Satrangi Sasural 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi lies distraught on the bed, as vihaan lies down emotionless on the bed, while she gets to seducing him, as she unbuttons his shirt one by one. Arushi is reminded of their times, while vihaan too reminisces his recent encounters with arushi, while vibha tries to get intimate with her. he wonders whats happening and why is he thinking about arushi. She meanwhile continues to kiss vihaan on the forehead, while he is visibly at discomfort. Arushi suddenyl starts experiencing discomfort in her belly, and hsarp pangs of pain, and understands that she is having labour pains. she is happy that even their child doesnt want vihaan to become anyone else’s. the oain gets sharper, and with great difficulty she manages to struggle out of the

room, screaming for vihaan and the mothers. vihaan has an instinctive feeling, that arushi is reaching out for him, but vibha says that he is just imagining things and gets back to consummating her relationship. But finally, vihaan jerks her away and rushes out wearing his shirt. He rushes out to find arushi drooling in the drawing room, with severe stomach ache, clutching at her abdomen. She collapses, and falls right in vihaan’s arms, who dives into catch her. A romantic embrace follows. the mothers come too. Vihaan is tensed to see her like this, while she clutcehs tightly at him. he rushes her to the hospital, and asks the mothers to come along. As vibha comes out, she is furious to see the entire scene. She is about to go with them too, when they refrain her and say that she cant come along with them. geeta warns her that she cant come with them, as they dont want even her shadow on the child, lest it be influenced. They leave. vibha fumes.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital and Kasturi’s residence
Arushi gets labour pains as her delivery draws near. She clutches tightly at vihaan’s arms, while he keeps assuring her that nothing shall happen to her, and asks her not to be scared and that the doctors shall take good care of her. she asks him not to leave her side as she is very scaared and would need him by her side. she keeps asking for him, while he is boggled, and insists that she shouldnt be scared as nothing would happen. She is traumatised as her hand once again separates from vihaan’s, as she is admitted inside the ICU. Meanwhile the nurse asks vihaan to come along, as there’s some paper formalities to be done, so that they may start the operation. he hurriedly complies. the nurse presumes that he is her husband and tells her where to sign. he is shocked to hear this. he waives all caution aside and asks where he has to sign, and signs at the place of the husband. later, Vihaan waits outside and paces around nervously, while all the mothers are tensed too. The deoctors come out and say that arushi’s condition is very serious and her BP is skyrocketing. She tells vihaan that his wife is calling him. he is boggled. the mothers are tensed of his reaction, and they nudge him to go. he is boggled and confused but complies. the mothers outside are tensed and worried. Vihaan enters and arushi says that she wants a promise. Vihan sits by her bedside, and holds her hand, and says that nothing shall happen to her, and she shall herself raise her child. the mothers see this from the visitor’s window in their room. She asks him to promise that if anything happens to her during the delivery, then he shall raise the child as his own, and also give the child his own name. he is tensed and hesitates while she bears severe pains, literally in tears. the mothers are tensed. Arushi insists him to speak up. seeing her condition, finally he agrees to her, and says that he shall give the child his name and raise her child. the mothers are emotionally overwhelmed with happiness. Arushi has tears trickling down her face, as she eyes vihan romantically. granny is overwhelmed emotionally, about the irony of the situation, that its his child only, and he doesnt even realise it. just then, Vibha arrives fuming that of all days arushi had to choose this day for her delivery. she says that he is so disturbed when he doesnt remember, what would happen when he does. She thinks that he would be out of her trap, if he sees his child. she says that she has to end this completely, by ending arushi and her child. she smiles evilly.

Kasturi gets call from the hospital, and she immediately says that she shall come rightaway. She calls jhanvi and she says that arushi is severe and asks jhanvi to come with girish. She leaves. Jhanvi wonders that girish hasnt returned yet. She tries his number, and finds that his mobile is at home only. She finds that his mobile’s ringtone is coming from upstairs, and wonders whats he doing there at this time of the night, and wonders if karuna has trapped him yet again. She goes upstairs tensedly. She finds his phone in karuna’s room, but doesnt find both of them, and wodners where could girish be at this time of the night. she is tensed if karuna took him once again, and thinks that this lady is dangerous for girish, and wonders how to contact him. She opens the wardrobe and finds it completely empty. she is shocked. then she comes across a piece of paper lying on the road, with a pic of Laxmi Nagar, Gali No. 16, their lane, and wonders whats going on.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
The mothers are anxious that the operation is taking so long, and geeta wonders if everything is okay isndie. vihaan too is nervous and worried. the doctor come out finally and tells them that arushi has lost a lot of blood, and that her condition is debiliating by the minute, and her BP is not coming under control, and they are trying all that they can. She says that arushi should have had this delivery after 15 days, and asks them to pray to the lord. vihaan says that she would live through this. The nurse is unsure, and the mothers are worried and tensed. She says that she is having a premature delivery, and they cant say anything at this point. Vibha hears this from a distance and thinks evilly that now she doesnt need to kill her, as arushi shall die herself. The doctor leaves. vihaan eyes the lord’s idol kept nearby and goes to it. granny and others watch this, apalled and distraught, as he comes on his knees, asking him to bless arushi and save her and her child. He has tears in his eyes. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: The doctor comes and tells them that she has good news, and arushi is completely out of danger now. She tells them that arushi has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. they are overjoyed. Meanwhile vibha comes inside arushi’s room as she lies asleep. She tampers with the wires of her bedside switch, short circuiting it. Vibha thinks that when arushi wakes up and presses the switch, she should get such a high voltage current, that she would die.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. good going arushi is out of danger and how sweet she gave birth to twin I hope that when Vihaan sees them he realizes that they are his what is wrong with that witch vibha writers stop that tract now it is time to send her to jail to join her husband and stepmother at first I was annoyed at what her husband and step mother was doing to her but now it was truly justified because she is no different from what they were doing to her anyway like I said there is no room for vubha now the twin have arrived Vihaan needs to bond with his children and remember the love he has for his wife arushi what I cannot understand is why the writers allow vibha to start back administering the medication to Vihaan and why don’t the seven mother put Vihaan to sit down and talk to him showing him the wedding photos of he and arushi that will surely jog his mind to thinking this tract is dragging way to long now it is nine months for a person to have a baby all this time and Vihaan is still lost to arushi no way writers either stop this vibha storyline or end the damn serial but for now to tell the truth the storyline is total SHIT now and it is making no sense what so ever wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VIBHA HIT THE ROAD NOW

  2. Superb!!!! Omg arushi gave birth to twins! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Why is that witch vibha so evil??????
    I can’t wait for her to get lost so that vihaan, arushi and
    the twins will be happy

  3. naz

    So in the upcoming episode-maybe it will be Vihaan who gets zapped & that will bring his memory back. Or maybe Vibha will be caught by hospital staff or even Vihaan. Just PLEASE, PLEASE end this already and send Vibha away permanently. Now, what’s with Karuna storyline? Girish & Jhanvi marriage is super boring.

  4. KP

    I find daily the English is poor with several typos and grammatical mistakes.The text should be edited well fore uploading

  5. Janeyluv

    So glad for my baby girl Arushi that she gave birth to twins, but i’m sad because vibha is still in the scene. Writer and director pls give us some love there pls!


    Hi, everyone it has been long since i watched this program could you please explain why vihan got married again, because i am so confused.

  7. Vibha is so dumb I can slap her if I was in there I will slap her till I miss and miss till I slap has anyone noticed vibha tried to rape vihaan

  8. salma aarya(yash,aarti)

    Nice show but please get rid of vibha witch there is no deference btw vibha and misha from jamai raja

  9. faidat it is a long story but I will try to update you here goes there was one story line where arushi and one of her mother in law was driving and all of a sudden a young girl name vibha was thrown in front of arushis car making them believe that they had knocked the girl down the girl was taken to hospital unconscious and dying then the girls husband and step mother came and accused arushi of knocking down her daughter down but this was a plan because the step mother was horning vibha with her husband any way they started black mailing arushi that if the daughter died and she arushi paid them money they would drop the case against her so a black mailing arushi started any way arushi was arrested and put in jail and to make a long story short the girl survived so she went as a witness for arushi and told the judge that it was her husband and stepmother who pushed her in front of the car and it was not arushis fault so arushi was cleared and the husband and stepmother was sent to jail anyway out of kindness arushi and her step mothers took vibha in to work for them because she had no one but viba was an ungrateful b*t*h as she moved into the house she started stalking Vihaan arushis husband and so she destroyed arushis passport so that she and Vihaan could not go on their honeymoon but they still went anyway to a place where they did not need a passport arushi got her self into a fix when she went down to the beach she saw some illegal happenings going on and so the goons went after her and Vihaan came to her rescue a fight ensued and they both ended up in the sea arushi was drowning and Vihaan tried saving her but instead he Vihaan got swept away by the current never to be found for months and so the real story begins unaware of the mothers knowing she vibha followed arushi and Vihaan where they on their honeymoon and when the mishap took place arushi went back home to the seven mothers thinking Vihaan maybe was dead although she was not accepting it and so one day out of the blues vibha entered the police station and saw Vihaan coming in and so she told the police that she was his wife the marriage was never consummated the mothers put the article in the papers and Vihaan saw his picture and so he asked to be taken home not recognizing anyone not even arushi in her pregnant state and so another story began with vibha pretending to be his wife as Vihaan had lost his memory for all those months that’s it you can take it from her start watching it now


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