Satrangi Sasural 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita says that what the so rush in marriage its just a wait of 2 months, dadi still insist of discussing with aaru n vihu, they arrive n says everything will be done in 5 days, they have talkedwith a wedding planner n soon preps will start, aaru says that 18 years is still a long time for nilima she dnt want her to wait any longer, vihu give credit to aaru for all the ideas, dadi appreciates.

Next Scene, aaru-vihu in their room, vihu thank her for thinking about the family n doing so much, he try to come closer n aaru gets nervous, he kneel down to her n thank her from his heart for doing so much, she gets down n hugs him.

Vihu is trying to get naughty with aaru, saying she still has to pay for that slap he got in allthat drama, aaru cares his cheek n kisses, he gets more naughty

n says its on another cheek n gets one more kiss n now he want it on lips
aaru saysshe’ll apply lip balm for that n try to run away, vihu says that its time she’ll get free from her promise n they’ll move ahead in their marriedlife n says they should do a rehearsal atleast but aaru ran from their.

Next scene, aaru was coming to dadi maa n hears all mothers talking in her room, dadi says that now they should accept aaru as their DIL, its time aaru n vihu live their married life, priyanka objects, geeta n harpreet supports dadi maa, dadi says she want to see her great grand children before she dies n its her decision, priyanka still objects, they vote babita is quite, narmada is against, they want nilima’s vote also she was not their priyanka leaves n says she’s not going to let her be their perfect DIL.

Next scene, preperation starts, aaru is handling everything well, vihu being naughty again firstly teases aaru as a reporter n ask for bite n then ask for kiss, the tent fell on them n they get a chance to get closer but soon its taken off n aaru ran from their, dadi ask aaru that she’s proud of her, aaru ask to not be emo n she goes to call nilima.

Other side, gautam’s parents planning something against wedding n they enter in disguise in vatsal house, their outside nilu’s room, geeta n harpreet were watching nilu happily talking to gautam, aaru joins them but soon nilu realises n they had a joyfull moment, nilu goes to get ready, n they both thank aaru for giving this moment of happiness.

Precap: Gautam’s parents try to kidnap nilima.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. What is the matter with Priyanka?She is such a saint that she has never done anything wrong.The writers should now find a man for her also.She is too hateful and arrogant .Perhaps she wants to be with Vihaan because I cannot see her problem.

  2. could you tell me what Is wrong with these seven mothers why do they not be happy for their son Vihaan and arushi they married so long and up to now arushi kept her promise and did not consummate her marriage personally speaking writers if you get a man for each one of them especially priyanka they would stay out of Vihaan and arushis affairs Vihaan please take your wife arushi out of that house now I am not saying to leave your mothers but just leave for a weekend and go to a nice resort with arushi and consummate you marriage with bliss in that way you will not be disturbed by any one of the mothers look how mini mom trying to hold back nilima marriage that’s what I am talking about each one definitely need a man in their life you see that thing they call loving well getting that makes a whole lot of difference and without it one can become very grachety and wicked so come on writers do your do

  3. Maybe when aarushi n vivaan leave that house then these mother’s will realize they importance as for priyankra dont know what wrong with her it like she dont like to see ppls happy because she always have a problem with it when vivaan married aarushi she and the other mother had a problem with it and now nilima want to married the love of her life she have a problem with that too she have some attitude problems that need to be solve before it too late or else she will ruin every1 happiness n lifes

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