Satrangi Sasural 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and the asylum
Kyra, vihaan and granny realise that this was mili’s plan all along, to get her arrested. Narmada and priyanka say that she has gone mad. kyra tells what mili told to her and why. Vihaan too emphasises, but the police say that they wont let her get away this time around. kyra asks for a chance to prove herself, and asks them to ask Mili to bow to the goddess deity. Narmada asks whats she saying. kyra says that she shall expose everyone. the police ask her to do so too, while mili stands speechless and tensed. Mili tries to get narmada emotional saying that kyra is always targetting her. priyanka asks her to prove kyra wrong in front of everyone. Mili is distraught. geeta, granny and dolly eye her angrily. Kyra asks

the mothers to ask mili to take the blessings of Maata rani once. they all nudge her to do so. When she hesitates, kyra takes the idol and progresses towards her, while mili is tensed. Kyra asks what happened and if she is feeling scared. Mili gets teary eyed and says that she is scared, but not from the lord, but from her. they are all shocked and boggled. Mili touches shocking them all, while kyra isnt able to believe it at all. Mili tells her that the lord dont look good in the hands of bad people and takes it. She is sad and asks how she took her from her place and ask who does that. She then takes it and places it back, while granny and vihaan are shocked. Narmada and priyanka smile, while kyra is thotoughly boggled. The police ask kyra if her drama is over, then she should come along. Vihaan asks him to wait as kyra is innocent and she hasnt done anything. But just then nilima comes and asks them to wait, as they cant arrest her client, as her bail has been done. Mili is shocked and granny, geeta and vihaan are relieved. The police sees it, and then nilima informs that the dead body that she found was already dead there for the past 3 days, hence kyra couldnt have killed her on that day. Mili begins to retreats. Nilima then produces the report from the asylum, that states that kyra is fit and normal, and somebody bribed the warden to keep her detained. She says that hence before arresting kyra, they should search the person who did it. Kyra and vihaan thank her profusely, while the police leaves. Geeta looks around and wonders where is mili. they are tensed and look around too.

Later, while the puja comes to an end, priyanka and narmada come after searching mili, but noone finds her anywehere. Nilima wonders where she went at this point of time. priyanka says that after the insult that she faced, she went away. narmada says that she is scared that mili might do something wrong, and wouldnt be surprised if she leaves the house. Priyanka agrees. kyra is apalled. they both continue to blame kyra for mistreating with mili, who kept proving that she is a human after all.

Meanwhile mili comes to her room, and is shocked and angered asking how dare kyra play this game with her. Mili eyes the goddess and says that she wont be able to do anything to her, as her powers are more than that of the lords. just then, by some effect, the winds start blowing, the hole lamp falls on her hand, burning it, while she winces in pain. Mili asks if she shall punish her now, and she wont be able to do anything, and she would erase it, but to her surprise and shock, the wound doesnt go away. mili wonders whats happening to her, and why isnt the magic happening, and wonders if due to her burnt hand, the magic isnt working, and it wont return back before 24 hours. She is furious thinking that this cant be, and her magic cant stop like this. She throws away the holy water, and it falls on the electric circuit, almost electrocuting her. she is scared and shocked too now.

Outside, the priest asks vihaan and kyra to come forward, and then he dons the holy vermillion on her forehead. they come up, while all are happy, but narmada and priyanka stand sullen. mili watches from behind and then sprays wind on the tray, by her magic, and kyra is shocked as all the vermillion flies away, while kyra wonders where are such strong winds coming from. Just then, somehow mili’s throat gets choked, and she isnt able to blow anymore, while the priest produces the next batch, and this time, vihaan completes the ritual successfully with kyra, while mili fumes, clutching at her throat, while geeta and granny are overwhelmed. Mili wonders who was suffocating and gagging her, and asks how is this possible. she rushes back. She comes inside the room, and facing the mirror, she tries her magic, but nothing happens, while her hand starts paining and she retreats away in shock, frustrated and apalled. She wonders whats happening and what should she do now. She then gets an idea, saying that she has to meet a specific person, and she doesnt have any person or option, as only she can revive back the magic, but wonders how to, as she doesnt even know where she lives. She says that people have seen her, but noone knows where she stays, but is determined that she has to meet somehow. She closes her eyes, and then sits on the bed, and starts chanting, that has its effect, on person sitting far away, in an isolated part of the jungles, covered in shroud. She lifts herself from the bed, as she continues chanting, and then opens her eyes, and sees vihaan and kyra’s weding pic and says that if she wishes to separate them, then she has to target vihaan instead of kyra, as he is her and the family’s strength, and once she gets whats she wishes, then this whole family shall do what she so wishes, then she can ruin them completely very easily, and hence she can avenge arushi and her family’s death like that. The screen freezes on mili’s angry face.

Precap: Mili comes and gives a medicine to vihaan saying that this is the med, thats causing hallucinations similar to what granny and arhaan saw. he says that these are granny’s bp medicines. they are all shocked. Mili says that kyra tampered with the medicines to proves her point. To end this once and for all, he takes a tablet and gulps it down, while all are shocked. he starts going dizzy and his vision blurs. He finds geeta approaching him with a knife, and they are all shocked, as he tries to retreat away. kyra is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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