Satrangi Sasural 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the mandap
Prahlad and dadaji beg granny to rethink her descision, while she stands adamant and says that even when she returns she wont atleast marry her vihaan to this girl. all are shocked. Granny asks them all to come along. Granny asks for vihaan and he says that he is right here, as he walks in. All eyes turn on him, as he walks in along with arushi, seeing whom all are shocked beyond belief. the ladies are relieved, while granny is shocked. Kasturi comes and hugs her, while all other ladies are tensed. She asks her where had she gone, and arushi is unable o meet granny’s stoical face. narmada comes and asks her too, where had she gone. Granny is tensed if she shall tell everyone. Vihaan comes and faces granny, while she tries to look away. vihaan

asks granny to answer narmada’s question, as to where was arushi, right before their marriage, leaving the mandap and her vihaan. Granny gets tensed. He asks how could she not think even once, what he shall go through. Vihaan stands emotional, while granny faces him stoically. The ladies ask why is he talking like that, as granny had gone to the temple. vihaan says that she hadnt gone to pray for them, but to break their marriage, and tells everyone what granny did, as she stands defiant, while all others are shocked. They asked why granny did this. vihaan tells them the reason that granny has in her mind. Arushi’s family is tensed. granny tells vihaan that some things are beyond his comprehensiopn, and hence its better that he neither thinks or speaks. Vihaan says that this is the descision of his and arushi’s life, and he cant stay quiet and let everything be ruined. He asks how can he let granny’s superstition win, and let her and her belief ruin arushi’s life. granny says that noone can see what she can. The ladies are tensed. Granny tries to re-inforce her firm belief in this superstition, and asks vihaan if he even realises what pain she has gone through, and that he is her and the ladies’ last hope, and she cant see this ray of hope going far away, even if ats the cost of their marriage. She says that had any other lady been in her place, she would have done the same. The ladies are tensed. priyanka says that when they are wrong, or misguided, she shows them the right path, and when the mother has made a mistake, she shall rectify her. she says that she regrets that her mother took such a strong step, owing to superstition, when its truth’s biggest enemy. Narmada syas that they have seen enough pain, but she had guided them to forget the past and move on, then why does she live with the burden of the past and if she does so, how can they move forward. all try to point out to her how wrong she has been, and how they wont be with her, and that the omens were just a crazy co-incidence. Nilima asks how could she see her selfish motives, her superstistion and her son’s life, but not someone else’s life ruining, if the baraat had gone from this house today. Priyanka says that arushi is someone else’s but vihaan is their own, then how could she do this to vihaan, and that this house bears the women of seven alone ladies, and asks her if she wanted vihaan too to bear this pain by living alone. She says that even if she has to go against granny, but them six mothers shall get vihaan married. Granny is surprised. harpreet and others say that she is wrong and today she cant stop them, by any promise or emotional blackmail, as today vihaan shall get married at any cost. Mini and geeta says that its on her now, to decide if she wants to be a part of vihaan’s marriage or not. geeta asks vihaan to come along and marry arushi in this mandap. priyanka tells granny that she would have to be in this marriage, even if helplessly. She takes granny’s hand, and puts it on vihaan’s hand to bless him in his relationship with arushi. But granny keeps it away, and moves aside. Arushi goes to her, and then says that the relationship shall be incomplete without her blessings, and finally granny caves in and blesses her and vihaan too. Everyone is happy.

The marriage ceremonies begin, and the kastrui and prahlad come forward for the kanyadaan, while all the others watch happily. The pheras begin with everyone’s blessings. Finally amidst much glee, vihaan dons the vermillion on arushi’s forehead and the mangalsutra around her neck finalising the last ritual of their marriage. The screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Girish and prahlad lose the diary, and get frustrated at each other. Just then, priyanka comes and asks whats the matter, and why he did so. Prahlad fumbles that this was arushi and vihaan’s plan and he didnt know anything about it. Priyanka is boggled and asks why and what does he mean.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. pls let this wedding go well.

  2. What is wrong with granny?If you endorse superstitious beliefs it will eventually take possession of your life.I think Arushi and Vihaan will break that belief.I do hope Granny is not cooking up something again to prove that she is right..Leave the too young people alone Granny,Let them be.Go and lay down in your room and find some solace in there,Please,go to bed.

  3. Lol preach Rosey

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