Satrangi Sasural 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As granny and geeta come dressed, kyra compliments them galore. She asks kyra how she got the perfect fit. geeta thanks her too for the fact that she is wearing good clothes for a long time. Kyra asks her to get habituated to it now. geeta asks whats the secret of the ghost room, and why are narmada and harpreet confident that she is under the spell of a spirit. Kyra gets tensed. she says that she shall expose it all today, and make this house the way it was.

In the kitchen, kyra comes and finds the children, trying to sneak into the cake. She reprimands them not to even dare to touch it, as its time for the party. She takes them from there. The party begins, while harpreet and narmada continue to give their attention to mili, and

ignore kyra deliberately. Geeta asks them to behave with kyra, as what they are wearing is by her money only. Narmada stoically responds that they shall eat when they are hungry. She reprimands them for being so selfish. the music starts and all start to dance, initiated by dolly and pinky.

All dance together along with kyra, while others are amused. Vihaan eyes kyra dancing lovingly, as she enjoys with the mothers. he tries to get mili to dance but she refrains. then as the music goes into a romantic baritone, vihaan and kyra start to dance, but he keeps getting conscious of their intimacy and refrains, while she continues to try and badger him into coming close lovingly. He too is in a dilemma, as to what to do, and whether to give in to his fondness for kyra, or whether he would be betraying arushi by doing so. A romantic and passionate dance ensues. He then composes himself and leaves, while she holds his hand and gets him back, as he is surprised. the mothers watch tensedly. She asks him where is he going as the surprise is still there. he gets tensed and asks whats it. She excuses herself and leaves, while all are tensed. Kyra comes back spraying the holy smoke around everyone and in the room, and leaves without saying a word. They are boggled. Kyra comes with an ouija board to contact the dead and their spirits. Narmada points out that she knew kyra had an ulterior motive. She says that she wishes to call arushi, so that they believe that she isnt lying, and that she wants to prove that she isnt insane, and maybe evidences and facts proved otherwise. They are shocked. Vihaan is tensed, while kyra says that arushi shall make her presence felt. As kyra displays the ouija board and is about to play with the rest of the family, they hear a scream, and are shocked. Vihaan along with rest, following him, rushes outside. they find mili unconscious, and ask him who did this. she gets up and says that there was a girl at the other end, who she saw. Kyra is tensed and asks her why she came here. They are tensed as they find that her hand has been brusied. Mili says that it was definitely a girl. All are tensed and shocked to hear this. he asks her to relax, when kyra again asks why she came here. She says that she saw the children going that side and went after them, as they were busy in the dance. they are surprised where are the kids, and she isnt able to respond. they get worried for the kids. Kyra rushes to the kitchen and finds the half eaten cvake, and maybe they came here to eat the cake. Mini notices that a dead rat is inside the box, and all are shocked, that the children consumed poisonous cake. Vihaan along with kyra rush out and they find the kids in the store room, unconscious. They are shocked, as vihaan tries to nudge them awake. They seat the kids on the sofa and try to wake them but they dont. they hover around the child, distraught and shocked. Mini calls the doctor and tells the situation, and then vihaan in his distraught state, tells the doctor about what happened. The doctor asks him to come and pick him up, while they should try and keep the kids awake and dont let them sleep. He says that he shall come straightaway. Kyra says that they wont let the kids be asleep. Vihaan rushes out, while the mothers desperately try to get them to stay awake. They try to keep them awake till the doctor comes in. kyra is distraught as they desperately try to make them play games, in their semi conscious state. Kyra is apalled that the doctor isnt coming, while she is strict on them, that they havent finished their homework, and hence wont be allowed to sleep.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
Meanwhile, vihaan is stopped by the traffic police, to produce his papers, while he cites the emergency. he remembers that he forgot the wallet along with the licencse at home. he tries to convince him but he doesnt listen. Seeing no option, he leaves. the inspector is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
When the doctor comes with vihaan and inspects them, he tells them that he has drained the poison and the children are absolutely safe. He asks them to let the kids have rest. They all leave, while kyra and vihaan stay back with the kids. She says that she had gotten very scared and couldnt handle the situation to keep them awake forcibly, tears coming down her cheeks. He consoles her and comforts her, asking her to calm down, holding her hand. She eys him lovingly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: In the middle of the night, kyra finds someone hiding behind the drum, her red dupatta sticking out. She stealthily walks upto her, and then confronts her, while the lady springs up from behind and tries to gaga her by pinning kyra against the wall. Kyra sees that the girl has the wound in the same plac where mili was hurt and is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. ok i understand arushi is doing all this but who is this mili is mili going to be a next vibha… i wish vihaan could just like kyra now ..

  2. Mili is not arushi sister or harpeet n Narmada put someone up to do dat

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