Satrangi Sasural 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Godmother’s lair
As bebo is hiding behind the curtains, geeta comes to her, and startles her by giving her a push that scares her. She asks her whats she doing here snopping around her married girl’s room, at this time of the night. bebo pretends to be sleepwalking and thanks her for getting her out of her sleep. geeta fumes that she is another weirdo added to their family of weirdos. she holds her and makes her lie down with them. bebo is anxious as she eyes the clock and its 12:10 thinking that she has to hurry up before arushi’s spirit escapes. She stealthily moves back into the room. meanwhile, vihaan starts having nightmares of the time when arushi’s hand separated from his, under water, and feels that he

is going away from her.
Vihaan wakes up startled, and rushes out, and switches on the lights. meanwhile bebo takes this time to put the lid successfully back into the bottle, to avoid arushi’s soul from escaping. before she can move out, he comes back in, and bebo is startled and at a loss of an answer. she stands speechless. Vihaan asks her whats she doing at this point of time, here. She says that she heard a voice and noticed the fallen painting hence she came here. Vihaan is tensed. Meanwhile, the maata starts getting aggressive that its time to take the soul trapped in the botle outside, and bebo needs to move fast. she says that if the colour of the fire in her hawan changes, then it means that the soul is finished, just like a bahu comes out of the houase after the final rites. she starts getting impatient hoping that bebo gets her out soon. vihaan meanwhile thinks that this is the reason why he felt arushi was reaching out to him. bebo notices that its just one minute to 12:15 and she has to take aruishi’s spirit out of the house, before its too late. While he is busy clutching at the pic with longing, she escapes out with the bottle, and comes out in the room, where all the mothers are sleeping, trying tensedly and cautiously to make her way through them, with arushi’s spirit captured in the bottle. Just before she can walk out, geeta gets up from sleep, and understands that she is sleep walking yet again and decides to set her to permanent sleep this time around. she taps on bebo and she is shocked. the bottle breaks as bebo is startled and arushi’s spirit is set free. She is shocked and upset too. Maata gets upset saying that its a big omen, and it seems impossible to drive arushi’s spirit away from the house, and is extremely displeased. The breaking of the glass alerts and alarms everyone. Bebo is frustrated. geeta tells everyone about her sleepwalking. They are surprised. bebo is furious asking if she even understands what she did and lunges for her throat. Kyra splits them apart and asks bebo what is she doing despite her attempts at making her understand not to do so. Kyra asks whats in this bottle. bebo comments that it was her destiny, and she broke it. geeta says that she is still in sleep. bebo rants and kyra asks her to stop it, and go from here, as she doesnt need to create drama in the wee hours of the night. bebo lashes out at her too that she is talking to her like this due to these people. geeta shoves her out. Bebo storms out. kyra and others are tensed. vihaan is displeased. kyra wonders why bebo did this, and what ws in the bottle, that bebo created such a nuisance.

Scene 2:
Location: Godmother’slair
bebo is tensed at maata’s anger, and sits tensedly. she narrates as to how she needs vihaan to die anyhow, so that she can inherit the property. Maata tells her that she needs vihaan’s hair, and then she shall ensure his death, be it destined or not. bebo is set to thinking, while maata demands for his hai, saying that this karvachauth shall be the last night for vihaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Finding sunny alone, pinky flirtingly tells him that she is going for a bath but then finds that her bathroom, is already occupied by dolly, her mother. she fumes and moves aside to the wardrobe shuffling through clothes. Sunny comes in excitedly assuming that she is in the bathroom and enters much to pinky’s horror. He gets a severe thrashing from dolly, who reprimands him and gives him a beating. pinky watches this apologetically while sunny is distraught.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, kyra gets the kids ready for school and begins to search for them. priyanka stealthily comes in just then, and ensuring that noone is looking, she steals the water bottle, in her saree. she turns around to find kyra confronting her. Kyra apologises that she doesnt want to establish her as a liar but asks her to think what is she doing. Priyanka takes out the bottle and keeps it back and stabs herself with the pencil. She asks kyra not to tell anything to anyone, or else she shall tell everyone that she tried to stab her, with a pencil and they shall then see what vihaan does with her. she leaves from there. Kyra thinks that she cant confront priyanka as she needs counselling, and hopes that things dont get so worse, that they are beyond salvation. harpreet turns on the gas and is about to light a matchstick, in the kitchen, when she hears a knock on the door, and due to her forgetful nature, she leaves the gas on and goes out. She finds that its a courier, and receives it, but then forgets what she was doing, and completely forgets about the kitchen.

Outside, geeta is getting the shop renovated, and kyra comes in with cold and cough, and asks when would her shop reopen. geeta says that it would be around karvachauth. geeta asks whats wrong with her. Kyra says that she got the flu, and is going to take tea for herself. geeta too asks for a cup. kyra goes in and meets harpreet and asks if she would like some tea too. harpreet lashes at her and walks out. Kyra comes badly sneezing in the kitchen and finds the matchstick and tries to light it up, oblivious to the gas turned on, as due to the cold, she doesnt get the smell. Meanwhile, vihaan walks oblivously on the road, unaware of kyra’s impending danger. he meets harpreet, and asks where is she going. She then tells him that she is going to the market and adds that kyra is alone in the house and shouldnt steal her stuff. She walks off, while he is irritated. he walks in and smells strong gas emanating and rushes to the kitchen just in time to save her from lighting the matchstick. He asks if she has gone mad, as there’s staunch gas smell, which can be smelled halfway through the road, and she didnt get it, being in the kitchen. He lashes at her not to do this, if she cant handle kitchen stuff. she is shocked and stunned. she says that she couldnt smell due to the cold. Just then, harpreet walks in remembering that she had to make tea, and switched on the gas, and went out. vihaan and kyra are shocked. She is distraught. He apologises profusely for shouting at her, while she screams in pain. he asks her to relax caressing her face, asking her to calm down. harpreet is furious. the screen freezes on kyra’s crying face.

Precap: While granny explains the importance of the fasting of karvachauth to kyra, bebo stealthily steals vihaan’s comb containing his hair. she gives it to Maata, who eyes it and then starts with her ritual involving some voodoo magic. Maata starts doing some chants and then says that she has to continue it till tomorrow morning and after that she can do whatever she wishes to, with vihaan. Bebo is happy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. absolutely ridiculour storyline – All the soapies love whitchcraft , goons and blackmailers.
    This is an absolute joke.

  2. What is going on here? Why did Arushi had to die??? Stopped watching Satrangi Sasural…storyline is going nowhere…

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