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Satrangi Sasural 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is asked by arushi to make a colourful greeting card for vibha, for their anniversary special, asking him to trust her, as this would make his wife realise how much he cares for her. She helps him make the card, asking him to write first, I LOVE YOU. He is shocked to listeen to her say this, as he looks at her, while she eyes him overwhelmingly. An awkward romantic eyelock follows. Then they compose themselves, and get to maiking the card, while she finds that he too is tensed and boggled. He comples nevertheless, and writes I LOVE YOU, while she eyes him and smiles. She then asks him to read out what he wrote. he is boggled and confused, overwhelmed with mixed emotions and weird thoughts. he picks up the placard and says, I LOVE YOU,

when arushi insists. she feels satisfied that she did hear his love from his voice only after such a long time. She is filled with emotions, as tears strike down her eyes, thinking that she was waiting for this for so long. she wipes her face and composes herself. Then she asks him to write, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY LOVE. he eyes her weirdly, but complies, also saying it while he writes. she is happy and emotional. They both smile at each other. She then asks him to fill the card up with colours. They both instantly say Blue together, at the choice of the colour. She accidentally sprays it on his card, and he pretends to be hurt and then sprays it on her dress, to get even. they start playing in a light manner, with the colours. suddenyl, her feet slips accidentally, and as fate would have it, she lands right in vihaan’s arms, who dives into save her. They eye each other romantically, as they forget about their embrace. They get aware of their situation and compose themselves, while he scolds her to be extra careful in this condition. she blushes, while he says that he should go now. she hastily asks him not to, saying that one thing is still left, and thats the cake, as she gets out a bful chocolate cake, that she asks him to take along with the card. while she alights the candle, he helps along with her, to prevent the flame from dousing. then as they protect the flame, she asks him to place a wish. They are too close, as they make a wish together and then blow it out together. She wishes along with him, as he too reciprocates at the same time, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. As she is in a daze, he takes her hand and then they cut the cake together. she smiles at him. She then feeds hm a piece, saying that this is what he should do next to his wife. He eats and then complies. suddenly, they both are jolted into reality, as they find Vibha standing at the door, hollering at him, asking what was he trying to do with the maid. he stands speechless. She takes him by the hand, while he protests that it isnt what it looked like. they leave. arushi is disgusted.

vbha drags vihaan to the temple. all the mothers and arushi gather too. he vehemently denies that what she saw meant nothing, and there’s no reason for her to overreact. she is shocked and says that she shall overrreact, after whats happened. vibha asks vihaan in front of everyone, that now a maid matters to him more than his own wife, and that for her sake, he hit his own wife, and that she is being insulted and that its better that he frees her from this relation since she doesnt want to impose anymore, and if he doesnt then she shall herself break it off. The mothers are boggled. vihaan asks her not to be angry and let him explain, as she misunderstood. but she says that they all should know that he has never really made her his wife, in the fullest sense, implying their bedroom chemistry. the mothers are embarassed and vihaan asks vibha if they can discuss it in private. but she shamelessly denies, and says that she shall discuss it right now. The mothers and arushi are apalled. vibha asks him to man up now, or else she shall call it off. Mini taunts vihaan that vibha is right, and instead of carrying on a lifeless relation, they should part ways instead. vibha is tensed. Vihaan tells mini that its nothing like that, as its just a minor understanding. Vibha asks vihaan to give all of her rights as a wife, tonight, to prove that she is his wife and his priority. The mothers and arushi are shocked. Seeing no other way out, vihaan resignedly says yes, and leaves. Vibha smiles evilly, as arushi and the mothers are aghast at vihaan’s decision, and vibha’s shamelessness.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Karuna smiles evilly, while girish apologises on jhanvi’s behalf, and begs her to leave, as he doesnt want his innocent family to be trapped, as today jhanvi and tomorrow others migh start doubting her. She asks him to finish one last time, and then she shall go and never bother him again. she lurinly teases him, while he is tensed and leaves. She says that once the explosion is done, neither he nor his family shall be alive, and she shall be far away. she says that the end of his life shall mark the start of her fresh new life. she smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha is dressed as a bride, while the room dressed up for the consummation of their marriage, as vihaan cvomes in tensedly, and sits beside her, tensedly and awkwardly. she is overjoyed with victory and evil excitement. he sits blank. As she tries to come closer, he refrains her. she says that they are a couple, and what she wants from him is justified and normal, between a couple. But something stops vihaan from opening upto her.

Outside, the mothers sit with arushi and are extremely tensed as to whats going on, and how they cant stand this. Arushi stands silent. Mini gets furious and says that she shall stop it rightaway, saying that they wont let this happen, and let vihaan go to that evil lady. But arushi stops her, saying that she has faith on her lord, who knows that vihaan is only hers, and shall do everything to protect vihaan from the clutches of the evil lady. She says that she is waiting for the lord to create a miarcle, and has the profound faith, that vihaan shall not fall prey to vibha’s evil tactics. They are tensed but comply with arushi’s wishes. she gets up and retires for her room. Arushi is distraught wondering whats happening behind closed doors, as she remembers her nights of passion with vihaan and their romantic and intimate moments. She fervently prays to the lord. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Arushi gets labour pains as her delivery draws near. she is admitted in the hospital. Vihan sits by her bedside, and holds her hand. the mothers see this from the visitor’s window in their room. She asks him to promise that if anything happens to her during the delivery, then he shall raise the child as his own, and also give the child his own name. he is tensed and hesitates while she bears severe pains, literally in tears. the mothers are tensed. Arushi insists him to speak up. seeing her condition, finally he agrees to her, and says that he shall give the child his name. the mothers are emotionally overwhelmed with happiness. Arushi has tears trickling down her face, as she eyes vihan romantically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Getting sick n tired of this when will vuhaan get this memory back i thought maybe seeing vibha dress as a bride he will have flashback of arushi n him but no it just the opposite
    Idk why arushi talking like that like if she going to die hope nothing like that happen cuz if she die vihaan will have to accept that witch in his life and race his n aruahi child with her plz writer hope nothing like that happen wish he get his memory back n arushi delivery her baby safe n sound n nothing wrong with her

  2. writers you are unbelievable how on earth could you destroy another good serial just like bhandan and qubool hai you writers mean to say you really messed up by letting arushi bear all this trouble with vibha and your uncalled memory loss all by herself pregnant without even having her husband Vihaan to enjoy her months of pregnancy with her you put her into labour pains already my gosh writers you destroyed qubool hai and killed sanams husband with sanam not regaining her memory in bhandhan you the whole family out and now it looks like you going to do the same with arushi without Vihaan remembering his wife and child THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF TOTAL SHIT WITH THE WAY YOU WRITERS THINKING AND WRITING MY MY I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT AFTER DESTROYING THOSE TWO SERIAL YOU WOULD DO THE SAME WITH SATRANGI SASURAL do you really think we are enjoying the sick way you are thinking and doing WE ARE FED UP WITH THIS VIBHA SHIT IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU UNITE ARUSHI AND VIHAAN LET HIM REMEMBER HIS WIFE AND UNBORN CHILD AND THROW VIBHAS ASS OUT THE HOUSE AND IN PRISON WHERE SHE BELONGS writers do the right thing stop all these nonsensical and unnecessary storyline which not computing at all THIS IS FRUSTRATION TO THE HIGHEST WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  3. another serial you destroyed is JAMAI RAJA what really going on writers even bhandan you killed out the whole family did you not notice I stop watching qubool hai if you do not know what to write please ask for professional help but do not destroy the serials because they all start off good and when you get stuck for good storylines that is when you do SHIT arushi and Vihaan were made for each other they were so much in love and you writers destroyed that too this tract with vibha is dragging way too much it is time to end it and it is way too long with Vihaan not regaining his memory IT IS TIME VIHAAN REMEMBER FINISH THE SHIT NOW

  4. Finally,my wish will be fulfilled.The baby will be here.I hope it is a girl.

  5. Lateat news satrangi sasural get extension
    In the upcoming track vihann will get kidnap well vibha is not feeling good seeing vihaan getting memory back so she will plan n evil game by giving vihaan more dose of medicines and will take he away from home while he is unconscious

  6. Plz Let vihaan get his memory bk n throw vibha out

  7. rani if this is true this serial will be biting the dust for me it will be another one down the drain which I will stop watching I mean it you evil writers too many kidnappings so you trying to tell me that there is no end to this shit I cannot believe it rani no way hosay so why prolong the inevitable so Vihaan will end up like ahil and arushi like sanam this has to be a joke now wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Please don’t let arushi die

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