Satrangi Sasural 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mystical Place
Kyra profusely apologises, to vihaan, for her inability to find the correct mirror. Vihaan asks her to wait till dawn, when the sunlight tells which is the perfect one. She remembers how the sardaar had warned her to be back before dawn, and thinks that she cant do that. She asks vihaan to blow on the mirror, and the steam shall leave a mark, which shall tell her the perfect mirror. but she is shocked when she finds it on all the mirrors. Kyra breaks another and he starts gasping for breath, which makes kyra distraught and devastated. she wonders what to do now, completely lost and distraught. she begs for the lord’s help. he says that she has to take her decision fast as he wont be able to hold his breath like that for long. She remembers the

sardaar giving her the packet, for a doubtful time, and opens it to find the flower. She is boggled, and frustrated thinking how shall this answer her doubt, and in her irritation, she throws it agains the wall. just then, sunlight streams in, where the flower had fallen, and it falls on the mirror, that has vihaan captivated. Understands that its the true mirror, and breaks it taking the rod, and vihaan comes out of it, both completely agape with shock, and awe and emotionally overwhelmed at having found each other. he breaks into tears thinking that they did it. he then notices that she is hurt, and emotional thinking that she did all this for him. She says that if she has him, its enough for her. She says that all of them, she gave a promise, that she shall bring him back, and now that she found him. he says that he had the faith that she shall come, and thats what kept him alive. she says that she believed in the lord, for his help, and that they shall be united. tears stream down their cheeks, as they say, that good did win over the evil. They hug each other. They profess their love to each other. She asks how was he trapped. he goes into flashback, and talks about how she had been unconscious, after the accident, and he took her to a nearby place, but the people didnt help him, and merely gave a place to stay for the night. He says that they spent the night there. she says that it was a special night for her. he says that it was for her too. he says that in the wee hours, he found that his bike had shut down, and he looked around for help, but found a shrouded lady, with whom, he too followed, and then got shocked when she vanished into thin air. he also stealthily tries to approach and finds an invisible wall, into which he is drawn. he says that he felt as if he was under the influence of some dark magic, and that he became unconscious, and when he woke up, he found himself trapped in the mirror. He says that there used to be this mysterious lady who used to do something to her, which was very painful, as if he was dying. he talks about how the fake vihaan used to come and draw his energies, for himself to sustain. He sdays that he wont spare mili for her betrayal, and that they need to get out. Kyra talks about what she put granny through, and what arhaan had to go through. he is shocked and enraged. he says that they have to get out asap. they get up, and begin to go out, while kyra helps him.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, the sun is almost up, when granny tells them and finishes the story, wondering why have they not returned yet, as its high time, and prays to the lord to keep kyra and vihaan safe.

Scene 3:
Location: Mystical place
Meanwhile, mili talks to the fake vihaan, saying that they must be dead by now, as its impossible to escape Maayavini’s trap, and that now they have to finish off the mothers. Mili says that now whatever she says and does, the mothers shall have to believe. She says that the other vihaan and kyra shall never come. she says that now he has become absolutely like vihaan. he asks how can she say that. she produces a knife, by magic, and stabss vihaan, and then blood comes out. he is shocked and wonders how is this possible. she gives the credit to maayavini maa, for this. She says that now the mothers shall believe everything she says. she then hits herself with a boulder, and blood starts gushing out, and cuts herself with a knife, and then dramatises pretending that kyra did this, so that she cant save vihaan. the fake vihaan is amused. she guffaws loudly.

Kyra and mili comes out, of the thornu bushes, and make their way, right till tjhe place of the invisible wall, wherein kyra points it to him. She gets hit, and he asks whats the matter. she says that she could cross the last time, but isnt able to go out now. she gets scared seeing that the sun is almost up, and that she has to somehow get out before sunrise, and that the lord has to help them somehow. just then, the sardaar wakes up, takes off her disguise while finding that kyra hasnt returned still, and thinks that this isnt a good sign, as she should have been back by now, since the third diya isnt alight. she decides to help them somehow, and wonders if she isnt able to come out of the trap. She begs the goddess kali, to help them see the right path.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, mili starts her rant of emotional drama, with vihaan, in front of the mothers. they refuse to believe that kyra can do this. granny asks how can they believe her. mili asks how can she not, as she brought vihaan, and that she can ask him only, if she doesnt believe her. She asks him to speak up. he asks what can he, when his granny isnt speaking to him. harp[reet reprimands kyra and curses kyra to never return. granny slams her and asks her to shut up, and asks if they even know, that this isnt their vihaan at all. all are boggled, and confused, while mili and vihaan are boggled and surprised. the screen freezes on mili’s shocked face.

Precap: The fake vihaan begs granny to believe that its her vihaan only. Granny says that this isnt needed as their vihaan is alive. she then hollers for kyra, who comes in with the real vihaan, who gets emotioanl seeing his family, while the mothers are shocked. Mili and fake vihaan are shocked meanwhile.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks Rimjhim for the update

    1. Rimjhim

      its okay dear….my pleasure…..thanks for ur patience

  2. I don’t understand why the makers are hell bent of not ending the Mili ‘s track…..

  3. see what I mean there are others who want the nonsense to stop devyani I share you view the milii tract is too monotonous and going on way to long and it just is not making sense anymore end the damn tract send milli to join her dead relatives and stop reaping havoc in the land of living and so kyra and vihann the mothers and the children can get what is long over due and that is to live happily once and for all as a family with no regrets

  4. According to the episodes they showed that Kaira went to police and police records say that Mili died 4 years back… The police knows that the Mili staying in the house can harm the Vatsals so the police must investigate and give security to Vatsals….. I mean how baseless track…. Hand over Mili to the police…. Kaira has money her nanu money why she is tolerating all this…… If mili track does not ends then the show will have a trp of ZERO And I would like to remind the creatives that this show is a journey of Kaira a daughter in law who ought to win the love of her 7 sasu mom’s they need to show Kaira bonding with hey mothers, husband And Children…. I HOPE ALL U GUYS AGREE WITH ME……. .

    1. Yes I agree. They totally lost the track of this show . Its nothing like before. It is a haunted magic witches type of show now with obessive never ending black magic. Lets all stop watching this crap and let the trp fall to zero so the writers will be able to finally end this piece of shit good for nothing . Nonsensical garbage show and release new fresh shows for damn goodness sake.

    2. No, the show was a journey of ARUSHI who was trying to win the love of her 7 mother in laws. Since they killed off Arushi the show lost its sweetness. Then it is not even 7 mothers any more, they killed of 1 and we never even see all of the remaining ones together. It makes no sense that Vihaan and his family is poor because even if they signed over their property to Vibha, if there was evidence that there signed papers under duress then the contract will be void…and I think Vibha trying to kill the family and actually killing Arushi and get herself killed in the process kinda proved that Daadi was under duress when she signed and therefore the contract wasn’t valid. And if Mili’s whole family was murdered, how come they didn’t take in Mili and take care of her, why was she away from them anyways? It may have made more sense if Arushi’s brother was released from jail and he tried to take revenge from the family. This was my fav Zee show until they turned Vibha evil…..sigh.

  5. I hope the mother see the truth now about mili

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