Satrangi Sasural 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the mandap
All are shocked to find arushi missing. Buaji continues to taunt them all the more. vihaan says that she must be around. dadaji says that her phone isnt going through. Narmada asks where can she go as she must definitely be somewhere around. But all tell her that she is nowhere to be seen. priyanka comes and tells kasturi to come aside as she wants to talk to them, despite mini warning her. kasturi hesitatingly walks aside. Nilima points out that maybe granny was right all along, and feels that this marriage shouldnt have happened. mini and harpreet are shocked, while nilima comments that maybe vihaan and arushi arent meant for each other. All are tensed.

Inside, kastrui is shocked at priyanka’s insinuations, while she taunts kasturi,

by doubting arushi, that she intentionally ran away from marriage, and if she was unhappy, she should have told, and says that arushi should have told, that either she didnt like the groom, or there’s someone else in her life.Kasturi says that she doesnt know where her daughter is, but knows she cant do wrong, and in such trying times, for them and her too, they should stand by each other. priyanka asks her to not to compare their respects, as she cant even fathom what damage arushi has done by this act. priyanka says that she has already decided what to do next. She leaves, while kastrui is tensed.

Outside, priyanka interrogates arushi’s parents, while vihaan and his family is tensed too. Priyanka comes in and says that there’s no marriage here, and asks him to come along. All are shocked. buaji starts taunting them of the huge drama going on. vihaan asks her to relax, while praiyanka is adamant. Just then, granny arrives, and all are tensed and shocked.

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Scene 2:
Location: In the temple
In the temple, arushi tensedly comes and stands in front of granny, smiling, as granny faces her. Granny asks her that if she wants vihaan’s safety, then right now she should break all ties, with vihaan, his home and his family, and move very far away from them. Arushi is shocked and shattered. She is boggled and asks what he meand. Granny says that if this marriage happens, then vihaan would go far away from them, and if she comes as the bahu, their house shall be shattered and if she shall be able to see their family breaking apart. Arushi asks why and how would this happen, and why does she say so. she asks granny to clarify. granny tells her that till date, no marriage has ever succeeded, and they dont live alone by choice, but by helplessness, which is a secret, behind every mother’s story. She says that after marriage, every man of the house, left the woman, not once or twice, but repeatedly, this happened with her daughters and the bahu. Arushi hears all this tensedly. Granny says that this isnt a co-incidence, but she knows that vihaan would go far away from them if he married. She says that the only son of their family, shall be corrupted if he too marries, she wont be able to see it, at this age. She folds her hands, and says that she has seen enough, but neityher she nor her family has the strength to bear anymore, by burying their past, only due to vihaan. SAhe asks arushi not to marry him, and leave him alone, and let him live. arushi asks why so suddenly, and that she is going to marry in sometime, and is being expected at the mandap. Granny asks how selfish she is, as she wants her son’s life, and she cares for her life, marriage and mandap, and if she actually cant understand or is pretending not to, just like her daughters were going to. Arushi says that she isnt selfish, but asks why does she want to rob them of everyone’s happiness, due to some superstition. She asks granny that had it been her daughter, would she have said the same. she vehemently says yes, and asks how can she think of marriage, at the cost of someone else’s life, and if she would see herself, without vermillion or stranded. she says that she cant let vihaan go away at any cost. Arushi says that she explained her, but how about vihaan. granny says that he wont and neither would his mothers, but she knows that she is a very nice girl, and the perfect match for vihaan, but the truth is that vihaan can never get married. Arushi is shocked. Granny says that everything is in her hands, the house’s happiness or grief, and if she still wants to return to the mandap, then before her, news of granny’s death shall reach. She says that even if she dies, vihaan shall compose everyone, but if vihaan does, then neither would be able to recover. She says that she is a very nice girl, and takes on herself to marry her off, and says that her family would be ruined if anything happens to vihaan. Granny gives her some money and says that a car awaits and asks her to go to her sister in Agra, and never return back, till she doesnt say so. Arushi is shattered. Granny says that she is selfish, by demanding something so big, but as a mother, she has the right to do so wrong to arushi, and asks her to promise, that she wont marry vihaan, and would go far away him. Granny leaves. Arushi is in a state of dilemma, as she comes out with the bag of money, remembering granny’s demand and threats. she descends down the stairs and walks off.

Scene 3:
Location: At the mandap
Granny pretends not to have any knowledge, and geeta asks if she doesnt have any clue. Granny gets tensed, and asks what she means. She says that she too didnt get any info. Priyanka says that they shall discuss it at home. Vihaan says that he isnt going anywhere before arushi is found, and asks her to think of arushi and her safety, and her family’s condition, and the paramount thing is to search her first. Granny apologises that she can separate arushi but not him from her life, and hence is behaving selfish.

In the temple, arushi is engulfed by her moments with vihaan. She goes ahead and finds a PCO, and dials rosy’s phone. Rosy is shocked tells arushi on the phone, that she should return home rightaway, from wherever she is, as its very tensed here. Arushi says that she isnt returning back, and doesnt have the time to explain everything to her, and tells her that she is going to Agra, and asks her to tell this to kastrui after the baraat leaves, and also assure her that she is completely fine. rosy is shocked, and asks if she is joking. arushi says that she knows her, and knows that there must be a reason. Rosy asks what would she tell to vihaan, and if she knows what he would go through, when she elopes unexplained. She asks her to handle vihaan, and rosy asks who shall handle him. Vihaan hears this from a distance and gets tensed. he takes the phone, and speaks. Arushi cries in muffled sobs, and cancels the phone. He asks rosy who was it, and she looks away desperately trying to hide her tears, while he watches her emotionally distraught. She desperately cries, holding the receiver, apologising profusely to vihaan and begs to be forgiven. She remembers her family’s excitement for this marriage, and mustering great courage, she gets in the car, that granny had for her.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Vihaan desperately and frantically, searchs all nooks and corners of the city, to find and trace arushi or any sign of her.

Scene 5:
Location: At the mandap
Granny watches everyone as they sit tired, tensed and worried, each consoling the other. Finally she gets up. Granny says that there’s no point of staying the whole night, and whatever happened shall be known when it has to be. She says that the baraat shall return now. All are shocked and tensed. The screen freezes on granny’s curt face.

Precap: vihaan asks granny to answer narmada’s question, as to where is arushi, right before their marriage, leaving the mandap and her vihaan. Granny gets tensed. He asks how could she not think even once, what he shall go through. Vihaan stands emotional, while granny faces him stoically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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