Satrangi Sasural 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Nilima and narmada are boggled, while geeta wonders whether they should tell the others or not. granny lies asleep. nilima goes out to find out. narmada is tensed. Outside, harpreet tells the maid, not to tell anyone of the newspaper article, as they dont have the courage to tell everyone anything, and that narmada wont be able to bear it at all. she asks about the newspapert, and the maid brings it. She asks the maid to remember what she said. harpreet takes the newspaper and leaves. she tears the paper into bits, and breaks down, when nilima comes and finds her like this. harpreet is stunned. nilima asks whats the matter. harpreet collapses in her arms, while nilima asks whats the matter. finally, she spills out the trruth, and nilima is distraught

and apalled. Nilima joins the pieces together and is outraged, when geeta comes in distressed herself that she knows it.

Meanwhile, the nurse sends everyone outside, as she is here to take care of her. narmada leaves. The nurse thinks that she can place a call, while granny is asleep. She leaves. granny wakes up just then, and gets up with great difficulty.

In their room, all the three ladies, that narmada wont be able to handle it, if she gets to know, and they resolve not to tell her. Narmada comes in asking what shouldnt be told. all stand shocked and stunned. narmada asks them to speak up, if anything has happened. They are at a loss of words. finally, geeta says that they shouldnt tell vihaan and arushi about granny’s condition, but narmada sys that vihaan shall not forgive them, if they dont tell him, as granny’s health is paramount, and its good that this thought came, as they are mature and can handle it.

In the drawing room, granny comes ranting that she shall go to mumbai, while the nurse tries to stop her with great difficulty. they all rush out, and ask her to calm down, while garnny doesnt want to alarm narmada on harpreet’s hint, and keeps ranting that she needs to go to mumbai. to distract Narmada, harpreet asks narmada to come along, so that they can call the doctor. They both leave. Nilima tries to calm her down, asking her not to take stress, as that shall worsen her condition. granny is concerned for arushi, that she is alone. Geeta tells that mini is there. Granny is shocked, while niilima asks her to calm down, but she insists. nilima decides to make her talk to arushi.Nilima asks them to come back to delhi straightaway. mini explains arushi’s pledge, and that her condition is deteriorating. Nilima asks her to make arushi speak to granny. Mini asks arushi to stop granny somehow. Mini tells arushi that granny called and wants to talk to her. when arushi takes the call, granny asks arushi not to worry, as they are coming straightaway to mumbai, where they shall search together and find him. Arushi asks her not to, as she isnt well. But granny doesnt listen. Granny is persuaded to sit down, but she insistently gets up, and gets dizzy and goes unconscious again. Nilima tells arushi that she has gone unconscious agaain. Seeing no other option, arushi asks her to tell granny that she is coming. mini is surprised.

On the road, as mini and arushi take a cab for the airport, arushi spots someone, and presumes that its vihaan and rushes out of the cab, while mini is tensed and boggled. She shakes the man with his shoulders, and is disappointed to find that it isnt vihaan. Mini is apalled at her condition.

In home, while granny is asleep, the doctor examines her and says that she is critical due to her age too, and that she shouldnt be any stress. They all fill priyanka in, that narmada doesnt know, as they dont know if she would be able to handle it. priyanka says that she would have to be told somehow. harpreet says that they dont have the heart to break this news to her. the sudden shattering of glass brings their attention towards narmada, standing in the doorway, having heardf everything, and going into shock. She asks them to clarify everything, harpreet tries to negate, while nilima tries to calm narmada down, and that he shall be back. Narmada is shocked and stunned. All are tensed for her. Narmad asks how could they not tell her, while all try to calm and compose her, assuring that he shall be okay and be found soon. Granny’s condition starts debiliating. her BP starts fluctuating, and the doctor says that she is worsening. All are tensed around her. mini joins them too. priyanka asks about arushi, and she comes in just then, rushing to granny, saying that she did come back.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence and temple
Kasturi overhears the news, while working in the kitchen, about the fake alcohol scam, and rushes out to hear. She leaves the gas on, with the mention of Vihaan in the news, and the burner on too. she comes out terribly tensed, and wonders if its the same vihaan and goes out to check the newspaper and finds that all of it is sold out. She asks the paper sellor, about any news like that and he says that he doesnt know.

Inside, Jhanvi meanwhile with the cough and cold, comes to boil milk in the kitchen, oblivious that the gas is on, as her olfactory senses dont work properly. she searches around for the matchsticvk, and finally finds it having fallen on the floor. Dadaji comes in finding the gas smell, just when jhanvi is about to light it. he is shocked to see this, and saves her just in time. he is shocked as to who left the gas open and decides to ask kasturi about it, when she comes in tensedly. they all find the news, about vihaan’s disappearance, and are shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi tells granny that they shall change history, and defying the general conception that a wife and a mother in law cant live together with a son, there they eight, one bahu and seven mothers shall bring him back from the clutches of disappearance, the vihaan who is the soul of this house and family. But for that, she has to be okay, as she supports and empowers them, and asks granny not to disappoint them, and nudges her to wake up. All stand tensedly. the screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: Along with the mothers, arushi prays to the lord in their temple, that they have struck a diya alight, and it shall remain so, till vihaan is found. Meanwhile, on the shores, while a fisherman is docking his boat, in the night, he finds vihaan buried underneath the boat and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fishermans will find vihaan and he will lose his memory and this vibha will tell him -vihaan that she is his wife and she was taking care of him and he will believe her they will go home and he will introduced her to his mom as his wife mean while arushi is pregnant this will be really hard for arushi hope all the mother’s support arushi in this difficulty

    1. OMG….exactly what I think will happen. Lets hope they do not do the predictable. Because that seems to be the same plot in all Zee shows…memory loss after accident. Pregnant wives with unknowing or estranged husbands. lol

  2. rani are you assisting the writers from what script did you get this information anyway writers you need to focus more on arushi finding Vihaan the storyline just gone off on granny now and this is wasting time when arushi could be searching for Vihaan what sense does it make for arushi to leave Mumbai and go back home without even knowing where her husband is so writers come off the granny script for now focus on arushi and vhaan finding each other again

  3. Go to tellychakkar there u will get latests updates of what going to happen in these show for the upcoming episode @keen observer

  4. sad and interesting episode.

  5. Even I thought about vibha and memory loss.

  6. If it goes like that I will stop looking at it.

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