoroughly speechless. Mili and the fake vihaan tensedly eye each other. Nilima says that he is a lookalike. Priyanka asks how they are so confident, and asks how can they prove so. Granny says that

he doesnt have blood in his body. they are boggled. Mili is tensed. Vihaan says that he knows why she is saying all this, as they are under the influence of kyra, but he can prove that he is the real vihaan. he asks them all to wait and goes in. they wonder what he is utpo. He comes back and cuts himself with a knife, blood gushing out. all are shocked, while granny is puzzled. He asks if they now believe that he is their vihaan. mili smiles. Granny refuses that she doesnt believe. The mothers are confused. vihaan asks what more can he do to gain her faith. granny eyes him tensedly. The fake vihaan begs granny to believe that its her vihaan only. Granny says that this isnt needed as their vihaan is alive. she then hollers for kyra, who comes in with the real vihaan, who gets emotional seeing his family, while the mothers are shocked. Mili and fake vihaan are shocked meanwhile. Vihaan turns emotionally to granny, and the other mothers. the mothers are confused between the two. They wonder how is this possible. Mili asks what game is kyra upto now, and who is this lookalike. Kyra asks if mili still wants to continue her acting of innocence, as she has her vihaan with her, as the one with mili, is a lookalike. Kyra eyes them sternly. granny says that she knows how to find the real vihaan, and says that she shall test them now. the mothers are boggled. The fake vihaan and mili eye each other tensedly. narmada asks what test. Granny says that the mothers know their vihaan the best. mili doesnt like the way things are going. Kyra vehemently protests that this is the real vihaan, then why the test. Vihaan says that he is ready. Harpreet asks why should they believe. priyanka too raises a doubt. granny says that anything might be true, and hence they need to find out whats the matter. Kyra tells how she had saved him, and the fake vihaan tells that exactly how kyra has saved the real vihaan. kyra is boggled, and asks how does he know. he says that he was trapped. the actual one and kyra are boggled, while the fake one and mili smily. kyra says that he is lying, and that this cant be, as she cant make this major mistake, and begs granny to understand. She then remembers how they had taken the god’s name, and tries to cross. Kyra did, but vihaan wasnt able to, and they decide to find a separate way. meanwhile, the devihelping kyra, continues to chant, waiting for the last diya to alight, signifying kyra’s ultimate victory. Vihaan is helpless thinking that he cant cross like kyra did. kyra says that they have to, or else they shall be stuck forever. he tries to break it, but his efforts go in vain. kyra says that she has an idea. He asks how. Kyra steps in the wall, and then hugs vihaan, and he hugs her back too. Just then, huge thunderstorm and lightning strike, while the devi too continues to try her chants. While hugging, she helps vihaan cross it, with much difficulty though. the diya ignites, while kyra’s friend is overwhelmed. She thanks the kali idol for this. Kyra and vihaan rush and take care of the lady, who collapses in their arms, but is happy to see them both together. She then falls flat. Kyra remembers that vihaan is wounded, and then tries to see, but finds that there isnt any wound. The mothers are boggled, while the actual vihaan and kyra are shocked. The fake one shows his wound, and asks if this is the one they are talking about. they are shell shocked, while the mothers are thoroughly confused. mili stands evilly smiling, thinking that kyra cant win this. The actual vihaan and the fake vihaan then, continue to try and convince her with their arguements, as the actual and the fake both know the exact facts. she finally screams at them to stop it, completely distraught and apalled. The fake one tries to convince. granny asks him to shut up, as he had said that kyra attacked mili, and now he says that she rescued him. he says that she did rescue, but after that, what she did, noone knows, and then says that he had never imagined that she would do this, and thats when mili saved him, from kyra’s ire. Kyra lunges at mili asking why is she doing this. mili retaliates saying that she is hell bent on accusing her always. Mili reprimands her instead. kyra swears that she shall never let her win. Mili says that she accepts the challenge and asks her to find out who is the real and who is the fake vihaan, with all the actual proof to substantiate her claim. She says that if she is able to do so, then she shall leave the house forever. all are shocked to hear this. Mili then says that if she isnt able to, then she shall have to promise that she shall leave this house permanently. geeta asks her to shut up. Narmada says that she is right. Nilima too argues. granny asks her to be quiet. All are aghast. kyra however accepts the challenge, surprising them all. she assures granny that she has full faith on the lord, that if her love is true, and the way she serves this family, she has full faith, that she shall pass this exam nicely. The real vihaan too sides with her, saying that their love is on the line. He says that their lord definitely knows who the real one is. mili and the fake one stand tensed. kyra eyes them angrily.

Later in the night, mili and the fake vihaan are frustrated. he asks what do they have o prove, and why cant they ruin the family together. She says that they dont have any other choice, as kyra managed to do what no ordinary person can, and asks him not to underestimate kyra and her presence being pivotal in the safety of the family, and sometimes she feels that kyra has some power to save the family, and that she can never find the true vihaan, as that would mean her victory, and if she wins, its worse for them. Mili says that they have to be very alert, as kyra and her sardaar shall go to any lengths to prove their point. they both are anxious. The screen freezes on the fake vihaan’s face.

Precap: Kyra talks to granny, along with the devi maa, that she can provide some input from childhood, which probably the jinn doesnt know anything about. Kyra says that they shall have to target childhood memories only. The devi maa is convinced. she says that granny must be knowing everything, and something out of that, which can help them. granny says that she understood, and that there is one thing that shall tell them who is the actual vihaan. They are happy and hopeful.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this storyline is way too much SHIT now writers hurry and bring this serial to an end before z tv go off the air

  2. I wrote in a comment that this story was of Kaira but then somebody wrote that this was the story of Arushi…. This only shows that people have still not accepted Kaira….. I really wonder what is Vrushika Mehta a talented and superb dancer and actress doing here…..

  3. I think she will remembered wen he was a little boy

  4. This show is as bad as last season of qubool and should please be scrapped can zee TV portray such amount of evil in one show and they dont feel anything.i cant believe this.

  5. Milli says going to destroy this family, kyra says I won’t let u do that,this going on everyday. Kyra says why u doing this mili smirks evilly. Please end its same everyday.

  6. see what I mean same old same old storylines at least there are others who are fed up too so come on you writers end the damn serial please

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