Satrangi Sasural 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and vasundhara’s residence
vihaan and kyra have a romantic evening, as they get intimate and close to each other, waltzing, basking in the glory of their new found love. meanwhile, the mothers, narmada, harpreet and nilima, try and nab the thieves, by throwing a bucket of water on one of them. vasundhara is tensed and frustrated to see this, while one thief makes fun of the other. but just then, they throw a bucket of flour on the other one too, and the first one laughs now. the mothers have a good laugh. She wonders what are they doing, as they arent doing what they were instructed and that they would ruin her plans. They continue to keep their eyes on the thief, as the next movement of theirs is that, they stealthily come inside their lane,

while the mothers and mili watch intently. They are determined to teach the thieves a lesson. While the thieves are about to get in, when they hear the mothers screaming for them, as they rush after the thieves, with various household weapons. the thieves are scared, and then enter in vihaan’s house only. Geeta and mili are already alert, and throw blankets on them, and then start hitting them with a stick. the other mothers rush in and join too to beat up the thief. Just then, kyra calls up, and arhaan picks up the phone. hearing the noise, she asks whats the matter. he says that the mothers are beating the thief. She is tensed as the line disconnects abruptly. she tensedly tells vihaan and asks him to leave with her. he complies. meanwhile, vasundhara thinks that they spoiled her plan and that she should leave before, she be seen. She ducks just in time, to see vihaan and kyra rushing back. they go inside the house, and stops the mothers, asking them to hand over the thieves to the police if so be the case. he stops the mothers, and removes the blankets to find dolly and pinky underneath it, howling distraughtedly. Vihaan is frustrated. the mothers are shocked and boggled, and ask what were they upto. They give a lame excuse, and the mothers are amused. Harpreet points out that still 2 thieves are on the loose. he says that they shall go outside and check while they take care inside. he doesnt get a clue from neighbours, and kyra comes and says that there is something other than this simple theft. they go inside. arhaan and aru come out with vihaan’s phone that they have sneaked in, and take a pic of aru. Just then, vasundhara gets in the car. In the background of aru’s pic, is her car, and her number plate gets registered in the mobile, in the pic.

Inside, geeta and mili talk with vihaan and kyra, as they deduce, that this must be an attempt for the mani. kyra suggests that this might be Maayavini’s plan, and maybe she came or sent someone, so that she can have the mani, when they get distracted by thieves. she says that she would try again too, if she failed this time around. geeta says that mani should be placed somewhere unaffected by the dark magic. he asks them to see the positive, that if maayavini is here, that means they are too close to catch her now. he says that they should trust the lord. Aru comes in, and then tells about their photo session. he excitedely sees the pics, and when he is about to reach the one that has the number plate, he gets a call, and after attending it, he says that he shall see the remaining later.

The next morning, harpreet starts giving advise to everyone about culinary expertise. mili stands amused. narmada asks harpreet what does she plan to do, beside advising. they have an amused animated banter. Geeta comes all dressed and ready to go out, but when the other mothers ask, she fumbles and then says that she has to get gas and hurriedly leaves. harpreet then comments that they never told her to book the gas. They deduce that geeta is hiding something from them. Mili hopes that vihaan and kyra find the info that they need.

Later, harpreet comes with gas, and narmada asks where is geeta, as she was to get the gas. harpreet too remembers, and they deduce that geeta has been lying to them, and that they shall teach her a lesson. narmada says that she knows where has geeta gone. Mili, hearing them behind the wall, wonders how does she know. they start insinuating that maybe geeta has found someone and has fallen in love. Before they can imagine further, mili comes out and says that its nothing like that. tehy ask how she knows. she fumbles and says that she does.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple and vasundhara’s residence
geeta arrives near the temple, where vihaan, kyra and devi maa are all waiting impatiently for her. Devi maa says that her guru has decided and agreed to help them, and asks vihaan if he got the mani. he complies and says yes. meanwhile, vasundhara thinks that they went to get mani outside the house, and that she was unsuccessful last time, but this time she shall get it. She sets a bowl of water, that starts showing vihaan and kyra’s whereabouts, right where they are. She sees that the priest welcomes them all in, as they arrive. vihaan is about to get ahead, when he is stopped right there. the priest asks devi maa to get gangajal. Devi maa complies. he sprinkles it around them, while she wonders whats happening. before she can understand, she is frustrated that everything turns dark, and wodners why cant see anything. As the priest, asks them to sit, when vihaan’s phone rings. Vihaan cites that its an urgent call, and leave. the priest meanwhile blesses geeta and kyra. When he comes in, the priest asks him how he found the mani. he narrates everything to him, while the others hear intently. He says that now he must have understood how important it is for them to find the owner because that woman wants to ruin them. The priest says that even if they reach the owner of this mani, they wouldnt be able to do anything to her, and that mani shall also try to be with that lady. They hear tensedly. Devi maa begs for her help. Meanwhile, vasundhara thinks that this means they are planning to get to her through the mani, and that now its time to pay vihaan and kyra a surprise visit. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vasundhara goes inside a room, and finds a man lying on the bed, with an IV drip. She addresses him as Mr. Sandeep Vatsal, and when he looks up tensedly, she tells him that now its time that his medicines be changed. he is seemingly shocked and petrified too. She she says that for his better health, they need to change his dose. he keeps looking scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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